9 Best Massage Chairs for a Total Relaxation

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Have you been searching for a massage chair but can’t make out what to pick from the sheer number of options in the market? You are not alone. Many people wonder how they can single out the best massage chair out there. The search can be overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers, but the truth is, you need the perfect solution for your aching body. You also need a place to relax after a long day at work. We are here to make it easier for you.

We have synthesized the most useful information to help you answer some of the questions in your mind. In our review, we have selected a few top-rated massage chairs available in the market. We have paid close attention to some of the essential features to consider before buying the best massage chair. These elements are but not limited to, upholstery, weight capacity, height capacity, weight, dimensions, and more.

Top 9 Massage Chairs Review 2021


Massage Chair by OOTORIEditor’s Choice

  • Upholstery: not specified
  • Dimensions: 51.2 x 48.43 x 32.34 inches
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Height capacity: 6’3
  • Weight: 214 lbs.

More features: space-saving; zero-gravity; SL-track technology; Bluetooth connectivity; foot roller

Massage Chair by OOTORI comes with a computerized body scan system that ensures a perfectly customized massage. The SL technology allows the chair to give you a rejuvenating massage right from your neck past your back, getting right under the seat such that the rollers can massage your glutes and thighs. The airbags on the leg massage ports extend the experience to the calves and feet to improve circulation and relieve soreness. This is the closest you can get to a full body massage, and I’m sure you’ll love it. In an era where every inch counts, this is among the best models if you want to save on space. Its space-saving design means you put it only a few inches from the wall and still recline fully.

When a zero-gravity mode is on, your body relaxes more. The chair elevates your feet to your heart level and reduces the strain on your back. It will bring relief to the compressed spine vertebrae, and your back pain will go away. This model offers six auto programs to choose from. Besides, two heating pads on the lower back area soothe any sore muscles or injured tissues on your body while stimulating blood flow. Do you love singing in the shower? Great! You can also sing along your favorite music, thanks to the wireless Bluetooth speakers on your massage chair. You can finally take a relaxing nap as the chair does it work.

What stands out?

  • Wireless blue tooth speakers
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Heating pads
  • Foot rollers
  • Space-saving
  • Zero gravity mechanism

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Pricey
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OSEA RL810 Massage ChairPremium Pick

  • Upholstery: not specified
  • Dimensions: 59 x 49 x 31.5 inches
  • Weight capacity: not specified
  • Height capacity: not specified
  • Weight: 159.7 lbs.

More features: 3D L-track roller mechanism; space-saving; two-step zero-gravity; Bluetooth speaker; yoga stretching system

If you’re the kind that places lots of emphasis on aesthetics, the designers of OSEA RL810 Massage Chair had you in mind. Its robot design is striking and can easily blend in your living room. A major selling point of the OSEA RL810 Massage Chair is the 3D massage mode. It can work your muscles up and down the spine, the buttocks, and down to your glutes. You can easily adjust the intensity of the massage by controlling the depth of the rollers. This provides a massage that is relaxing and effective. Its elegant space-saving design means your chair doesn’t consume a lot of space, considering its bulkiness. With only 3.9 inches off the wall, you can set your chair without ever hitting the wall. Besides, its two-step zero gravity technique will give your tired back a treat of a lifetime.

If your chair is on auto mode, the yoga stretching system gives your body a gentle stretch as the airbags cuddles on your shoulders to your feet, how about that? You want a comprehensive foot therapy, don’t you? The inflated airbags on both sides of the ports will give your calf muscles some kneading motions. Meanwhile, the foot rollers can give you a soothing foot massage. Combined with the compression of the foot airbags, your pain or discomfort will go away in minutes. Lumbar heating is one other important feature worth mentioning. It ensures proper blood circulation and relaxes sore muscles around the waistline. As an additional feature, you can enjoy the music on your phone using the wireless Bluetooth speakers on your chair.

What makes it stand out?

  • No assembly needed
  • Lower back heating function
  • Zero gravity technology
  • Beautiful design
  • Bluetooth function

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Expensive

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair blackBest Zero Gravity

  • Upholstery: not specified
  • Dimensions: 63 x 30 x 54 inches
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Height capacity: 6’1
  • Weight: 217 lbs.

