7 Comfy Recliners with Ottoman – A Stylish Choice for Your Room

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There is no better way to relax after work than on a comfy recliner with an ottoman to put your legs up. While a standard recliner has an adjustable design that’s functional, ergonomic and easy to use, the ottoman is a wonderful addition that brings style and décor to your home or office. Moreover, it can work as a coffee table or an extra seat for guests. Then there’s the swivel function that allows you to roam around freely, reaching things you want without getting up from the recliner and then reclining back into a relaxed position.

As always, the problem is choosing the best recliner with ottoman given the plethora of options on the market. But don’t fret. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by researching through 32 recliners with ottoman and narrowed down to seven best models that are worth considering. Our overall best is the Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner and Ottoman. Made from a combination of faux leather and leather, and boasting a smooth mahogany finish, this product is attractive, easy to clean and long-lasting. And that’s just a scratch on the surface as you’ll find an in-depth review of it and six other products just further down.

Obviously, you need to think about whether or not there’s enough space in your apartment for a recliner with ottoman. You also have to pick the right upholstery plus the ottoman itself comes in different designs from square to semicircular forms. In our in-detail reviews of the chairs, we reveal all the pros and cons of each. There’s still a lot in our buying guide as far as selecting a recliner with ottoman is concerned. Having spent 72 hours preparing this post, we believe you’ll find a great product for your needs here. Let’s start with a comparison table.

Top 7 Recliners with Ottoman Review 2019

  • Chair dimensions: 34–44.5 x 33 x 41.2 in
  • Seat dimensions: 21 x 22 in
  • Seat height: 5 in
  • Ottoman size: 17.5 x 18 x 16.25 in
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Upholstery: faux leather
  • Colors: beige, black, brown vintage, palimino

More features: mahogany wood recliner and ottoman bases; swivel recliner base

The Flash Furniture Contemporary Leather Recliner and Ottoman is one product that’s way ahead of the competition in terms of quality and design. This set comprises a recliner plus an ottoman, alongside a LeatherSoft upholstery and mahogany wood base that all satisfy the eye.

It looks the most comfortable chair from first impressions with plush arms, leather-like surface with thick padding, and a comfy headrest. It consists of a seat box made of a back and a front portion which provides a snug experience. The well-designed thick padding and soft upholstery indeed offer an exclusive body rest position.

To recline the chair, you simply need to use a lever which is located under the right arm allowing you to adjust the seat to any angle. The arms bring about a high level of comfort and luxury that anyone requires in a relaxed position. This is further augmented with a matching footrest that itself can be done away with if you want to use the chair in an office setup.

The leather surface is definitely long-lasting and won’t stain easily. The chair also allows for a swivel movement enhanced by the ball like mahogany Ottoman’s wood base. The addition of floor guides to the base help protect your floor from scratches when moving the chair. This elegant recliner with ottoman is also available in a range of colors including Beige, Black, Brown Vintage, and Palimino. All things considered, this Flash Furniture model is an excellent choice under $500 and ticks all the right boxes: looks, functionality, comfort and durability.

Why did it make our list?

  • Wooden base with ball-bearing construction for swivel movement
  • Easy-to-use recline mechanism
  • Elegant design with a stylish ottoman that adds a touch of class to the entire set
  • Offers a great level of comfort thanks to thick padding, well-designed backrest and headrest, plush upholstered arms, and a deep seat
  • Great value for money

What is not ideal about it?

  • Mahogany base is a bit fragile and may not hold much weight
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  • Chair dimensions: 32–41 x 30 x 42 in
  • Seat dimensions: 22 x 21 in
  • Seat height: 18.5 in
  • Ottoman size: 21 x 20 x 17 in
  • Weight capacity: 280 lbs
  • Upholstery: leather/linen
  • Colors: cobblestone, brown, espresso, black

More features: 360-degree swivel seat; knob recline mechanism; adjustable headrest; walnut frame finish

This Oslo Collection Bergen Recliner and Ottoman is the go-to chair if you want to end your long day in style. While it’s very expensive, this beautiful contemporary chair offers a lot of ergonomic support and therapeutic comfort for those with small back pain. The chair features an intuitive reclining mechanism that lets you recline back until you’re nearly lying flat. This makes it ideal for taking a nap, reading a book or watching a movie.

