What Is a Wall Hugger Recliner?

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Last updatedLast updated: August 28, 2022
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If you don’t know what it feels like to sink into a plush, inviting recliner chair with a bag of chips and a TV remote control in your hands after a long day at work, then you are missing out on life big time. Most recliners occupy a lot of space, but what does that mean for apartments and small-space dwellers? Does it mean they can’t own recliners?

Thanks to advancement in technology, there are more streamlined and incredibly comfortable wall hugger recliners that offer all the insane lounging luxuries like the traditional recliner chairs without all the bulk. But what are wall hugger recliners?

What is a wall hugger recliner?

A wall hugger recliner, also known as a wall-away recliner, is an armchair that reclines forward away from the wall. It sits on a track so that when you sit back, it moves forward. They are great space savers, as you can place them next to the wall.

What Is a Wall Hugger Recliner?

Benefits of wall hugger recliners

Owning a wall hugger recliner comes with a few benefits including:

They save space

Wall-away recliners will give you superior comfort in limited space. They reduce the space a standard 2 or 3-way recliner can occupy by half.

They are stylish

Wall-hugger recliners have a better aesthetic appeal than the bulky traditional recliners. They will sit neatly in your tiny space and easily blend with your other furniture or overall interior décor as long as you choose a suitable fabric and design.

It is easier to get off the seat

People with physical limitations will love how easy it is to get off wall hugger recliners, especially when in the non-reclined position.

They offer premium comfort

These are the only recliners that offer maximum comfort without sacrificing style and space-saving.

Drawbacks of wall hugger recliners

The only downside to owning a wall hugger recliner is that most of them are made with compactness as a priority. Therefore, taller and heavy people find it hard to get what suits their body size perfectly. Most of wall hugger recliners suit petite people best.

What to look for in a wall hugger recliner

Buying a wall hugger recliner is just like buying any other recliner, but there are a few more things you need to consider for you to make the best buy.

What Is a Wall Hugger Recliner?


Before paying for a wall hugger recliner, ensure its dimensions and weight capacity suit you perfectly. Since most of them are designed to be compact, tall, and heavy, people might find it hard to get a chair that fits them well.


Go for a wall hugger recliner that has features that will offer you more than just sitting comfort. Heat, massage, storage, remote control, and USB chargers are some of the useful features you should look out for.

Style and color

After you have considered all the other important aspects, you can go ahead and pick a visually appealing chair to get a good balance of looks and functionality in your living space.

In conclusion

Thanks to technology and advancement in style trends, small space dwellers can enjoy all the luxurious benefits of recliner chairs in their homes. Wall hugger recliners are the best way to make small living spaces highly comfortable, stylish, and functional at the same time.

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