More features: LED light; Bluetooth; zero gravity; full body massage; easy to move

When it comes to the massaging function, the Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair is a real deal. It features eight massage rollers and 50 airbags for a full body massage. The lower back heating function will help improve blood circulation around your back and relieve any discomfort, while the foot roller at the bottom of each foot relieves foot pain or tension. The changing led light makes for a beautiful part of décor for your home, especially in a dark room. The glow of the LED lights gives your room a romantic, soothing ambiance that will literally blow your stress away. With the press of a button, the chair with its zero-gravity position makes you feel virtually weightless. Besides, the smart remote control with its high definition VFD screen allows you to set the rollers and airbags if you want to massage certain spots.

What’s more, you can also set the speed and intensity of the massage for a better experience. The built-in back heater functionality provides relief to muscle tension and body pain for the elderly or those sitting at the desk for long hours. It does this by promoting blood circulation. In case you need to move the chair across the room, it’s as easy as ABC. Just push. The two back wheels make movement easy. Finally, nothing beats some relaxing music as you go through a relaxing massage session.  The blue tooth speakers turn automatically ushers you into luxury and comfort. Connect it to your phone and enjoy the moment. The chair is easy to assemble, and it comes in two boxes.

Why are we impressed?

  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy assembly
  • Low back heating feature
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to move

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Rollers could be better
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OOTORI Zero Gravity Massage ChairFull Body Massage

  • Upholstery: skin-friendly leather
  • Dimensions: 73 x 31 x 34 inches
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Height capacity: 6’25
  • Weight: 117.8 lbs.

More features: foot roller; zero gravity; yoga stretching

The major selling point for the OOTORI Zero Gravity Massage Chair is the body scanning system. After turning on the power, this chair automatically measures your height and adjusts the rollers giving you a well-tailored massage. The chair customizes your massage to the shape of your spine to provide relief for an aching or injured back. It does this by spreading your weight across the chair. With their easy to control panel, this massage chair features six auto programs for a comprehensive massage experience. With the airbags around the seat, calf, feet, and back you are sure of a full-body airbag massage. The 42 airbags in the area of the arms, hips, shoulder, thighs, calves, and feet make an appealing option if you want an intense massage.

Like other massage chairs discussed before, you can listen to the music on your phone from the Bluetooth speakers on your chair. Your muscles and joints will recover fast, thanks to the two built-in heating pads in the back. If you’re searching for the best massage chair for a large person, this is it. The 400 pounds capacity and the 6’1 height capacity means it is suitable for taller individuals and can withstand much weight without issues. The durable and sturdy make can accommodate taller individuals with up to 6’1’’ and weigh of up to 400 lbs. Three preset auto massage programs have different massage methods to give you the best massage experience. You can adjust the strength of the 3D Robot hand massage using the hand remote control.

What are its best features?

  • Recommended by German orthopedic surgeons
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy to control panel

What could be improved?

  • Expensive

Relaxonchair MK-II PlusBody Scanning Feature

  • Upholstery: soft-grained synthetic leather
  • Dimensions: 65 x 30 x 40 inches
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Height capacity: 6’2
  • Weight: 255 lbs.

More features: upgraded; one-hand operation remote controller; zero gravity position; L-tracking massage system

The RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus features a Buttlock LTracking innovation. This new rolling system ensures a full body massage from the upper back down under the seat with the dual rollers. The built-in scanning system automatically measures the length of your spine to spot where and how to massage. This technology is especially helpful to people with back pain or tight glute muscles. With the airbags inflating and deflating separately, your body can twist and stretch on the lower back, shoulders, hips, and thighs. You can easily control how deep and fast you want your massage, thanks to its three levels of intensity and speed controls. A one-hand operation remote control makes it easy for you to choose from a comfortable position.

You can recline your chair by selecting any of the three zero gravity positions up to 180°. The zero-gravity function elevates your feet at the level of your heart, alleviating any discomfort on your back. RELAXONCHAIR embodies affordability with exceptional quality. The chair features top-quality components and has several of the same features of top tier chairs that are almost twice the price. If you’re on a tight budget, but the quality is top on your priority list, this is an excellent option. You don’t need to spend too much on exceptional quality. This chair is easy to install, and you don’t need any tool for assembly.

What stands out?

  • High quality
  • Affordable
  • One-hand operation remote control
  • Lumbar back heating function
  • Dual foot rollers

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Not suitable for heavier people
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BestMassage Store Massage ChairAirbags with Heat Therapy

  • Upholstery: synthetic leather
  • Dimensions: 7 x 6 x 2 inches (package)
  • Weight capacity: not specified
  • Height capacity: not specified
  • Weight: 200 lbs.