A great feature of this chair is the 360-degree swivel option, which allows you to turn and reach nearby items without having to stand up. This also means you’ll have total freedom of movement which is also important for people with lower back pain. Reliable lumbar support is also important for those experiencing lower back pain, and this chair includes this essential feature to ensure your spine is suitably supported.

There’s no denying the beauty of this recliner with ottoman thanks to the high-quality top grain leather upholstery. It not only fits well but also adds some luxury to any living room. The ottoman itself is angled in a way that offers a comfortable place to rest your legs at a natural height and position.

Overall, this Norwegian-inspired design falls outside many typical price points, but you do get some impressive features at its hefty budget. It still lacks top-of-the-range features to justify its price. For a discerning person that wants a luxury recliner with ottoman that fits into any contemporary living room, this chair is a decent choice.

What are its best features?

  • 360-degree swivel that makes it quite versatile
  • Exceptional finish featuring top grain leather
  • Provides great lumbar support to combat lower-back pain
  • With swivel and recline features
  • Adjustable headrest for enhanced comfort

What could be improved?

  • Extremely expensive without any high-end features
  • Chair dimensions: 27–46 x 29 x 41 in
  • Seat dimensions: 20 x 20 in
  • Seat height: 17 in
  • Ottoman size: 20 x 16 x 16 in
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Upholstery: PU leather
  • Colors: black, brown

More features: remote-controlled massage system with 5 presets, 9 intensity levels, and 2 modes; swivel seat

Technology never ceases to amaze us as innovations run faster than our ages. We are all aware that only human beings can perform a massage however on the contrary, this Electric Massage Recliner with Ottoman from Best Choice Products has come to try replacing masseuse partly. It comes with a remote-controlled massage system with five modes that bring relief to your most sensitive areas including upper and lower back, thighs and feet. You just need to choose the areas to target, the intensity of the massage as well as heat. Moreover, this ergonomic recliner lets you enjoy your massage experience while resting on soft, cushioned seating and thick padded backrest.

Even the accompanying detachable ottoman has the massaging power while it lets you lift up your feet for great comfort. The chair boasts a classic, executive look that’s perfect for any living room and that’s down to its expertly-engineered PU leather upholstery. In addition, it has a sturdy metallic frame that ensures maximum support for almost any adult that sits on it, though the stated maximum weight limit is 250 pounds. The ottoman itself can handle up to 200 pounds.

Note that this chair arrives in a box and you will have to assemble it yourself or call someone to help. It does give an intense smell when new but it goes away after a few days.

Why did it make our list?

  • Integrated massage system, which is quite handy
  • Easy to clean the faux leather surface
  • Wireless controller for hassle-free adjustment
  • Can carry up to 250-pound adult

What is not ideal about it?

  • Durability of upholstery and cushioning questioned
  • Chair dimensions: 35 x 34 x 41 in
  • Seat dimensions: 20 x 22 in
  • Seat height: 21 in
  • Ottoman size: 22 x 19 x 16.7 in
  • Weight capacity: 255 lbs
  • Upholstery: leather
  • Colors: whiskey, black, ivory, Marlene-gray

More features: Mahogany wood base; 360-degree swivel

Another great option is this Barcalounger Jacque II Leather Recliner & Ottoman, which looks impressive in its whiskey color, though you can also get it in black, ivory, and Marlene-gray. The pedestal style leather recliner and ottoman comprise of a hardwood mahogany base and plywood base that both guarantee maximum durability. Also, everywhere you touch is covered with top grain leather which is smooth, easy to clean and durable.

The arms are well-padded for a much comfortable feeling when sitting on the chair. A deeply padded seat combined with a plush head cushion put you in an excellent relaxed position, and you can recline back and forth by adjusting a knob that’s just under the seat. The seat construction even features 30 pocketed coil springs topped with blended down feathers for long-lasting comfort. If that’s not enough, you get 360-degree swivel motion that enables you to reach objects around you without having to stand up. The weight capacity for this chair is 255 pounds, and the matching angled ottoman is quite comfortable.

