9 Best Sectional Sofas – You’ll Never Want to Leave Them!

This detailed article will help you choose the most comfortable and cozy sectional sofa to suit all of your lounging needs.
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The sofa set is the fulcrum of the living area because it is usually where you spend most of your time and is the perfect place to receive guests. Therefore, the sofas must not only be comfortable and functional but also give a sense of warmth to the whole house.

Furnishing the living area by choosing sectional sofas is a great effect solution that will allow you to give a whimsical and elegant touch to the home.  Before choosing the perfect sofa, however, it is necessary to evaluate a series of elements. These include the style you want to give to your home, the colors to choose, and the right upholstery and covering according to your needs.

Top 9 Sectional Sofas Review 2022

  • Size: 128.5 x 37.5 x 28 inches
  • Frame: not specified
  • Upholstery material: fabric, foam cushion, down feather topper
  • Color: Moss Green
  • Weight: 230 lbs.

More features: mid-century style, minimalistic look, low profile seat, durable

Our overall best sectional sofa set is this expansive Bobby Berk 3-seater from A.R.T. Furniture. It’s obtainable in different upholsteries. You can choose to have fabric, down feathers, or foam cushion as the upholstery. The product comes in just one color, which is moss green. The style is minimalistic and mid-century, while it has a low but durable profile.

This sofa set can be used in the middle of a large living room area. Available in three seats, you can use it in a small living room. Inside, you’ll get plush, foam-filled cushions designed to be durable while providing an ergonomic encounter. Measuring 128.5 x 37.5 x 28 inches, this sectional takes up a small space despite having enough space to comfortably accommodate many people.

Why is it special?

  • The furniture has sturdy construction with good aesthetics and comfort. It requires very minimal maintenance and can be used in the living room.

What are the flaws?

  • We think the A.R.T. Furniture could make this available in more than one color, so you can adapt it to whatever style your living room is in.
  • Size: 126 x 40 x 36.75 inches
  • Frame: birch
  • Upholstery material: not specified
  • Color: Platinum Finish
  • Weight:32 lbs.

More features: two-piece tight back, loose bench seat cushion, contemporary fluted leg, spring down cushion, feather down pillows

Made by Caracole and equipped with a proprietary Caracole upholstery, this is a 220 lbs weighing straight sectional sofa. It measures a width of 126 inches, a depth of 40 inches, and a height of 36.75 inches.

This two-piece sectional sofa set can be used in a luxurious living room. Highly decorative, the sectional has a tight back with two pieces of the seat, each measuring a width of around 60 inches. It has a loose bench cushion and a contemporarily fluted leg set. It has six pillows that are filled with feather down.

What are its best features?

  • The sectional sofa has a beautiful platinum finish which will give your living room that modern and luxurious look. They are some of the best modern sectional sofas around.

What could be improved?

  • Considering it's just a two-piece sofa set, we think the furniture's price could be lower. Considering it's finished in platinum, the price may be a bit justified, but it's still a bit highly-priced.
  • Size: 63 x 34.5 x 32.5 inches
  • Frame: not specified
  • Upholstery material: frosted linen
  • Color: Pearl
  • Weight: 219 lbs.

More features: designed with a curved shape, seven accent pillows, can be arranged into a 2 or 3 piece

The Amini + Jane Seymour is a sectional sofa set finished in frosted linen upholstery. This product comes only in pearl color and weighs 219 lbs. It’s designed to be curvy in shape. The product comes with seven accent pillows.

The Malibu Crest is a three-piece sectional sofa that is even more modular and stylish than the previous two models. It measures 63 inches in width, has a depth of 34.5 inches, and has a height of 32.5 inches.

What are our favorite features?

  • The great thing we liked most with this furniture set is that you can choose to arrange it into a two-piece loveseat or the original three-piece setup. It's, therefore, one of the best sectional sofa sets for small spaces. We also liked that it comes with seven pillows.

