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Last updated: October 07, 2020

Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner Review (Spring 2022)

Recliner Land is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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Last updated: October 07, 2020
Recliner Land is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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Recliner Land is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Most people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain tends to be chronic and resistant to many pain relievers. This intense and unrelenting pain causes stress for many people. Suffering from chronic pain can be stressful and lead to depression. The pain may prevent you from doing the things you love to do. Massage chairs are one of the best ways to relieve stress and reduce chronic back pain. But it can be difficult to determine which massage chair is the best. That is precisely why we wrote this Dorel living padded dual massage recliner review. We want to help you overcome your battle with back pain and avoid all of the nasty side effects that come with it.


massage recliner
Frame material
41 x 36 x 40 inches
Weight capacity
225 lbs.
91 lbs.
Warranty and return policy
One year


Our goal in writing this review is to inform you of this massage chair’s benefits and characteristics. There are certain features that must be considered to determine whether a massage chair is of good quality. Analyzing these features will also assist you in determining whether the Dorel dual massage recliner is the right option for you. It is important to determine whether a chair will suit your needs, wants, and price point before committing to the purchase.

Type and power

This dual massage chair offers the perfect amount of pressure. The chair’s functioning is controlled by a small white remote. This remote allows you to change the chair’s massage power and affected pressure points. With this remote, you can adjust the power between high and low settings. It also permits you to adjust the power of the seat and back area separately. These settings allow you to benefit from the seat and back massage at the same time or independently. This allows you to target the areas that the chair needs to hit. Dorel Living’s padded dual massage recliner is comfortable and powerful. The power of this chair is long-lasting. The chair is durable and will allow you to enjoy massages for a long time.

Materials used and color options

Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner Review (Spring 2022)

You can get this dual massage chair in two colors, chocolate and tan. Both of these options are rich in color and complement every design scheme. This chair features foam padding and microfiber upholstery. Dorel Living’s choice of foam padding offers you many benefits. Foam padding is comfortable, but it also offers your back plenty of support. This type of padding also improves posture by placing less compression on your hips, spine, and tailbone. Foam padding is incredibly elastic.

The material has the ability to bounce back after each use. This prevents the chair from developing indentations in the padding that is frequently sat on. These indentations can feel very uncomfortable after a while. The use of microfiber upholstery promotes the chair’s longevity. This material is waterproof and easier to clean than most other fabrics. This enables you to keep the chair in good condition for a longer period of time.

Microfiber upholstery is also soft and comfortable. It is one of the most convenient and comfortable fabrics to use on any type of furniture. This dual massage recliner has a metal frame. The metal framework improves the chair’s durability and strength. The metal frame does not bend easily and offers the chair plenty of support. The sides of this massage recliner are supported with plywood and nails. Plywood is not the strongest material. It could snap if heavy force is applied to the side of the chair.


You may think that a massage chair cannot recline, but this one does. This padded massage chair is also a recliner. The seat lays back, and a footrest comes forward to provide you with the most comfort. The footrest of this chair is composed of the same foam padding and microfiber upholstery. The use of these materials allows your feet to rest comfortably while you relax in your massage chair. This recliner is operated through the use of a lever. The lever is placed perfectly to allow you to operate the recliner without adjusting your position in the chair. The chair’s lever is durable and composed of high-quality materials. The footrest is large enough that a man of more than six-feet can rest comfortably in the massage chair while reclined. This chair offers a huge amount of room to ensure that any customer can enjoy the benefits of a massage.

