Best Tips for Fixing Common Flexsteel Recliner Problems

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Last updated: August 11, 2023
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Flexsteel furniture has stood the test of time because it has been trading for more than 100 years. Similarly, the products that Flexsteel makes are made of high-quality materials that are durable and they are available in versatile styles to suit different individual tastes. Flexsteel range of products includes accent chairs, bedroom and dining room furniture, and power recliners which we are going to focus on in this comprehensive guide on how to troubleshoot the most common Flexsteel recliner problems.

We will provide the solutions that you can explore to resolve these issues whenever they arise and the tips that will help you to maintain your Flexsteel recliner and avoid these problems.

Common Flexsteel Power Recliner Problems

Considering all the Flexsteel recliner parts and their constant movements, it is not uncommon to experience glitches that affect the performance of the recliner. Some may be as minor as making squeaky noises because of age or uneven weight distribution while others may be an indication of a major problem that makes Flexsteel power recliners stop working.

Learning how to diagnose the root cause can help you to resolve the problem early and avoid costly repair and replacement in future.

1. Chair stopped working

Flexsteel power recliner problems may be as a result of electrical or mechanical failure. Start by checking the power supply to see if it is working.

You may use a voltmeter to get an accurate reading of the current. Touch each probe of the voltmeter to a terminal on the main plug to check if you are getting adequate current of 120 volts or more. If you do not find any sign of static current or the current is fluctuating, then the outlet is causing your Flexsteel recliner to stop functioning. Try plugging the recliner into a different socket to fix it.

Alternatively, you can check the connection by attaching a bulb to the electrical socket that you use for your recliner; if the bulb does not light up, that socket is the one causing the problem and you should switch the recliner to a different outlet. Otherwise, if the bulb lights up but your recliner does not when connected to the outlet, then the fault is with the wiring.

Also, use a fuse within the plug that has the proper amp rating for your recliner to resolve a Flexsteel recliner that stops working even when connected to an outlet that is functioning well.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that there are several incidents of homeowners experiencing damage to electrical and electronic equipment that is caused by electrical surges. If there is a power outage, it may damage the mainboard or transformer unless you are using a surge protector to protect the Flexsteel recliner parts against electrical failures.

You might have to replace the damaged parts in this case.

Other underlying causes that may make your Flexsteel recliner stop working are a damaged motor or malfunctioning of the hand control mechanism.

Locating the problem

The user manual for Best Choice Products Electric Power Lift Recliner Massage Chair will definitely be different from the manuals of other brands or models, so it is essential to consult the manual for your specific model for detailed instructions on the components, their locations and maintenance tips to increase the longevity of your recliner.

Most manufacturers also offer digital manuals for their products so you can download them by searching online for your specific model.

Wire repairments

The wires and cords of your Flexsteel recliner are responsible for its mechanism and they may become disconnected or loose with time because of all the movements the recliner makes as you sit on it. Since some of the linked wires transfer the current from the power outlet to the motor that comes with a Flexsteel recliner, disconnected wires can cause Flexsteel power recliner problems as the recliner stops working.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this issue and it does not require technical knowledge. To locate and gain access to the inner workings that you need to solve this problem, you may have to move your recliner from the wall or to flip it over.

Unplug your Flexsteel recliner from the outlet before you open it up as a safety precaution. Since many of the best power recliners vary in their styles, we also advise you to consult the manual for your particular recliner to be familiar with its interior connection before you open it up. You can download the electronic version to consult and keep for future reference in case one was not provided with your recliner.

After unplugging and turning over your recliner, use a torch to illuminate the interior connection so you can check for loose or disconnected wires. Once you find them, reattach them and confirm they are firmly connected to one another. You can bind the wires with electrical tape to secure the connection and prevent the wires from loosening up or disconnecting in future.

Your recliner should resume operation after you fix the wobble in the wires and misaligned Flexsteel recliner parts.

2. Extension cord power

Best Tips for Fixing Common Flexsteel Recliner Problems

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission considers extension cords among the most dangerous of electrical appliances because they can pose an electrical fire hazard. This occurs when an outlet has overwhelming current running through it after you plug several devices into the same outlet and turn them on simultaneously.

Your Flexsteel power recliner may have problems if you operate it through an adaptor, extension cord or surge protection device since the extension cord may not be able to transfer sufficient power to the recliner. Plug your recliner directly into the power source and remove any additional devices in the circuit to see if it resolves the issue.

As part of their safety program, the South Carolina Department of Administration Trusted Source Guidance on Proper Use of EXTENSION CORDS, POWER STRIPS AND SURGE PROTECTORS When there’s no place to plug in that new piece of equipment, what do you do? You probably are tempted to use one or more extension cords to reach the nearest unused outlet or add a power strip to get more “outlets.” explains how to diagnose overloaded circuits and overloaded extension cords to avoid electrical shock and fire hazards.

A surge protector may protect your recliner but it is not a good solution for an overloaded circuit caused by an aged electrical system. Ask a licensed electrician to check and guide you on the circuit capacity of your electrical system so you do not overload it.

