How to Repair Zero Gravity Chair? Tips and Tricks!

This article will supply you with in-detail instructions to repair your zero gravity chair, no matter what the damage is.
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Last updated: August 10, 2023
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When we want to make purchases, we always tend to think about how long the purchase is likely to last. No matter how little the cost of the purchase is, this consideration of the product’s durability is a given. The same goes for zero-gravity chairs.

If you want the chair to go the true distance it can go, you’d probably fix a few things a few times. Now, you could always call someone to help you with those minor repairs but knowing how to repair zero gravity chairs would save you a few dollars and sometimes as well. Better still, the knowledge of what is needed to maintain or repair zero gravity chairs would make it easy for you to decide whether or not a repair favors you financially and prevent you from being ripped off by untrustworthy repairmen. No one likes to be cheated.

What is a zero-gravity chair?

How to Repair Zero Gravity Chair? Tips and Tricks!

Zero gravity chairs generally refer to seats or, in some cases, recliners that are designed differently to provide extra comfort and reduce the effects of fatigue on the body. The chairs make it more comfortable for people sitting for long periods. These chairs are inspired by the relaxed posture created by weightlessness in space, hence their name.

They achieve their function via their design which aims to put the body in its neutral position while providing support from the hips up to the shoulders. The original zero gravity chairs were designed to be just chairs, but nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to see more sophisticated designs. While the simpler chairs such as the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair are made with a frame and fabric as the seat proper, a more sophisticated seat is the Human Touch Perfect Chair Zero Gravity Manual Recliner. This isn’t the limit of zero gravity chair designs, though, as they’re still exist full leather chairs fitted with foot rollers, massage functions, and other improvements. Many of these zero gravity chairs are specially made to help with back and other body pains.

This piece on repairing zero gravity chairs, however, refers to the simpler chairs. These usually consist of bolts and screws that hold the frame or skeleton together, strong fabric that serves as the seat properly, and a headrest. There are other parts to it, and we would be touching upon the parts of the zero gravity chairs most likely to develop problems and how these problems could be managed in-house without a repairman.

Repair instructions

There are no complicated instructions associated with the repair of these simple zero gravity chairs. There is little to no danger involved and, as such, no real safety precautions. Also, the tools and materials you may need are dependent on the part of the chair being repaired and may include screwdrivers, scissors, etc.

How to restring it

How to Repair Zero Gravity Chair? Tips and Tricks!

One of the most common problems you can encounter with a zero-gravity chair is the cord holding the fabric becoming looser. To do this, you’d need to replace the cord. You could either purchase a replacement string for zero gravity chairs or utilize a black shock cord if you have any. The latter would help to save some more money.

The following steps could be taken to replace the cord:

  1. Cut out the old cords
  2. Thread the cords through the holes in the seat fabric and the frame of the chair
  3. Cut the cords at the bottom and top of the chair
  4. Tighten the cord and secure with knots at the bottom and the top of the frame
  5. Do the same for the other side of the chair
  6. Enjoy your handwork

How to replace a headrest

Another problem that can occur with your zero gravity chairs is that of your headrest becoming loose.  This can be due to the elastic holding it up becoming too loose as well, and it would seriously affect the comfort you’re getting. You probably don’t want to be reaching behind, adjusting, and readjusting from time to time. To rectify this, you only have to buy yourself a new elastic band for the headrest or purchase a new headrest entirely if it’s available.

How to repair cracks on the frame

This is one of the trickiest parts of the zero-gravity to repair because any cracks on the frame would seriously imply that the chair is probably reaching the last of its days. The frame of the chair might be made of metal or wooden, and while cracks are more commonly found in wooden frames, it is possible to see some development in the metallic frames as well.

Cracks in a wooden frame can be covered up using some wood glue, while those in metallic frames need to be welded. As such, repair of the cracks in metallic frames is more effective than those in wooden frames. Regardless, though, if you see any cracks in the frame of your zero gravity chairs, you should start considering purchasing a new one.

How to tighten bolts and screws

This is probably the easiest problem to take care of. With time, the bolts and screws holding your zero-gravity chair in the desired position might start getting loose. This would mean that the chair is not locked in place. To repair this, all you need to do is locate all the bolts and screws holding the frame of the chair together and tighten them.

The older the chair grows, the more regularly you might be required to tighten its bolts and screws, so, in truth, this is more of a maintenance activity than repair work.

How to replace the fabric

How to Repair Zero Gravity Chair? Tips and Tricks!

In the simple zero gravity chairs, a strong fabric usually serves as the seat proper. This fabric could tear or fade over time, and repairing this is not very difficult. In the case of a tear, you could purchase a sample of the appropriate fabric; cover up the tear, and stitch it accordingly.

However, if you are looking to change a faded fabric, you would first need to unstring the cord holding the fabric to the frame. After this is done, you would remove the old fabric and replace it with the new one. This new fabric would then be strung to the chair’s frame, and the string would be knotted up accordingly.

The zero-gravity chair fabric used in the replacement or repair could be purchased from online stores.

Final Thoughts

Getting someone to do stuff as simple as repairing a chair is very comfortable. You don’t get to sweat or get your hands dirty, and if you have the money to facilitate it and the time, why not? However, if you are inclined to be handy around the home and open to saving a little bit of money, it honestly isn’t tough to repair zero gravity chairs.

The problem with the chair is very easy to determine, and the materials you’d need to fix them are regular items that are easy to acquire. If you follow the instructions outlined throughout this article, you should have your fully functional zero gravity chair back without paying a single dollar in workmanship fees.

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