Dimensions and weight

Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner Review (Spring 2022)

The dimensions of this chair allow the chair to fit well into the smallest spaces. This chair will fit into every living area and recreational space. This chair’s compact size will even allow the chair to fit inside of your bedroom. The chair is almost a perfect cube. The chair’s height is forty inches, the width is thirty-six inches, and the depth is forty-one inches. These dimensions allow you to rest comfortably in the seat of the chair. The chair is pretty heavy. It weighs ninety-one pounds. A grown man should be able to move the chair relatively easily. It will take effort, but not too much of it. Because of the weight and size, it is recommended that two people work together to move and adjust the chair’s positioning in your home.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of this chair is insane. The metal frame holds up well under heavyweights. This allows the chair to endure years of daily use without slumping. The foam padding is flexible and bounces back after the weight is removed from the seat. This durable padding enables you to relax on this chair every day without wearing down the shape of the padding. The recommended weight capacity of this dual massage recliner is two-hundred, and twenty-five pounds. This weight capacity is large enough that most adults can utilize the chair and benefit from its unique features. The weight capacity featured on this chair is pretty good, but it could be better. Mothers can enjoy the pleasure of a back massage while their little ones rest in their arms. The weight capacity and enormous seating capacity of this massage chair could allow two people to sit comfortably in the seat.


Most products offer some kind of warranty. A warranty provides customers with many benefits. A company that offers a warranty on their product appears to have pride in their work and faith that it will perform well. When a company offers a warranty on its product, it shows that they truly care about the customer and want you to make the best decision. Dorel Living offers a one-year warranty on this padded, dual massage recliner. This one-year warranty includes a free replacement should the product not perform as it is supposed to. If at any point during the first year you own this product, there is a problem, Dorel Living will replace your chair at no cost to you.


This chair offers strength and incredible durability. The chair’s frame is composed of metal. This reinforces the chair and prevents the frame from bending. The foam padding is elastic. It bounces back after pressure is removed from the surface. This chair can hold up to two-hundred and fifty-five pounds. That is an impressive weight capacity that adequately represents the massage chair’s durability. The upholstery’s waterproof quality reinforces the chair’s durability because the chair will remain in good condition for a longer period of time.

Extra features

Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner Review (Spring 2022)

There are a few other features that are worth noting. This dual massage recliner offers easy set-up. Its use is comfortable and effective. This chair offers padded armrest and an overfilled padded design. There is so much padding and upholstery, and it is impossible to find this chair uncomfortable. When you pull the chair’s lever, it will slide back into a reclined position very smoothly. This chair can give you a massage, recline, and rock. The Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner offers so many uses. You are sure to benefit from this multi-use recliner. You can relax and enjoy a massage. Or, you can pull the lever to recline the chair and take a nap. You can even use this massage chair to rock your little one to sleep. This multi-use chair fulfills the role of a massage chair, recliner, and rocking chair all in one. Using this chair will allow you to relieve stress and back pain while enjoying time with your family.

Price tag

Once you consider all of the quality features this chair has to offer, the price is surprisingly low. The chair costs three-hundred and fifty-five dollars. That’s a deal for a chair that is this well built and offers so many uses. For three-hundred and fifty-five dollars, you are getting three chairs for the price of one. The price tag is much lower than some other reclining brands. For example, a La-Z-Boy with these same features and benefits would cost almost seven-hundred dollars. That’s twice as much as this massage recliner from Dorel Living. This chair’s durability and use of high-quality materials alone are worth the price. But, on top of that, the chair serves multiple uses. Dorel Living’s padded dual massage recliner is a great value for your money. But, in addition to that, it is half of the price of comparable recliners.

  • Offers the perfect amount of massage pressure
  • Easily controlled by an attached remote
  • Upholstery is waterproof and easy to clean
  • Seat and back are operated separately
  • The chair massages, reclines, and rocks
  • The padded footrest ensures comfort
  • It cannot recline all the way back
  • Side Support is made from plywood
  • Vibration causes some noise


What’s the verdict of this Dorel Living padded dual massage recliner review? This is a great chair at an affordable price. The materials are high-quality, and the massage recliner offers multiple functions. This padded massage chair offers you comfort, usefulness, and the ability to save space. Whether you want a massage or a night of relaxation in front of the television, this chair will fulfill your needs.

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