You may have an overloaded circuit or extension cord if the outlet or cord is discolored or warm to the touch, or if there are several instances of the fuse blowing, or the circuit breakers tripping. Another indication may be a noticeable burned smell or a damaged extension cord that has been frayed, kinked, cut or knotted. You can remedy this by plugging the extension cord directly into an outlet, ensuring it does not run under a carpet to avoid heat build-up.

Use an extension cord with a rating that is as high as your recliner and one that has the shortest length possible to reduce heat build-up and loss of current which could create Flexsteel power recliner problems due to insufficient power. Extension cords with a smaller wire gauge number can handle more current safely.

3. Control mechanism malfunction

The control mechanism of your Flexsteel recliner parts may also malfunction and become stiff as there are several of them holding the recliner together. The best lay-flat recliners come with quality construction and multiple features that are held together by several components that can become stiff over time.

You may find yourself having to use more effort to loosen and move a stuck recliner caused by a faulty control button. The recliner may also stop working if you have a power button has been banged or damaged by a heavy object. Unplug the Flexsteel recliner and reconnect it to fix the issue.

A recliner may also malfunction if the circuit board is shorted out. If the circuit board is the culprit, you will notice the power button flickering on and off and you may have to have a professional technician address the situation.

You may also resolve Flexsteel power recliner problems caused by stiff joints by using grease to lubricate them so you can move the recliner smoothly in any position.

4. Transformer problems

A study Trusted Source Effect of a Recliner Chair with Rocking Motions on Sleep Efficiency In this study, we analyze the effect of a recliner chair with rocking motions on sleep quality of naps using automated sleep scoring and spindle detection models. on the effect of a recliner chair with rocking motions on sleep efficiency found that the rocking motion of a recliner with adjustable angles can improve sleep quality and remedy some sleep disorders such as sleep apnea because your neck and posture is at a higher angle.

Keep in mind that a manual model such as Signature Design by Ashley which is a traditional rocker recliner may be slightly more difficult for users to operate the footrest mechanism, compared to electric recliners like Flexsteel power recliners that are easier to adjust the seating positions.

Your Flexsteel power recliner is equipped with a transformer that is positioned at the base. The constant movements of the recliner may pinch or severe a wire and cause your transformer to burn out.

The transformer should display a green light when connected to power if it is working properly. If it displays a red light, then you know that the problem is with the transformer. You can report the issue to the seller so that they can fix it for you if it is under warranty.

5. Other electrical issues

The interior of a recliner consists of multiple electrical components and you may have to seek technical help from a professional for some Flexsteel recliner parts such as a control board that has burned out.

6. Reset your recliner

Best Tips for Fixing Common Flexsteel Recliner Problems

We have provided solutions for the common issues that are caused by incorrect, misaligned or damaged Flexsteel recliner parts.

If you have tried them and you are still having problems with your Flexsteel recliner, you may have to perform a complete reset on your recliner. This will restore factory settings and fix glitches that could have occurred from new changes you made to the system configuration.

Check your manual for help with resetting your recliner since the location of the reset button may vary from one model to another.

Generally, there are two ways you can go about resetting your recliner.

The first one is to locate the reset button between the open and close buttons and then push and hold a pin or paperclip in the pinhole for a few minutes to reset the recliner and return the system to its default settings.

The second method is a hard reset. Unplug your Flexsteel recliner from the power outlet and hold the pin in the pinhole for a few minutes. After that, plug the recliner again to solve the problem with a hard reset.

If resetting the recliner does not solve the problem, it is a sign of a more serious issue that might warrant you to contact the manufacturer or retailer who might recommend a technician for you or get the recliner repaired or replaced if it is under warranty.

Maintaining a clean and dry recliner that you also use as recommended by the manufacturer will keep it working correctly, increase its lifespan and save you from costly and unnecessary repairs in future. For instance, the best fabric recliners feature premium material that is also easy to clean but the material can get scratched or damaged if you place heavy or abrasive objects on the recliner.

Final Thoughts

Many electronics and electric devices are prone to issues in their mechanism. Flexsteel recliner parts are not immune to this because they use electricity and consist of inner workings such as wiring system, motors and control boards that work together to provide the comfort and support that have made the brand a favorite with users. Inadequate power supply, loose wires, faulty power and control buttons, and damaged extension cords are the most common cause of Flexsteel recliner problems.

Use our troubleshooting guide to identify and resolve these problems and remember to consult the manual for your particular recliner.

Your Flexsteel recliner may also develop severe issues with the transformer and other core components that would necessitate the services of a professional technician or a replacement for products under warranty.


When there’s no place to plug in that new piece of equipment, what do you do? You probably are tempted to use one or more extension cords to reach the nearest unused outlet or add a power strip to get more “outlets.”
Effect of a Recliner Chair with Rocking Motions on Sleep Efficiency
In this study, we analyze the effect of a recliner chair with rocking motions on sleep quality of naps using automated sleep scoring and spindle detection models.
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