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Last updated: August 10, 2022

Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair Review (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: August 10, 2022
Recliner Land is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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Recliner Land is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

There are a variety of power lift recliners out there to choose from, but the Canmov Power Lift Recliner is the total package. Ideal for older adults, persons with limited mobility, and everyone in between, the Canmov is a multi-faceted chair that will make everyone happy. The safety-motion reclining mechanism boosts in-home mobility, independence, and comfort. The following Canmov power lift recliner chair review will cover all the details so you can see exactly what consumers are raving about! The Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair adds functionality and style to your home. The chair is a motion reclining lift chair, making it an ideal choice for older adults and people with limited mobility. It is equipped with a remote-controlled electric power lift, helping you to sit up or down with ease. The durable frame and overstuffed foam material give the recliner chair stability and comfort. The chair will hold up to regular use in your home while also creating a comfortable place to rest.


Our #3 pick for the best power lift recliner
Our #7 pick for the best heavy duty recliners
Our #7 pick for the best recliner for elderly


power lift
high-density sponge
Frame material
solid metal
39 x 37 x 39.8 inches
Weight capacity
300 lbs.
Seat dimensions
19.7 x 24 inches
109 lbs.

Lift chairs provide accessibility and assistance with mobility for older adults, individuals with limited mobility, or others who are looking for a bit of help getting in and out of their chairs. Equipped with a motor, this furniture aids with safety by slowly easing individuals back into the chair or up out of it. Lift chairs are great for anyone looking to have more independence with moving about the house and can boost your quality of life. With a generous amount of lift chairs to select from on the market, it can be a hassle trying to find one that best suits you or a loved one’s needs. Some come with all of the bells and whistles, such as massage or heat features, and some lack extra comfort features such as a footrest, thick cushions, or side pockets. Depending on your needs and preferences, it is important to evaluate all the functions available on a lift chair to make sure you choose one that will help you most. For our purposes, we will be reviewing the Canmov Power Recliner Chair, which includes some of the features listed above. It makes an ideal middle-of-the-road option, coming complete with a motor that helps with mobility and several other comfort and convenience boosting features, all at an affordable cost.

With the Canmov Power Recliner Chair, style, function, and safety come together to form the perfect reclining experience. With a remote-controlled reclining mechanism, you can smoothly and safely lay back, lift, or tilt-to-stand. The motor it comes equipped with is quiet and will allow users to adjust to their customized position with ease. Additionally, the plush, antiskid material is comfortable for sitting and enhances safety when lying back and standing up. Best of all, the Canmov Power Recliner Chair is quick to assemble and comes complete with a user-friendly operator’s manual.

Type and power

Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair Review (Fall 2022)

As a lift chair, the Canmov Power Recliner Chair is remote operated and designed to help users lay back and stand up. It offers a stand function and a reclining feature, allowing users to gradually get in and out of the chair safely and easily. The motor on the power recliner makes it possible for users to quietly and easily adjust their position to achieve maximum comfort while they lounge and as they find their way to an upright position. The reclining feature helps users tile forward with the press of the button. They can lie down slowly to reach a reclined state, or keep it at a more stationary seated position. The motor is smooth and quiet and will not strain to lift most users. Users can select between reclining, sitting, and lifting and have the option to stop at any position in-between. When the time comes to stand up, the stand function on the chair will cause the chair to rise gradually and help users get upright. This is where the antiskid material is especially helpful! Users will not find themselves unsafely sliding around when finding an upright position, so they can trust that the chair will help them get in and out of a seated position securely. It is reinforced with a metal stand underneath, giving it durability and reliability for regular household use. Designed to slowly move up or down using the remote control, the chair slowly and safely helps users go from sitting to standing and vice versa. Having a variety of options for seating and moving about can substantially boost an individual’s sense of independence and take the stress off of caretakers who would otherwise have to help their loved one move about. Once users are seated, they have the option to continue laying back using the recline feature. As they lay back, they can also kick their feet up with the extendable footrest. Along with the footrest, the chair offers an extra cushy neck rest and wide armrests, making it an optimal choice with a variety of comfortable components. These features make the great recliner sitting in multiple positions and providing ultimate comfort.

Materials used and color options

Te Canmov power recliner chair has a great aesthetic quality. The plush fabric on the Canmov power recliner chair features antiskid material that will keep you safe and secure when in motion. The overstuffed quality of the chair ensures there is plenty of cushions and gives the chair a luxurious look. The foam cushions are resilient and made of supple polyester, so they will stay soft and odor-free.