More features: heat therapy; zero-gravity position; USB charger

From a distance at zero gravity position, the massage chair will minimize pressure on your vertebrae and so relieve your back off any discomfort. Together with the four massage rollers, you can finally enjoy a relaxing massage session. With the seven massage modes, which include kneading, knocking, tapping, and heating, you’re spoilt for choice. You only need to touch a button, and your massage chair gets to work. The 3speed control panel allows you to choose how fast you want the rollers to run. Something we loved about this massage chair is the airbags with heat therapy. The designers of this chair have strategically positioned the airbags in the buttocks, thighs, and calves. The heat functionality in the airbags will increase blood circulation in your muscle and joints for fast recovery and lessened pain.

Multiple airbags compress the area around the hip and waistline, aligning your lower back and the pelvis. You will enjoy a full-body massage with the noiseless rollers gliding from your upper back down the seat for a massage. The built-in speakers with blue tooth functionality allow you to play music from your phone. You need not worry that your phone’s battery will drain as you listen to your favorite music, charge it on the USB plug. You can also charge other devices from the comfort of your seat. It might not have all the extra features in the high-end chairs, but the massage it delivers is worth the price. The quality of the chair will impress you.

What are its best features?

  • Seven massage modes
  • USB plug
  • Airbags with heat therapy
  • Built-in Bluetooth speakers

What could be improved?

  • Not suitable for tall people
  • Upholstery: high-grade synthetic leather
  • Dimensions: not specified
  • Weight capacity: 380 lbs.
  • Height capacity: 6’1
  • Weight: 175 lbs.

More features: full-body massage; Bluetooth player; zero-gravity position

If you’ve been searching for the best shiatsu massage chair, you’re finally at home. Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair features multiple airbags and rollers with adjustable speeds to massage your shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and foot. The settings include three zero gravity positions with a range of airbags and roller massage intensities and speed. With its zero-gravity option, the chair positions your feet higher than your heart. Your heart can relax since it’s not overworking to counter the effects of gravity on your body. The ergonomic design in this chair features a comfortable armrest so as you’re comfortable as you recline. Something you’d probably adore in this massage chair is that the airbags literally envelopes and gives firm, intentional cuddles to your shoulders to the feet.

With the built-in waist heater in this chair, the massage promotes blood circulation and relieves discomfort from injury or wrong posture. The adjustable footrest can extend up to 4.3 inches, making it suitable for taller people. With the push of a button, you can relax and spoil yourself with the six preset auto mode settings. The auto mode allows you to access a full set of massage features working in perfect harmony. With the two wheels, you can quickly move it if you want to adjust the position or if you want to move it across a room. It’s easy to assemble and comes with a detailed manual guide. The Bluetooth music player will make your experience more blissful as you sing along your playlist.

Why are we impressed?

  • Full body massage
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Zero gravity feature
  • Low back heating option
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean and maintain

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Bulky
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BOSSCARE Massage ChairBest Multifunctional

  • Upholstery: not specified
  • Dimensions: 53.94 x 28.74 x 40.55 inches
  • Weight capacity: 198 lbs.
  • Height capacity: up to 180 cm
  • Weight: 162 lbs.

More features: back heat therapy, 6 intelligent modes, zero gravity mode, air bag kneading massage, Bluetooth speaker

Bosscare is a renowned company focused on high-quality healthcare products and this multi-functional massage chair is not an exception.

The chair looks like a massage chair but it wouldn’t reduce the aesthetic value of your interior décor. It installs easily as it only comes with 2 main parts; the leg rest and the main body.

The multi-functional chair is rich with incredible features like back heat therapy which is ideal for anyone living in an area that experiences winter. It also has the zero-gravity mode that helps reduce heart and back pain.

The chair would make a perfect gift for your parents when they celebrate their anniversary this year as it features the air bag kneading massage that squeezes the shoulder legs, arms and buttocks. As if that’s enough, it has a roller massage for massaging feet.

With 6 preset intelligent massage modes, you can easily have a quick and convenient full body massage. You can also personalize the massage settings to make the most out of the 14 massage units and 3 levels of massage strength.

You can adjust the chair to fit anyone between 160cm and 187 cm tall. If you are slightly taller, you can extend the footrest to fit you.

On top of all these cool features, there is a Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your favorite music while relaxing on the chair.

You can trust the chair to give you long-lasting performance owing to the durable and eco-friendly materials used to build it.

What stands out?