Rest assured of the quality as the name itself, Barcalounger is a company that has been in the industry since 1940’s making it a more demanded recliner. We want to help you find the best match for your house furniture, hence this can be another choice you can trust. The only downside especially for shorter people is that this chair sits quite high off the floor and is not adjustable.

What are our favorite features?

  • Made of real leather upholstery
  • Deeply padded seat and softly padded arms
  • Comes in three color choices of top grain leather
  • Seat cushion features 30 pocketed springs for long lasting comfort.
  • Frame is made of hardwood frame for durability

What could be better?

  • Seat is quite high for shorter persons
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HOMCOM Swivel Recliner Chair and Ottoman SetBest with On-board Storage

  • Chair dimensions: 32 x 33.5 x 41 in
  • Seat dimensions: 20.75 x 19.75 in
  • Seat height: 19.25 in
  • Ottoman size: 19 x 16.5 x 15.25/13.75 in
  • Weight capacity: 264 lbs
  • Upholstery: PU Leather
  • Colors: dark brown

More features: 135° reclining & 360° swivel, ottoman opens for storage

Very few recliner chairs have both aesthetics and comfort like this HOMCOM swivel chair. HOMCOM is a renowned brand, known for superior quality and premium comfort recliner seats.

The elegant swivel chair comes in a chic design that goes well with any type of interior décor. It will add a luxurious vibe to your space making your leisure time more enjoyable. You can use the set in the bedroom, living room, or office.

Both the recliner and ottoman are made of thick foam padding to offer you premium comfort. Its wood frame is beautifully exposed and its PU leather is of unmatched quality. The leather is soft to the touch, easy to clean, colorfast, waterproof and eco-friendly. A simple wipe with a piece of cloth would do in case of a spill or dust.

The swivel set is more than just a beautiful set. Both the chair and the ottoman have a stable and reliable build. The attractive Bentwood board used to make the set has a coating that provides optimum protection for everyday use.

The chair’s backrest can tilt up to 135 degrees allowing you to settle into comfort. Its ability to rotate at 360 degrees also makes it super-comfortable and convenient. There’s a knob, conveniently positioned under the arm for reclining the chair.

The ottoman features a hidden storage compartment in which you can store books, magazines and remote controllers. This makes it an ideal swivel set for small space dwellers.

What stands out?

  • Perfect for any room
  • Premium comfort and convenience with the 360 degrees swivel and 135 degrees recline capability
  • Ottoman offers storage for small handy items
  • Stable and reliable build
  • Attractive design

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Assembly is required
  • Only 2 color options

HomCom Ergonomic Lounge Armchair Recliner and Ottoman SetBest Office Recliner with Ottoman

  • Chair dimensions: 30.5–42.5 x 27 x 38 in
  • Seat dimensions: 20 x 20 in
  • Seat height: 17 in
  • Ottoman size: 17.5 x 15.5 x 22.5 in
  • Weight capacity: 285 lbs
  • Upholstery: faux leather
  • Colors: black, brown, cream

More features: swivel seat; knob recline mechanism

The HomCom Ergonomic Faux Leather Lounge Armchair Recliner and Ottoman Set is even a more affordable chair than the previous model. Constructed from a metal frame, it comes in three color options; black, brown and cream. The chair boasts a modern design that will fit into a cushy office or a spartan living room, with a college setup also ideal because it’s easy on the pocket.

The faux leather is waterproof and easy to clean as you simply need to wipe down using a damp cloth. It doesn’t stain too. The provided ottoman is stable, relatively flat and has a fixed height so it can double up as an additional seat. Add a tray to the flat surface and you would have a small coffee table.

The chair is designed to swivel to maximum and can recline up to 45 degrees. Once you find a sweet spot, you just need to lock in position using an intuitive knob beneath the seat. This recliner also benefits from 2.5-inch thick padding all around the seat and arms, making it very comfortable for lounging. The armrests take a curved shape to better support your arms It also has plenty of leg room and is suitable for almost all body types. You’ll also enjoy proper back and neck support through its ergonomic design.

