How to Measure a Recliner: Tips and Tricks

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Last updated: September 19, 2023
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Buying a recliner can seem like an easy task, but it is not. Manufacturers avail different options in the market, making it necessary for you to familiarize yourself with the various features before placing an order. One of the things that you ought to know is how to measure a recliner to ensure that you buy the perfect fit for your available space Trusted Source The tyranny of chairs: why we need better design | Design | The Guardian <strong>The long read</strong>: Most chairs aren’t designed to serve human bodies – but a better seat is possible . Also, when purchasing slipcovers, you must have accurate measurements of the recliner.

Other than the dimensions, there are other features that you must review as well. Upholstery, weight, and the unit’s construction are among the principal elements that you should check.

Feedback from experts and people who have bought the recliner you are interested in will help you make an informed decision. According to most reviews, the Lane Home Furnishings rocker recliner is among the best units that you can get for your home. It features a sturdy construction and an assortment of other desirable features.

How to measure a recliner correctly?

Buying a slipcover for your furniture has numerous benefits. You cannot get the right fit for the best recliner covers without accurate dimensions. Below we discuss how to measure different parts of furniture in this category to guide you in the process.

How to Measure a Recliner: Tips and TricksHow to measure the back

The back is one of the parts you have to measure, especially if you want to buy slipcovers to protect the entire recliner. The chair has to be in an upright position for you to get accurate dimensions. To determine the maximum height, you have to place your tape measure on the recliner’s top edge and pull it to the bottom.

Write down the measurements in both inches and centimetres to guarantee an effortless shopping experience.

How to measure the width

The width is another intricate part that you cannot overlook. The most expansive area of the seat is between the arms, and this is what you should measure. The tape measure should go from the outer edge of one arm to that of the other. Ensure that the measuring tape is straight. Do not measure down onto the seat, as this will distort the measurement.

How to measure in the reclined position

This measurement is necessary if you are looking to buy custom slipcovers. It is important to note that this dimension is not compulsory, but it is vital to have it if you need it. You have to recline the seat before you take the measurements. Make sure that it is fully reclined before you take the height. Measure the recliner from the top to the footrest. This is possible for units with attached footrests.

Counter check the measurements you get against that the manufacturer provides.

When reading reviews on the wide web, you will realize that the super stretch couch covers from H.Versailtex are some of the top-notch alternatives. The elasticity they feature makes them the perfect choice for recliners with attached footrests.

How to measure a room for a recliner

When buying a recliner, you have to know the space available to determine the appropriate unit to buy. This ensures that you have enough room to accommodate the seat and all the functional features it has. Check the measurements of the recliner you want and use this as a guide to determine whether it will fit seamlessly into the available space or not. If you intend to place the recliner near a wall, measure the distance available from the wall to the area of placement.

Check the required clearance area needed for the recliner when fully reclined and ensure that the distance from the wall is enough. If you want to place a coffee table or any other furnishing in front of the recliner, space must allow for the same. When working with limited space, wall-hugging recliner models are the best choice for you.

Are your own measurements important?

If you want to buy high-quality slipcovers with the perfect measurements, you have to do it yourself. The dimensions of a recliner may change over time due to normal wear and tear. The state of the recliner affects the measurements, and taking them every time you buy slipcovers may be necessary.

Final thoughts

When buying recliners, make sure that the producing company has a solid reputation and what they release to the market are top-tier recliners. This applies to when you are purchasing slipcovers as well. Always go for a reputable brand and have the recliner’s measurements to make a choice easier when picking a slipcover. Read reviews about the product you want to buy to confirm aspects such as construction and durability, among others.

There are many resources online that will direct you on how to measure recliners. Record the dimensions in both centimetres and inches to make your shopping venture a painless experience. If you are buying the covers online, engage customer support to confirm the measurements if you doubt anything.


The tyranny of chairs: why we need better design | Design | The Guardian
<strong>The long read</strong>: Most chairs aren’t designed to serve human bodies – but a better seat is possible
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