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Last updated: October 12, 2022

U-Max Massage Chair Power Lift Recliner Review (Winter 2022)

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Last updated: October 12, 2022
Recliner Land is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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Recliner Land is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

In a certain age older people often find it difficult to walk, get up, sit, or do other basic things they used to do. This is why it is best to try and find the right solution for them. A practical and comfortable chair to use even when they are alone at home, like a power lift reclining chair, helps them get up effortlessly while avoiding unpleasant and dangerous falls. These types of chairs, when equipped with massaging functions, are also suitable for recovering from stress. And one of the models ideal for this demographics of users is the U-Max massage chair power lift recliner. As we will see in this U-Max massage chair power lift recliner review, the recliner is a piece of multifunctional furniture.


Our #7 pick for the best recliner under 500
Our #10 pick for the best power recliner
Our #10 pick for the best recliner for elderly


Power lift recliner
Two separate remotes
Massage areas
Massage modes
Recline angle
Up to 130 degrees
Faux leather
Black, brown
33.4 x 35.4 x 44 in
Distance from the wall
17-20 in
Weight capacity
330 lbs
125 lbs
Warranty and return policy
1-month return or exchange, 1-year accessory replacement


This review will help you see how this chair works, what it could offer the user, and whether it’s worth buying. In this section, we’ll review the amazing features of the U-Max massage chair power lift recliner in depth. These will comprehensively analyze the power type, materials used, massaging functions, recline angle, dimensions and weight, weight capacity, and price range.

Type and power

The U-Max is a chair with a quintuple of functionalities. These include the power-lifting function, the heating and vibration function, the reclining function, the massaging function, and the feet-lifting function of the adjustable footrests.

First, it is integrated with a lift mechanism that can lift the seater safely and smoothly with the press of a button. This same way, this mechanism can also be utilized in a way that it can rise to accommodate the user while standing up and about to sit.

The U-Max chair is also a recliner that can be used for relaxation. You can turn it to a lounge recliner chair up to a 130° position.

Also, it has an adjustable and well-padded footrest. This can lift your leg, up to the same level as the seat, providing optimal blood circulation and relaxation.

The recliner has a heating function, which also combines with the vibration function. The function of heat and vibration cannot be overemphasized in massaging. These help with massaging and relaxing tensed muscles and easing damaged tissues in the body. It hence relieves pain.

Finally and maybe the most important feature, this recliner is a very functional masseur. It comes with an amazing massage technology. It can massage the user’s legs, back, thigh, and the lumbar area.

The chair is mains-powered. This powers the series of its electronic mechanisms such as the remote-controlled automated system, power-lifting, heating, and vibration features. The recliner doesn’t have a battery backup.

U-Max Massage Chair Power Lift Recliner Review (Winter 2022)

Materials used and color options

The powerlifter features various elements for the effective provision of its functions. The seat, backrest, armrests, and footrests are well padded with very thick foam. The chair has a wooden framework. It is elegantly covered in high-quality eco-friendly polyurethane (PU) leather. It has almost the same feel as genuine leather, but it is lighter, doesn’t fade or crack. Soft, it has a full hand feel. The material is resistant to water and easy to clean. You can simply wipe it clean with a piece of damp cloth. The faux leather has no pores. It, therefore, will not soak up moisture or stains.

The U-Max massage chair power lift recliner comes in two color options: black and brown. The black model can fit in well with a piece of neutral furniture set in ivory or beige color. It is suitable for a minimalist decor. The brown one meanwhile goes along with multiple colors. You can pair it with furniture sets or pieces of equipment with gray, beige, tan, cream, blue, white, teal, or yellow.

Massage areas and modes

As earlier mentioned, the massage recliner covers four massage areas – the legs, back, thigh, and the lumbar area. It features five massage modes. These include the pulse mode, press mode, wave mode, the auto, and the normal mode.

The effects of the vibrating massage produce heavenly comfort. Also, it is ultraquiet. The mix of features, with guaranteed efficiency, lets the massage chair cover the user’s muscles – of the legs, back, and thighs. Therefore, the massage will be complete and deep, while not envying anything in the hands of your former professional masseur.

Recline angle

The U-Max massage chair cannot go completely flat, but it can be reclined back up to an angle of 45°. At a maximum angle, the entire chair ends up at a total angle of around 120 to 130° for comfortable relaxations. You can also keep it in its natural position in the TV-viewing or newspaper-reading position.