All things considered, this recliner is well-built, solid and roomy, large enough to accommodate tall people or anyone weighing up to 285 pounds.

What makes it stand out?

  • Upholstered with PU leather, which is easy to clean, soft to the touch and durable
  • High-density foam on armrests and headrest make it very comfortable
  • Offers multiple reclining positions with a knob to lock in place
  • Allows easy circular movement as well as 360-degree swivel
  • Fits perfect into small spaces

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Durability questioned
  • The cream version isn’t really that color but light yellow
  • Chair dimensions: 31–42 x 28.75 x 39.5 in
  • Seat dimensions: 20.5 x 19 in
  • Seat height: 15 in
  • Ottoman size: 19.5′ x 17 x 16 in
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Upholstery: microfiber
  • Colors: brown

More features: knob recline mechanism with infinite adjustments

We totally understand your frustration when you sit on your couch for long without stretching. In such cases, the Flash Furniture Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner and Ottoman offer reliable remedy. The recliner is comfortably padded with inbuilt pillows for the integrated headrest and armrest. The chair is wholesomely wrapped with micro-fiber, except for the metal frame underneath where the seat connects with the base. A pillow top headrest offers a comfortable surface for your head while the plush armrests are also appreciated.

The recliner boasts an infinite number of adjustments and there’s a knob that lets you lock it position. Thanks to floor protector glides underneath the base, you can move this chair without scratching your floor. This set is not only ideal for use at home but also makes an excellent addition in an office setup so you can lounge during breaks.

The chair’s reclining mechanism is smooth and a doddle to work and the separate ottoman is reasonably flat so someone else can use it as a seat. The microfiber upholstery certainly looks the part, but the problem is that it attracts dust easily and is not waterproof. Kittens also love to scratch such surfaces so it’s likely to suffer blemishes if you have pets around. Apart from that, this chair does what it says and costs a fair amount to purchase. This is another alternative budget model.

What do we love it for?

  • Infinite recline positions
  • Comfortably padded around the headrest, arms and bases
  • Fits well in both home and office setups
  • Comes at a decent price

What were we disappointed with?

  • Microfiber upholstery tends to attract dust

Things to Consider

Now that you want to take comfort to a whole new level, whether at home or office, this buying guide provides all the information you need to choose the best recliner with ottoman. Let’s start with the benefits a recliner with ottoman brings your lifestyle.

Advantages of a recliner with ottoman

First of all, a recliner offers you a super relaxing experience after a stressful work day. The comfort is brought about by thick padding around the headrest, armrests, and cushion seats with high quality upholstery on both the recliner and the ottoman. For sure the comfort can only be experienced than told.

Secondly, the unique designs of these pieces of furniture add a great touch of class to any room. Moreover, most recliners are available in a range of colors so you can easily get one that matches your décor.

Thirdly, they offer a high level of versatility in the sense that you are able to stretch your legs well away from the recliner and achieve the best recline angle.

Fourth, the separate ottoman, particularly one with a flat surface, can often double up as a separate seat or mini table.

Last but not least, it offers some amazing health benefits. Relaxing on the recliner helps relieve stress and anxiety, ease pain on muscles and aching joints, as well as improve blood circulation.

7 Comfy Recliners with Ottoman – A Stylish Choice for Your Room

Features to consider before you buy a recliner

Below are the nitty-gritties that you take into account when choosing a recliner with ottoman.

Chair and seat dimensions

You’ll want to go for a recliner that not only fits the space in your room but also with your body. Look at the seat height and depth, as well as the foot position. Measure the entry of your doorway to that of the seat dimensions because you don’t want to get a chair that won’t go into your room, especially if it comes pre-assembled.


The most common materials for upholstery are faux leather, top grain leather, and microfiber.

Top-grain leather boasts a beautiful appeal, feels soft to the touch, and is highly durable and resistant to stains.

However, this material tends to be expensive and that’s evident from the price of the Oslo Collection Bergen Recliner and Ottoman.

