Sep 27, 2020

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

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A massage chair can be a great way to relieve the aches and pains after a long day. Osaki is a leading brand in the massage chair niche, and the OS-4000 is a well-regarded model in its product line up, making it worthy of a more in-depth look. In our Osaki OS-4000 zero gravity massage chair review, we’ll take a closer look at this impressive model to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Controls Wireless remote
Massage programs 8
Auto-timer Yes
Material Polyurethane
Color Black, brown
Main body dimensions 52 x 31 x 34 in
Vertical side 38 x 25 x 15 in
Weight 213 lbs.
Power consumption 230W
Warranty 3-year standard warranty
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With so many massage chairs on the market, it can be challenging to find the right one for you. Here we’ll take a closer look at features of the Osaki OS-4000 zero gravity massage chair to help you to determine if it is the best choice for your requirements.

Materials used and color options

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair ReviewFor the Osaki OS-4000 zero gravity massage chair the company has chosen industrial grade durable polyurethane. In some chair designs from other companies this choice often leads to a surface that may be durable but it may not be comfortable. But, a cursory glance at online reviews for the Osaki OS-4000 will show that most people love the softness and flexibility of the surface materials. This gravity chair is currently available in a choice of black or brown colors.

Computer body scan system

The Osaki OS-4000 features the latest technology to improve adjustment and promote a comfortable posture. A series of rollers are used to map the curvature of the users back with incredible accuracy. This translates into a better overall massage experience which is designed to hit every key area. This advanced chair will provide an excellent massage experience regardless of the user’s body type. The Osaki OS-4000 will even self-adjust to ensure that each and every massage is a customized experience.

Massage programs

To ensure that each muscle group receives the optimal massage, the aforementioned rollers are used to map the curvature of the back. If you have lower back issues, you will appreciate the heated lower back massage mode. This system uses a pair of heated pads that warm the entire lower back area at each side of the spine. This makes the massage more comfortable because it loosens the muscles in those areas throughout the entire process. But, even the best zero gravity massage chairs are relatively useless unless the body is aligned in a comfortable position. The Osaki OS-4000 helps in this regard because it gently stretches the back and legs to improve and enhance the included massage programs.

Massage speed and intensity
The Osaki OS-4000 zero gravity massage chair has five different massage settings to select. These settings start at a very gentle level and increase in intensity to a very vigorous massage workout. The initial intensity setting is extremely relaxing with a very gentle series of touches across the entire back. The highest intensity massage is extremely firm in comparison and it’s a great option for those with more serious back issues. However, the massage options do not end there because there are five speed levels to choose from. Each different massage program is paired with a speed level that can be adjusted for each and every body part. This is a fantastic way to create a highly individualized massage for an enhanced experience.

Wireless remote

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

This massage chair has an easy to use remote control unit to select the type, intensity and speed of the massage. Users can choose between massage types, including rolling, tapping, kneading, shiatsu and Swedish. This variety is excellent for those that want to vary their massage choices to improve their overall health. Users can also select the massage program time from 5-30 minutes. The massage session timing can be adjusted but only in 5-minute increments which should suffice for most users.

Dual stage zero gravity
NASA were the originators of the zero-gravity positioning used for their astronauts during blast off. When a person is placed in this reclined position the body weight is evenly distributed across the entire body instead of the spine and back muscles. In a zero-gravity position the back muscles can relax completely and this prepares those muscles for an effective massage. But, the OS-4000 implements the zero-gravity position over two separate stages. The two stages differ in the way that the back is reclined and in the second stage the knees are placed in a higher position than the heart. This improves circulation during the massage and it improves the relaxation benefits.

Air massage technology

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair ReviewThe Osaki OS-4000 zero gravity massage chair has a series of airbags designed to cover the entire body. But, Osaki has worked hard to make the coverage efficient, to use less airbags and reduce power consumption. This improves energy efficiency and it reduces the noise levels to a more acceptable level. This massage chair has 38 airbags and they are distributed as follows: 2 shoulder, 3 neck, 6 feet, 8 calves, 3 hip, 2 lower back, 6 side seat, 3 hip and 8 arm/hand airbags.

Auto timer
The auto-timer can be set from 5-30 minutes with changes made in 5-minute increments.

Seat vibration massage

The left side of this massage chair is a control panel mounted on an arm that keeps it tucked out of the way when not in use. This control surface can pivot in a wide variety of directions so you can be comfortable operating it when the chair is in different positions. The control panel features an LCD screen that displays all the information about the current massage program. The lower section of the control panel has quick access controls to make quick adjustments to the posture. This section can be moved down to reveal dedicated buttons that offer complete manual control over every chair function. The left of the panel hosts the preset programs and the six OS-4000 massage modes. On the right of the panel there is a hand wireless remote unit that allows the user to control the chair when fully reclined. So, if you need to make adjustments you don’t need to stretch for the control panel and strain your muscles. Osaki has added a vibration massage feature that uses a high frequency plate under the upper legs. This is a relaxing and soothing experience for tired thigh muscles.

Lower back heat therapy

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair ReviewMany modern massage chairs feature heat therapy options because they improve circulation and promote muscle repair. As we mentioned earlier the OS-4000 has a pair of heating pads located in the lumbar area. This is the most commonly affected area for muscle strain and it makes good sense to locate the heat pads at the lower back. But, it’s important to understand that these heat pads should not be used for more than 30 minutes per day to avoid overheating issues.

Auto leg scan

The Osaki OS-4000 zero gravity massage chair has a foot and calf massaging function. This feature automatically adjusts to the length of the user’s leg for a comfortable massage. The massager extends out to the maximum length and then it retracts until it encounters resistance from the user’s feet. If the massager does stop at the wrong length it can be adjusted manually with the control panel.


The Osaki OS-4000 massage chair is supplied with a 3-year limited warranty. This guarantees that his massage chair will be repaired or replaced if the parts are faulty during the first year. After that time up to the third year of ownership only replacement components are covered under this warranty. This warranty doesn’t include general wear and tear caused by daily use and any faults caused by bad assembly.

  • The control panel has a large and easy to read LCD display
  • The zero gravity feature makes the massage extremely comfortable
  • The heating massage feature is fantastic for those suffering from lower back pain

  • This massage chair can only be used for an hour before it needs a cool down
  • Shorter users may find the back pillow uncomfortable

9.5 Total Score

As you can see from our Osaki OS-4000 zero gravity massage chair review, this model is certainly worthy of serious consideration. From the dual stage zero gravity feature to the unique air massage technology, this model is packed with features to ensure years of happy use.

Extra features
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