How Do Recliners Work? – Everything There Is to Know

Our in-detail guide on how different types of recliners work, their main features, and maintenance tips.
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Last updated: August 15, 2023
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Recliners are increasingly becoming virtually everyone’s favorite chair. They offer the ultimate comfort to relax and rest. Plus, they are just as aesthetic as they are functional and can be placed anywhere, in the living room, bedroom, hospitals, and other professional settings. Their usage and functionality are pretty wide. You can use one to relieve back pain or make breastfeeding fun and relaxing because it provides much needed support to the spine. You can also use it to just chill after a long day of work. So, how do recliners work?

When combined with the right technology, recliners offer tons of benefits. Thanks to technology advancements, recliners now have multiple features with significant health benefits. Some have power lift options for the elderly while others have zero-gravity immersion to reach complete weightlessness. Read on for more information on recliners’ functionality, mechanisms, and features.

How does a recliner mechanism work?

How Do Recliners Work? - Everything There Is to KnowUnderstanding how a recliner works will let you know its benefits and solutions to minor problems. You will become fully aware of its parts, features and mechanisms, which will prove highly beneficial when it comes to choosing one that suits your needs and is within your budget.

Here is how a recliner chair works:

A recliner chair features a frame, solidly built with hardwood or plywood and aligned with heavy-duty screws that allow it to recline with ease and last a long time. The frame is sturdily built to make it capable of supporting a user’s entire weight and motion. If it can’t hold a user’s weight when they sit and pull the lever, it will not last long. That said, hardwood frames work better and longer than those made of plywood.

Its arms are separate pieces fastened together with cross bars for added stability and complete immovability. They are made to operate independently from the rest of the chair. They allow the effortless back and forth pushing of the chair.

Some recliner models require you to push the chair back while pulling a lever or pressing a button usually located below the armrests. Others simply bend when you give them a little push with your arms.

Electric recliners help the elderly and people with mobility issues get in and out of the chair easily. Instead of a lever, electric recliners use springs which absorb the pressure applied by a user then compress to ease the chair backwards. When the user rises from the chair or leans forward the springs expand and get back to their original position.

Electric vs. manual recliner

The 2 main types of recliners according to the mechanism are manual and automatic recliners.

Manual recliners have a common lever and handle and they require you to simply pull and lift to recline in a smooth motion that pushes the back of the chair with body weight.

Electric/automatic recliners have an electrical motor that aims to reduce physical strain for you. They require you simply use a remote control or an operating touch system on the chair to get it to a reclining position. Automatic recliners spread the weight across the entire seat to maximize your comfort and stability. Because they rise to their feet easily and safely, they are highly recommended for the elderly and people with mobility or medical issues. They don’t have to put any pressure on their joints.

Common types of recliners

Reclining is the most exciting thing about recliner chairs. It is what distinguishes recliner chairs from other pieces of furniture. Below are some of the most popular recliner types:

Traditional recliners

This is a staple in many living rooms all over the world. It functions by reclining when a user pushes a lever or presses a button that releases its back into the down position and its footrest in the up position.

How Do Recliners Work? - Everything There Is to KnowPower recliner

This is also a popular option. And how does a power recliner work? Well, it functions like a traditional recliner, except it has a power button that electrically reclines it to the user’s desired angle.

The Bonzy Home Power Recliner remains the most acclaimed power recliner on the market currently. It is a top favorite for many because of its generous sizing, deep cushioned comfort and solid durability.

How Do Recliners Work? - Everything There Is to KnowPower Lift recliners

These are perfect for the elderly and people with medical conditions. They have a lift mechanism that pushes them from a flat seated position to an upright angle allowing the user to rise from them effortlessly.

According to expert reviewers the CANMOV Power Massage Lift Recliner Chair is the best power lift recliner that money can buy presently. It is a heavy-duty chair packed with other useful features like heat and vibration for the elderly.

How Do Recliners Work? - Everything There Is to KnowWall hugger recliner

These are a top preference for small space dwellers looking to conserve space. And how do wall-hugger recliners work? They sit up straighter thus can be pressed against the wall directly. Their range of motion is also limited and their resting position is easier to get in and out of.

How Do Recliners Work? - Everything There Is to KnowPush-back recliners

These are highly preferred by people who value aesthetics more. They are able to recline without a lever or push button. They recline when the user sits and leans back to exert pressure on the back. They look like regular chairs when in the unreclined position because of lack of a button or lever.

How Do Recliners Work? - Everything There Is to KnowRecliner features

Modern recliners are a combination of aesthetics and top-notch functionality with great features. Some of the features that modern recliner chairs come with include heat and massage for optimum comfort and relation, vibrations, storage compartments, detachable headrests or cushions, and multiple cup holders.

Recliner maintenance tips

Careless or lack of proper maintenance can render your valuable recliner chair useless in no time. The first sign that will show your recliner is not okay is an unusual sound coming from any of its parts. In such a case, you can save it by lubricating it with penetrating oil.

You can also check your user manual for troubleshooting tips from the manufacturer or their website. Most importantly, check your warranty period to see if you can get free repairs and part replacements.

Final thoughts

Nearly every living room in the world has a recliner chair. They offer maximum comfort and relaxation alongside health benefits. How do recliners work? Whether you just need to chill and binge on your favorite show every night or you are thinking of getting your grandmother a recliner chair, you will find yourself wondering how amc and zero gravity Trusted Source Weightlessness - Wikipedia Weightlessness is the complete or near-complete absence of the sensation of weight. This is also termed zero-G, although the more correct term is “zero G-force”. It occurs in the absence of any contact forces upon objects including the human body. recliners function.

We have it all covered in the article. Before you spend an arm and a leg on that stylish power lift recliner you have been eyeing it’s important to have such information at hand. Knowing the different types of recliners and their mechanisms will help you pick something that suits your needs and budget easily. Plus, having knowledge on their functionality can give you troubleshooting hints whenever yours has an issue.


Weightlessness - Wikipedia
Weightlessness is the complete or near-complete absence of the sensation of weight. This is also termed zero-G, although the more correct term is “zero G-force". It occurs in the absence of any contact forces upon objects including the human body.
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