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Whether you’re a happy owner of a comfy recliner, or just in the process of choosing one, our portal is here to help you out. Our experts have compiled all their knowledge, most effective tips, and best findings they came across on the market in one place. Rest assured that whatever type of recliner you own or planning to get, this website is your reliable source of information to prolong its lifespan and use it to its highest potential.
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All You Need to Know About the World of Recliners

The Basics
The Basics
Learn what's special about each type of recliner chairs
Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks
Effective ways to keep your recliner in top-notch condition.
Video Reviews
Video Reviews
See if topselling models live up to the hype with our review videos
How to & DIY
How to & DIY
Fixing a broken recliner or upgrading it is easier than you think
The Research
The Research
We've picked out and analyzed top recliner models on the market
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And we realize you want the answer to your question to be quick, reliable, and no-nonsense. It’s easy to perform if the authors of the articles as well as the whole team are real people who understand the topic well and know exactly what information they need to share. Below you can check out the brief bios of some of our team members. For more info, visit the “About Us” page.
Robert Bernal
Robert is a professional writer who creates incredible science fiction short stories. When not writing about the alien invasions, he focuses on some more trivial topics making sure the quality of his writing is nevertheless preserved.
William Barnett
William is a top sales manager in one of the local furniture stores, which sells recliners among others. Like nobody else, he knows what specs to look for to fulfil each client’s individual needs.
Cynthia Dudley
Cynthia is a part-time teacher of English Literature so we’re grateful she finds an opportunity to be our irreplaceable content quality guard. In her free time, Cynthia reads historical novels and trains her dog Tobi.
Kirk Schneider
Kirk has his own YouTube channel where he explains how to create, maintain, and promote a website. Meanwhile, he’s engaged into working with his own creations, including this very site.

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