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Last updated: September 01, 2022

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair Review (Fall 2022)

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Last updated: September 01, 2022
Recliner Land is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for:
  • Those with minimal storage space: folds down to 6.3 inches wide
  • Budget conscious buyers, as it offers decent value for money
  • People looking to find a comfortable neutral body position
Main features:
  • Users over 5’11 may find the footrest bar uncomfortable
  • Smaller users may have difficulty with the locking mechanisms
  • Fabric is vulnerable to damage and may need replacement
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  • Weight capacity 9.8
  • Portability 9.9
  • Warranty 9.6
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Recliner Land is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

The Caravan Sports Infinity is an affordable zero gravity outdoor chair. While it does have some durability issues with the fabric and portability complaints due to a lack of handle or locking mechanism, it does offer great comfort and flexibility.

You can adjust your chair to find your perfect reclining position, with a pillow that can be used for head, neck or lumbar support. You can use the two locking mechanisms to hold the chair in the right position for you, resting your feet on the bottom bar.

The chair folds down to a small footprint, making it ideal for storing in small spaces or throwing in the trunk of your car to take camping or if you’re headed to the beach for the day. While it does take a little getting used to, as you need to carry it carefully to avoid trapping your fingers, folding it is simple and easy.

With a low price tag, you can purchase one and replacement parts for far less than the cost of many other outdoor chairs, making this a good buy for many people. This does negate the paltry warranty somewhat, as purchasers may be prepared to spend a little extra to replace the seat material or bungees, should normal use and wear and tear cause damage that renders the chair unusable.

If this sounds appealing to you, read on. In this Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair review, we will delve into the features of this chair, its highlights and potential issues, to help you decide if this chair is a good option for you.


Our #2 pick for the best outdoor recliner
Our #11 pick for the best zero gravity chairs


Beige, black, blue, burgundy, camouflage, grey and blue
Steel, textilene fabric
Weight capacity
300 lbs.
Folded size
38.6” x 26.4” x 6.3”
Seat height
Seat width
22 lbs.
60 days


With so many outdoor chair models on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. The Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is packed with features, which we’ll explore in more detail here to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Materials used

As the chair is designed for outdoor use, the material is a quick dry fabric. This can dry out on its own without any need to intervene. Water should not ruin the material, but it is a good idea to avoid leaving the chair damp and folded for days, as it may encourage mold.

The material is a 600g Textilene fabric that is durable and long lasting. It is suspended with a double bungee system on the chair’s steel frame.

Available colors

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair Review (Fall 2022)

The Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity chair is available in a choice of colors. Beige is a neutral shade that will complement your yard decor. If you prefer a darker shade, the chair is also available in black. The color palette is rounded out with a blue or brown option.

Zero gravity function

Zero gravity posture was developed initially by NASA after the team observed differences in astronaut’s resting body positions in space. without the normal gravitational pull on Earth, a body at rest in microgravity assumes the posture created by the natural position of the limbs and the joint angles. This is referred to as a neutral body position.

A zero gravity function allows you to sit in a neutral body position, reclining with your legs above heart level, and your weight and pressure distributed along your body. This position helps to alleviate the effects of gravity on your body, initiating the health benefits associated with a neutral body position.

On the chair, you can use your body weight and force to move into a reclined position. This is adjustable, as you can lock the chair into place at any point towards full recline. There is a fingertip locking system on each armrest that allows you to create your optimal seating position.

This provides an excellent amount of adjustability. There is an adjustable neck pillow with a velcro strap. This allows you to move the pillow to your most comfortable position according to your preferences and height. It is also possible to remove the pillow and move it for lumbar support.

Weight capacity

The Caravan Sports Infinity is rated for a maximum body weight of 300 pounds. This is about average for outdoor chairs, but it is worth bearing in mind that there is wiggle room needed for sitting in the chair.

So, while the chair can accommodate heavier users, the fact that the fabric is suspended with a bungee system to the chair frame does suggest a potential weakness. This means that the pressure of heavier users using their body weight to move the chair into a full recline could cause additional stress on the fabric, making it vulnerable to tearing or damage.

Seat size

The seat has a width of 20.5 inches and a full reclined length of 64.5 inches. This does mean that taller users with a height of 5’11 or more may have difficulty getting comfortable in a fully reclined position. Those users will find that their feet are beyond the footrest bar, so they will need to bend their knees or have the bar digging into the back of their ankles.