U-Max Massage Chair Power Lift Recliner Review (Winter 2022)

Weight capacity

The U-Max massage chair can support users with weight up to 335 lbs. That’s the equivalent of 152 kilograms or 24 stone. However, we’ve seen reports of people who weigh 380 lbs using it with no issues whatsoever. This is thanks to its extra-thick foam padding infused in the seating area.

Dimensions and weight

The massage chair has an overall dimension of 33.4 x 35.4 x 44 inches. This is within the standard range when it comes to dimensions and weight. The armrests have a height of 25.5 inches each while the back is 27.5 inches high. The furniture itself weighs 125 lbs.


The recliner comes with a one-month customer satisfaction guarantee, during which it can be returned or exchanged. Additionally, it is also covered by a one year warranty. This warranty only covers accessory replacement.

Extra features

  • Remote controls: The furniture comes with a set of two remote controls. This can be practical if you would like to control the seat while your elderly one is seated. You can use these to adjust the settings of the massaging and power lift mechanisms.
  • Timer: One of the extra features of the furniture is the integrated timer. With the use of the timer, you can set the recliner to work for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. It will automatically turn off after the set time elapses. This is important considering that it can rock you to sleep, and you might need the massaging or heating function to turn off without having to do that manually.
  • Side pocket: The chair has a side pocket where you can store the remotes or your smartphones and have them within the arms’ reach. The side pocket is so wide that it can contain your tab, iPad, or novels.
  • Storage pockets: The massage seat also features 2 separate cup holders. These are built into the left and right sides of the armrests. They are practical for holding your cup of coffee, juice, milk, water, or just any fluid. Also, you have 4 bags for storing your bottles and magazines.
  • Wheelbase: One thing we like about the power lift chair is that it has a wheelbase. This ensures it will be easy to move during the change of location or even provide mobility for people who find it hard to get up. The wheelbase is also functional when you want to arrange the environment or have it adjusted for another angle. The wheels are supported by a heavy-duty steel material that can support the weight and the adjustments.

U-Max Massage Chair Power Lift Recliner Review (Winter 2022)

Price tag

Of course, you would expect recliner chairs with the vibrating, heating, power-lifting, massaging functions to come at a high price. However, the U-Max model is available at a competitive price. What you get is a high value for less. Most recliners with the same or similar functionalities usually come at a price of around half a thousand bucks and above. However, you wouldn’t have to pay up to that with the U-Max electric chair. We compared this product with models from brands such as Bonzy, Serta Porter, Catnapper, Merax, Divano Roma, Giantex, and GDF Studio. And while it is ranked highly by review sites and users, it is the cheapest.

Who is it for?

The U-Max electric chair is a comfortable chair specially designed to provide maximum comfort for the elderly. It ensures the user relaxation of all their muscles, thus helping to prevent joint pain caused by prolonged sitting.

U-Max is equipped with an innovative lift system, greatly assisting the elderly to get out of the seat. All this is made possible by an electric motor, which allows the user to stand up without much effort. This type of electric chair is particularly recommended for those who have serious walking difficulties, whether they are the elderly or people with reduced mobility. They allow you to achieve a perfectly straight posture without subjecting the person to unnecessary physical strain. The U-Max armchair can also be used as a table chair, thanks to its possibility of elevation. Height is essential because it allows comfortable sitting when eating meals.

This electric chair will meet all needs since it has been designed to maximize the comfort of each user. With U-Max, you will always feel pampered and safe. Once seated, you will always find the right position thanks to the tilting of the backrest and the raising of the footrest. All these are achievable at the push of a button on the remote control.

  • The chair is ultraquiet
  • Feature-rich
  • Suitable for the elderly and the physically challenged
  • Comes with two remote controls
  • Features side pockets and cup holders
  • No battery backup
  • Faux leather material not very durable
  • Cannot recliner more than 130°




The U-Max model is a professional massage seat equipped with the latest technologies for the user’s mental and physical well-being. The uses can be multiple, and it leads, moreover, to the feeling of total relaxation and deep harmony. It is one of the latest in the professional sector, equipped with technologies as innovative as they are effective.
As we have seen in the U-Max massage chair power lift recliner review, the recliner is a multifunctional product available at a very affordable price. With this, you don’t need expensive massage therapies from professional masseuses. This machine brings the benefits of relaxation, massaging, and support for people who need assistance in the comfort of your home.

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