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The couch has various uses at the home or Reclining in order to talk to a therapist is a powerful experience, says Nathan Kravis. But the reasons remain unclear, and comfort is one of the key things that most people are after. Sliding cushions can be a headache and ruin the experience of anyone using the couch to ...

Picture yourself in the most beautiful room you can imagine. Renaissance art hangs on the walls and you are drinking Evian out of a golden chalice. What are you sitting on? A fine leather sofa, of course! Leather sofas are the pinnacle of classy furniture, the perfect balance of style and function. Leather sofas are ...

Undoubtedly, a sofa is an indispensable piece of furniture in every household around the world. Apart from providing you and your guests with a comfortable surface to sit and relax on, a sofa can also double as a sleeping surface sometimes, providing you with an additional sleeping space when you or your kids have ...