  • The chair’s ergonomic design and versatility is out of this world. It can be easily moved from one place to another even by the seniors thanks to the wheels at its back. It is both multi-functional and aesthetic, and even your gramps can install it in less than 5 minutes.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Some users have complained that the chair took too long to get delivered.

NOUHAUS Massage Chair with OttomanCompact Design

  • Upholstery: PU leather
  • Dimensions: 37 x 27.6 x 42.9 inches
  • Weight capacity: 260 lbs.
  • Height capacity: not specified
  • Weight: 67.7 lbs.

More features: comes in different colors; compact; heating

NOUHAUS Massage Chair is not the usual hefty massage chair that you find in the parlors. It is small but stylish. It’s the best portable massage chair on our list. With its total spine rollers and adjustable hip massage airbags, it features a full-body heating function. The full-body heating will ease any tension from your neck to your hips and buttocks. Besides, you can opt to remove the neck cushion for a deeper massage. If you love something beautiful yet versatile, you might want to try this out. It will easily blend into your home décor, and you might find this an appealing option. Its durable PU leather upholstery comes in three fun retro-inspired colors- burgundy, mustard, and brown and a matching Ottoman to compliment the set.

Even when not in use, it’s a beautiful chair to have around. The NOUHAUS Massage Chair is typically not a recliner. However, you can slightly incline the chair and rotate it on 45 degrees. You would quickly think this as a deal-breaker, but it not. The Ottoman will allow you to stretch into comfort whenever you need to for maximum comfort. It sits 18’’ off the ground and a suitable dimension of 37 x 27.6 x 42.9 inches. Its frame is sturdy and can support up to 260lbs and a hip-width of 40’’. The chair doesn’t require much time to install, which saves your energy and time. You need a chair that you carry anywhere you need it, make this your first option.

What makes it special?

  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Beautiful
  • Stylish
  • Comes with an Ottoman
  • Easy to install
  • Comes in different colors

What cons did we find?

  • Small
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Things to Consider

Your final decision to buy a massage chair should focus on why you need to get one. Massage is a much-needed relief, especially for people suffering from chronic pain, sore muscles, and spasms. If you’re going to invest in a massage chair, you must be sure you’re getting tangible benefits. Some chairs will focus more on lowering a person’s stress levels or relieving muscle tension. Others tend to focus on specific problems like easing nerve pain or speeding recovery. Instead of using pain medications, a massage chair might give you a safer convenient alternative. In this guide, we discuss on benefits of massage and features that you need to look out for when searching for the best home massage chair. We believe it will give you a concrete idea of what fits you best and make your shopping more blissful.

Why do you need a massage chair?

While you don’t necessarily need a massage for a healthy body, massage is essential. A good massage –whether human or mechanical- will help your body in various ways. Let me show you what they are.

  • Pain relief

Practically, many people will consider a massage to relieve pain. It’s the first and most basic reason why you would need a massage chair. It’s not surprising that you have suffered from back pain at one point in your life. Sometimes the pain is so intense you can hardly bend or stand upright. Can you relate? When it comes to body aches, an average massage chair will ease your discomfort, and you can smile again. Massage chairs with lumbar and leg heating are especially useful if you have chronic lower back pain or sciatica. Since most of the back pain resulting from the spine, massage chairs with a twisting and stretching feature offers quick pain relief.

  • Improves blood circulation

You probably didn’t know that poor blood circulation can cause many health problems in your body. Better blood circulation in your body will stabilize your blood pressure. It will flush toxins from your system and thus improve your overall health. The spike in your energy levels will also likely surprise you because of higher oxygen levels. Additionally, a massage will help the lymphatic system to circulate fluids in your body. The rollers and the airbags gently push the lymphatic fluids, and you end up with an immune system functioning way better. What’s more? Good blood circulation stimulates the body’s natural defense system against toxic invasions. After all, a strong immune system is all we need to keep healthy and strong.

  • Reduces stress

5 Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person - Great Full-Body Relaxation

It is less likely that a person will buy a chair for stress reduction. It is, however, one of the most significant benefits of a massage chair. This is why: pain or emotional pressures can easily cause stress on your body. As a result, it can give you bad moods and can lead to high blood pressure. During the massage, your system relaxes, which triggers your body’s feel-good hormones. This lowers your blood pressure, and your whole is at ease. You can enjoy an increased sense of wellbeing, and you’ll probably experience some good night’s sleep. When you relax, your mind becomes clear, you can focus for longer, and you become more productive. A good time at the massage chair can improve your moods, and your family and everyone around will be happy.