The Canmov power recliner chair comes in two versatile colors, Chocolate, and Camel. Their natural tones blend well with many color schemes and will add a rich, cozy feel to any home. The power recliner makes a great addition to any living room and will add to the homey feel. Its overstuffed design offers comfort and class for kicking back and sitting with style.

Underneath is a solid metal frame that gives the chair stability and strength. Overall, the chair provides the perfect mix of features to give individuals stability while also offering the ultimate lounging experience. With such supple cushion and high-quality fabric, the Canmov Power Recliner Chair offers a good-looking furniture staple that also provides functionality and assistance to you or your loved one.


Nothing is better than a recliner that allows you to kick your feet up. Complete with a footrest, the Canmov power recliner chair allows you to extend and elevate your feet as you lie back. When using the recline feature, the footrest will simultaneously lift so you can lie back and recline. With as comfortable as this chair is, you may find yourself snoozing in it!

With the footrest, the Canmov Power Recliner Chair extends up to 62.2” inches, easily accommodating smaller users and allowing them to stretch their legs with ease. This makes the chair ideal for lying back and watching your favorite show or reading a good book. Additionally, the side pocket offers convenient storage. When you are done extending your feet, the footrest conveniently stows back into the chair, flush with the frame to avoid trip hazards, and allows ease of access in and out of the chair.

Dimensions and weight

The overall size of the recliner is 39 x 37 x 40 inches, with a seat height of 20.5 and a back height of 33 inches. It weighs in at a sturdy 109 lbs. When the footrest is extended, its length is 62.2 inches, making it suitable for lying back. Its extra-wide armrests provide ultimate room and comfort when sitting.

Weight capacity

The Canmov power recliner can hold up to 300 lbs. Most users can use the recline and stand functions with relative ease and smooth lift experience.


The durable metal frame beneath the chair reinforces its stability and strength, giving it the reliability you need for safely getting in and out. The electric-powered lift has a silent motor that will make getting in and out of the recliner a seamless and peaceful experience. Fabric is soft yet offers antiskid and odor-repelling properties. It is a sturdy choice that delivers in all the right ways.

Extra features

Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair Review (Fall 2022)

The Canmov power recliner chair comes complimented with a side pocket on the right of the chair. This feature is great for stowing remotes and other items you want at arm’s reach, such as books, remotes, snacks, etc. The remote control provides simplicity, with a simple up and down arrow for reclining or standing the chair up. This reduces unnecessary confusion makes adjustability as simple as the click of a button. The foot and backrest are extended or retracted at the same time. Easy set-up is another strong benefit of the Canmov Power Recliner Chair. Once it is set up, it is sure to provide plenty of assistance and a relaxing place to rest. Its quiet motor helps individuals smoothly adjust to the position of their choice, offering customizability for maximum comfort.

Price tag

At $459.99, the Canmov Power Recliner Chair offers the quality of a high-end recliner for a fraction of the cost. It may not have features such as massage or heat, but it provides several other useful features that add comfort and mobility, namely the lift and extra thick cushion. The Canmov Power Recliner Chair is a great middle-of-the-road option that will accommodate most users with ease.

  • Sturdy build and endless comfort
  • Antiskid material keeps users safe and sound in the chair
  • Remote-operated lift makes the chair easy to adjust and boosts mobility
  • Plush, well-cushioned material and footrest will provide hours of comfort
  • Side pocket offers extra storage for remotes, reading materials, and other convenient items
  • Two stylish colors to choose from that blend well with most household décor
  • Easy assembly and quiet motor add to functionality and satisfaction
  • Does not come with backup battery pack for remote
  • Can be less functional or comfortable for users that are over the weight limit or chair dimensions
  • Offers only two mobility options, stand or recline
  • May not feel as sturdy as higher-end lift chairs
  • Color options may not fit every household scheme
  • Does not offer heat or massage features like some other lift chairs
  • 109 lbs. maybe heavy for some to move around, especially individuals with limited mobility



The Canmov Power Lift Recliner Chair makes a great addition for anyone looking to boost comfort and mobility in their home. The recliner will provide safety, support, and functionality for all who use it. With a variety of helpful features and undeniable comfort, you can be sure that the Canmov Power Recliner Chair will improve the quality of your life.

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