About us

What is ReclinerLand.com?

We know that finding quality furniture for your purposes might be a challenging task as there are plenty of products to choose from. So we launched ReclinerLand.com to sort out the best recliners, lift chairs, and sofas out there and pave your way to your perfect piece of furniture.

Who are we?

We are just like you – people who once started their search for a perfect recliner. We know that any help with making a decision when you’re overwhelmed with options is precious, and a qualified help can save you tens to hundreds of dollars. So we gathered together to share our experience with you and hopefully help you find what you really need.

Our Team

Robert Bernal
Research Writer
Robert is a professional writer who creates incredible science fiction short stories. When not writing about the alien invasions, he Read More
Kirk Schneider
Web Producer
Kirk has his own YouTube channel where he explains how to create, maintain, and promote a website. Meanwhile, he’s engaged Read More
William Barnett
Expert Consultant
William is a top sales manager in one of the local furniture stores, which sells recliners among others. Like nobody Read More
Cynthia Dudley
Senior Editor
Cynthia is a part-time teacher of English Literature so we’re grateful she finds an opportunity to be our irreplaceable content Read More

How do we pick the best of the best?

Our team of reviewers starts with pouring through the market of recliners in a particular category to find the most suitable products for customers’ most frequent demands. Then, we pick out the most popular and highly rated products and thoroughly read through their features to make sure they are a good fit.

After determining the best, we thoroughly research each chair or sofa, their features and buyers’ experience with them. We sort out the most reliable customer reviews based on our own techniques as well as using such online tools as Fakespot and ReviewMeta. This way we can get plenty of real-world data about each product we review and how good it actually is after the purchase.

Depending on the topic, we spend 30 to 50 hours researching and describing products and finally sum up our findings in an article that contains the scores we gave to each item as well as their in-detail reviews. We also add a handy buying guide dwelling around the features we found to be most important for you to make the right choice.

Are we sponsored by anyone?

To make our reviews truly unbiased, we decline any opportunity to be sponsored by manufacturers. Instead, we participate in the Amazon Services Associates Program and earn some advertising fees if you buy something. This way, we can include any products we really like in our reviews and skip those with quality issues.

Haven’t found something you’re interested in?

New products break into the market every day, technologies evolve rapidly, so tracking quality products and updating our reviews is key for us to keep being useful for our readers. So if you have been looking for a specific product or a category of products, need some tip on picking a chair for your situation, or have a question, please don’t hesitate to let us know! Use the special contact form or write us an e-mail, and we’ll be happy to help.