There is an oversized version of this chair, but it is wider, rather than taller. So, it will not help taller users. Additionally, shorter or lighter users may have difficulty reaching the fingertip locking mechanisms on the arms or using their body weight to tip the chair into a reclined position.

Chair dimensions

The chair has open dimensions of 64.5 inches long and 45 inches wide. However, it does fold into a compact footprint. When folded, the chair is 38.6 inches x 26.4 inches x 6.3 inches. This makes it easy to store the chairs when not in use.


Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair Review (Fall 2022)

While the chair does fold quite thin, it is still quite hefty at 18 pounds and 11 ounces. This means that it is still a little cumbersome to carry around. The other challenge to carrying or moving these chairs is that there is no feature for easy carrying. There is no latch to hold the chair closed, so there is a risk that if you pick it up from the wrong spot, you may find that you end up wrestling the chair as it attempts to open.

The lack of a latch also does create the potential for trapping your fingers as you carry the chair. So, while this chair is compact enough to throw in your car for a day at the beach or move into storage, care does need to be taken to avoid injuries.


While the material is durable and water resistant, the design of the chair does create some potential durability issues. The fabric is attached to the chair using bungees, which means that it is under some tension. Therefore, with repeated use, there is the chance that the fabric may be compromised and suffer damage.

Additionally, the bungees around the edges of the chair could be another potential fail point. If one of the bungees is compromised, the tension on the fabric would be reduced and you would be unable to safely sit in the chair.

The final potential durability issue is the locking mechanisms. These are plastic and are vulnerable to slipping if you jerk or rock the chair sharply. Even if the locks are fully engaged, you may be able to easily change the recline position. Over time, this could cause damage to the locking mechanism and the performance of the chair.


The warranty is an indication of the manufacturer’s confidence in their products. The best outdoor furniture can have a ten-year warranty, but one year is more standard. Unfortunately, the Caravan Sports Infinity is only supplied with a 60-day warranty.

This is likely due to the durability issues, we’ve highlighted above. Since the material is under strain, your body weight and how you move in the chair could reduce the lifespan of the product.

So, while many users may enjoy several summers of use with these chairs, if you do encounter a problem after the initial 60 days, you will be out of luck for manufacturer support.

Price tag

Considering the price on other zero gravity chair models, the Caravan Sports Infinity chair does actually represent decent value for money. The chair has a fairly modest price tag. Despite the potential issues and modest warranty, many users will be quite happy with a summer or two of use for this price point. Additionally, the weak points are typically centered around the fabric and bungee, but it is possible to purchase replacement parts to prolong the lifespan of your chair.

Extra features

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair Review (Fall 2022)

While this chair does have a fairly basic design, there are several extra features that are worthy of note. These include:

Velcro strap pillow: You can adjust the pillow to suit your height and reclining preferences. Additionally, this pillow can be moved all the way down the chair and used for lumbar support. This makes it easier to find your ideal, comfortable position.

Small footprint: While it is a little tricky to move, as it doesn’t have a locking latch, the Caravan Sports Infinity does have a very small footprint when folded. This makes it ideal for those with limited storage space, when you want to fold the chairs away for the winter. The chairs are just 6.3 inches wide when folded, so you can store multiple chairs in a small storage area.

Water resistant fabric: The seat material has water resistant properties and will dry quickly with no intervention. This means that you don’t need to worry about running outdoors and sheltering the chairs if there is a summer shower. The fabric dries fairly quickly, so you can be using your chairs pretty soon after any showers, once the sun comes back out. Just be wary of folding and storing the chairs when damp, as it may encourage mold.

Breathable mesh fabric that is quick to dry with some water resistance.

Allows you to recline fully into a neutral body position

Modest price tag that offers decent value for money.

No carrying strap or latch, which can make it challenging to carry or move.

While it does have a small footprint, the chair is heavier than many other outdoor chairs.

Material prone to damage, since it is kept under tension, there is a risk of ripping.


Hopefully, this Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair review has highlighted that this chair is a decent purchase for the budget conscious. Although there are some potential durability issues, the frame is solid, so it is easy to purchase replacement parts to prolong the lifespan of your chair.

The chair is comfortable and allows you to find the perfect neutral body position for you, regardless of whether you are tall or short, heavy or light. You can use your own body weight to recline and lock the chair into your optimum position, so you can relax and enjoy great comfort.

So, if you’re looking for an outdoor chair and are not prepared to spend a fortune, this chair is worthy of consideration.

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