  • Reduces the risk of pain after a workout

If you have ever attended a gym session, you know the story. Everything seems to be working fine after you leave the gym until the following day as you wake from your couch or bed. Ouch! It hurts! You probably experienced some pain from sore arms and leg muscles. After a workout, your muscles can become inflamed and painful because lactic acid builds up. That’s why you need a massage to flush out the acid from your system and reduce the risk of aching muscles. This process becomes easy since the blood circulates properly, as we had discussed earlier. You now know what to do when you leave the gym next time.

  • Improves your posture

Hurting your back can sometimes cause intense pain on your low back. You subconsciously end up sitting or standing differently to ease the pain. That slouching posture to compensate for the pain is only suitable for the moment. Doing this often can contort your posture. The change in posture might give you more soreness and make the situation worse. Regular massage sessions can correct your posture by addressing the cause of your pain. The good thing is that a good massage chair, especially with some body stretching and twisting functions, will do it gently and without pain.

Features to consider before you buy a massage chair

5 Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person - Great Full-Body Relaxation

Do you remember the times when a massage chair used to be a basic machine? Vibrations and some basic roller strokes to relieve the pain it’s all we had. It’s no longer the case. A modern massage chair closely mimics the benefits you’d get from a professional masseuse. With the many models available, you need to know what you want to avoid getting lost in the labyrinth. Don’t be enticed by the many features you find in the description. You might not need them, after all. If you’re a first-time buyer, you might be wondering how you will choose the best home massage chair. There are essential features to consider if you want to make a wise decision. These include upholstery, weight capacity; height capacity; weight; dimensions, and others. Take a look to understand why they are crucial.


Massage chairs come in a wide variety of types. There’re heating, zero-gravity, 3D, and many other options available today. Depending on your needs and goals, you’ll need some more specific options to choose from. Hopefully, our compilations below will facilitate this:

Massage Cushions and Pads


Typically, upholstery is perhaps the first thing that draws you or puts you off whatever you intend to buy. You might need to check the basic makeup of the chair before anything else.

Make sure that the fabric, the padding, and even the stitching is what you truly love. The upholstery fabric for most of the massage chairs in the market use leather or artificial leather.
The designers of most of the massage chairs we have reviewed typically use synthetic leather in their designs. They can withstand years of heat and friction. They are also easy to clean and maintain. If style and elegance in a chair matter to you, NOUHAUS Massage Chair with Ottoman is also a lovely massage chair, though limited in features.


Before picking your massage chair, consider the place you’re going to use it. Most of the chairs we reviewed can fit the corner of your living room or office without looking overwhelmingly large. Having the right measurements for the space you want to place the chair will help you get the right size. In particular, OOTORI Zero Gravity Massage Chair is ideal if you have ample room for your massage chair, measuring 73 x 31 x 34 inches. No wonder it’s a good option for tall people since it needs much room when you adjust the length. If space is a concern to you, go for NOUHAUS Massage Chair with Ottoman. Its compact design makes it suitable for small spaces and blends in so well with the rest of the furniture in a room.

Weight capacity

Ensure that you check the amount of weight a chair can comfortably carry without damaging it. To avoid unnecessary returns and ensuing inconvenience, check the description and make sure you choose the correct weight capacity. If you don’t find the specifications, it’d be wise to ask the manufacturer for clarification. You don’t want to make a mistake with this. If you’re not sure, you’d instead go for the maximum capacity than a capacity that won’t hold your weight. RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus will do excellent for the small and medium-bodied, while OOTORI Zero Gravity Massage Chair or the Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair might be a good bet if you weigh more.

Height capacity

It would be a great mistake if you’d forget to check on whether the chair you intend to buy can accommodate your height when you adjust it to full length. Shorter people may not experience any problems with the height capacity, but a tall person will. It’s so annoying if you can’t stretch when you need to, and your body assumes a compressed position. This will worsen your discomfort and lead to poor blood circulation, which is a bad thing. The right fitting will ensure that you’re relaxed and your body stretches comfortably during the massage. With a generous capacity of 6’3, Massage Chair by OOTORI is a perfect option for many people.


The weight for massage chairs differs across brands and models for the right reasons. How much a massage chair weighs is important to the user. While the heavier models might look bulky and hard to move, they offer a more stable and secure option.