Faux is very popular with recliners. Although it looks almost as top-grain leather, it is not as nearly durable. The good thing with faux leather is that it doesn’t scratch, peel, stain or crack easily. PU faux leather, in particular, offers a great deal of breathability, insulation and a softer feel.

Microfiber is a reliable artificial upholstery that is strong, soft and easy to clean despite having a suede-like surface.

Available colors

Color is a matter of choice and the best part is that most recliners are available in a variety of colors. Keep in mind that darker colors such as black and brown tend to reveal fewer stains than lighter colors like beige, yellow or white.

7 Comfy Recliners with Ottoman – A Stylish Choice for Your Room

Weight limit

Generally, the weight capacity of recliners ranges between 250 to 300 pounds. For instance, the HomCom Ergonomic Lounge Armchair Recliner can handle up to 285 pounds. Weight limit is something you’ll have to check against your own weight so you that you can buy an ideal recliner.

Recline mechanism

It can either be a lever or knob. A lever is convenient in a way that you simply need to push accordingly for the seat to recline. Due to the shape of a lever, loose clothing tends to get caught on it.

The knob, however, requires turning around to start reclining the chair or which you’ll then lock it for the seat to remain in position. The problem with knobs is that they lose their grip over time.


Every recliner has a maximum angle to which it can reach. For instance, the HOMCOM Swivel Recliner Chair and Ottoman reclines up to 42 degrees, while the HomCom Ergonomic Lounge Armchair Recliner goes up to 45 degrees. It’s a slight gap but it makes a major difference to how comfortable the chairs are.


The size of the ottoman is something you need to check. You want to rest your feet on it without them feeling squeezed or falling over due to a slight adjustment. Flat ottomans make for great accessories as they can double up as seats or tables, while slanted ones tend to put your feet in an ideal resting position.

Find out how plush the cushion is as well as the upholstering as these determine how comfy the ottoman will be.


When it comes to recliners with ottoman, there’s truly a huge variation in prices. Some models such as Oslo Collection Bergen Recliner and Ottoman are available in the region of $1,000 while others cost less than $200. However, the best leather recliner with ottoman doesn’t have to be the most expensive. You just need to weight the price against the features and see if a recliner is worth investing. In our opinion, there’s no need to spend a hefty price on a model that doesn’t have high-end features like built-in massager.


Well unless the ottoman is connected to the chair by a certain mechanism, it cannot adjust when you recline on the chair. You will have to get up and place the ottoman in an ideal spot for your relaxation. Most ottomans are also not adjustable in height, so while you can swivel and recline on the main chair, the ottoman remains in place.

Faux leather is incredibly durable and no doubt lasts long. This material withstands scrapes and scratches effectively. It’s also stain-resistant and doesn’t fade easily even if it’s left to UV light.

Before even thinking of ways to clean a microfiber upholstery, consider reading its care instructions tag. Manufacturers indicate codes that can give guidelines on how to clean the fabric. There are those that are water-safe with a “w” coding, “s” meaning that the fabric is a dry-cleaning solvent and “x” guides one to only dry brush the fabric.

However, you can clean using a dry free sponge or white clean cloth and rub the surface thoroughly. Avoiding using more water and use a brush to remove stubborn stains. You can also opt to spray alcohol while rubbing the fabric in getting rid of stains, but allow the alcohol to dry or use a blow dryer for the same.

Our Verdict

All said and done, let’s give our top recommendations.

The Flash Furniture Recliner Chair with Ottoman is the winner of our best pick. Available in four color variations, the chair with ottoman features an elegant wood base that gives them effortless swivel motion. You get a great level of comfort thanks to plush upholstered arms and a thick-padded backrest, all without digging deep into your pocket.

Coming in second is the Oslo Collection Bergen Recliner and Ottoman. It has 360-degree swivel, an adjustable headrest and offers exceptional lumbar support to fight lower-back pain. Its top-grain leather upholstery means you have splash money to get one of these chairs.

But there’s a way cheaper option in the form of HomCom Ergonomic Lounge Armchair Recliner and Ottoman Set. An ergonomic modern recliner with amazing plush padding, durable PU leather upholstery, adjustable reclining and 360-degree swivel capability. It just costs under $150.

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