A massage chair should be rock solid to avoid any risk of falling.
The good news is that moving a heavy massage chair is easy, especially for models like Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair. The two back wheels make movement easy, and you only need to push it. On the other hand, a chair that weighs less like NOUHAUS Massage Chair with Ottoman weighing 67.7lbs is easily portable, and you can carry it even you go for camping.

Zero gravity

Before buying your chair, you need to understand why the zero-gravity function is essential. Massage chairs with the zero gravity feature will ease your body into a relaxed position.

In the ideal zero gravity position, the feet are higher than the position of heart, giving you a feeling of weightlessness.
This removes the pressure from your back and relieves any back pain or tension. This model is ideal if you have back problems, or if your work demands sitting for long hours. You might want to consider OOTORI Zero Gravity Massage Chair, and you’re sure to enjoy the experience. This feature might differ from model to model. You might check on other models on the list and pick what suits you the best, depending on your preference and need.


A massage is good, but a massage with heat therapy is better. Different chairs in the market offer some kind of heat function. While most of the chairs focus on delivering heat in the lumbar region, others offer extensive heating around the hips and buttocks. The Chinese heat therapy inspired the designers of the chair, and it surely pays off. As a rule of thumb, the more extensive the heat, the more costly the chair is. Heating pads located around the waist area helps relieve pain and discomfort. For instance, the BOSSCARE Massage Chair has a fantastic heating function. The soothing heat feature provides quick relief for most backaches.

Massage programs

Most of the chairs on our list make use of rollers and airbags for massage, which happens in many ways. The basic massage programs you include kneading, tapping, rolling, touch, and percussion. While others have more advanced techniques like Shiatsu, it’s apparent that most of the costlier models have more massage programs than their more affordable counterparts. You might want to check on your budget when considering this feature. Again if you’re not tech-savvy and don’t want to spend too much time figuring out how to get started, you might want to try the BestMassage Store Massage Chair. It’s simple but very functional.

Extra features

5 Best Massage Chairs for Tall Person - Great Full-Body Relaxation

We all agree that the extra features in any gadget don’t necessarily affect the functionality, but you’d appreciate the convenience. A massage chair with Bluetooth compatibility, for instance, is a big-time favorite for many. After all, who wouldn’t want to listen to something cool while enjoying a relaxing massage? The Bluetooth enabled speakers in OSEA RL810 Massage Chair allows you to connect your smartphone and play your favorite music. On top of that, some models like BestMassage Store Massage Chair do have a USB port that allows you to charge your gadget so that it doesn’t go off before you complete your massage.


Investing in a massage chair will give you access to massage sessions at any time of the day. This is especially true after a long day at work but with no time to visit a masseuse. If you have a massage chair, there is the temptation to spend long hours getting that soothing massage. To get maximum benefits from a massage chair, you should use it in short intervals of around 30 minutes to avoid worsening existing injuries or even creating new ones. Prolonged use of a massage chair can cause strain on your nervous system and can cause damage and inflammation to body tissues. For stress relief and relaxation sessions, we recommend that you use a massage chair 1-3 times a week at most with 30 minutes session each.

Massage chairs are big assets, and taking care of them will keep them in tiptop condition. Chairs made from PU leather or vinyl upholstery can last long with the right care. To clean the chair thoroughly, pay attention to areas that come into direct contact with the skin or hair since they can become sweaty. Use a mild soap solution to wipe the surface of the material is delicate. If you have dissembled any parts for cleaning, don’t submerge them in water so you won’t risk soaking and damaging your fabric. Leather made massage chairs need regular oiling and probably polishing to keep them from cracking. Avoid using petroleum oil around rubber parts since it can damage them. Finally, keep your chair away from direct sunlight to avoid cracking and fading.

Our Verdict

As you can see, massage chairs are slowly becoming popular because of their benefits. Again, it’s apparent there is no such thing as the ‘ideal massage chair’ that suits everybody. A massage chair will differ in features, affordability, quality, and many other aspects. As we’ve highlighted in the review, everyone needs a massage at the end of the day, only that some might need it more than others.

To know what suits you best, we recommend that you keenly read our reviews and buying guide. Research a little bit more if you have to before making a decision. If you don’t have much time, you might want to consider our top picks.

What we admired most in the editor’s choice, Massage Chair by OOTORI is its automatic body detection functionality. Our premium pick – OSEA RL810 Massage Chair – could be what you need right now. We love it for its yoga body stretching system and ease of use. We like the Full Body Electric Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair, which is our best value selection because of its versatility and friendly price. We hope that this guide helps you select the best massage chair from the ones we have reviewed.

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