What could be better?

  • Again, the price is on the high side, and not everyone can afford this. However, it has a great value for money.

Caracole Modern Fusion 3 Piece SofaBest Modern Sofa

  • Size: 114.25 x 39 x 25.25 inches
  • Frame: not specified
  • Upholstery material: tweed
  • Color: Simply Black
  • Weight: 314 lbs.

More features: feather down pillows, not sagging, cut-out boxing design

Casual and elegant in design, the Modern Fusion is the epitome of the modern lifestyle. Versatile and comfortable, you will be able to turn it into a loveseat by removing the center modular sofa.

The Modern Fusion is styled for the younger-minded person. It feels organic and natural. The casual design has a rich finish and strong shapes. What separates Caracole Fusion from the rest of the portfolio is all the materials used in it. It has ashen oak frames and marble custom-designed hardware.

Why did it make our list?

  • We think it's very inviting when you look at it. There's great attention to detail, from the tweed upholstery to the fabrics and hardware. The pieces are perfectly styled and sizes. It comes in five pillows filled with down feathers.

What is not ideal about it?

  • The furniture is a bit heavier than the others we saw. It weighs 314 lbs, but it has a higher weight capacity.

Manual Reclining Sectional Sofa by HomedecoraBest Reclining Sectional Sofa

  • Size: 94.5 x 94.5 x 38.2 inches
  • Frame: hardwood
  • Upholstery material: elastic sponges, fabric
  • Color: Fabric Grey, PU Black, PU Grey
  • Weight: 321.9 lbs.

More features: modern style, 300 lbs. of weight capacity, one year warranty, easy to assemble

Each seat of the Homedecora has a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs, although all the furniture weighs 322 lbs. The high weight capacity is thanks to its high-quality hardwood frame structure. The product is upholstered in fabric and elastic sponge. This has two recliner sofas located at each end of the set. This only needs a one-button operation. You only need to lightly pull the saith to operate it.

Available in two cover materials – fabric and leather, the sectional sofa set from Homedecora is obtainable in different options. The fabric option is in grey, while the leather option is black and grey polyurethane leather. Meanwhile, the PU black option is the least expensive model. The PU leather is, however, more breathable than unique leather.

What makes it stand out?

  • We liked that this set has a place for holding your cups, and there is a storage unit in the seats. Easy to assemble, the product has a modern style and comes with full-year warranty coverage. The recliner option allows stretching your legs, hence, ensuring optimal blood flow.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • There's nothing to complain about here, although some buyers report that the recliners are not durable enough and could be more adjustable.

HONBAY Modular Sectional SofaBest U-Shaped Sofa

  • Size: 112.21 x 81.5 x 33.86 inches
  • Frame: wood
  • Upholstery material: 100% polyester fabric
  • Color: Blue, Bluish Grey, Grey
  • Weight: 271.08 lbs.

More features: modern style, sturdy, U-shaped design, has a storage seat

The Honbay Modular Sectional Sofa is a convertible set. This is a U-shaped modern sofa set with a storage seat and 100 percent polyester fabric. The frame is made of wood, and you have an overall weight of 271 lbs.

Although the Honbay sectional sofa is convertible and modular, it doesn’t come with an ottoman like the other Honbay modular sofas. However, it is made of a more comfortable and designer fabric cover. The Honbay modular sofa is more ideal for small apartments in the upstairs attic and is a space saver.

Why is it special?

  • We liked that the Honbay sectional sofa is a firm, convertible, and comfortable model. It is compact and has a firm fabric, so you wouldn't have to sink inside. There are no tools needed for the assembly, and assembly instructions are provided. The pillow looks great and is also comfortable. It's a simple but attractive design. The furniture is easy to move and place together because it is light, weighing just 271 lbs.

What are the flaws?

  • Its foot elevation may be a little higher. We also think there could be more pillows than the three produced.
  • Size: 31 x 101 x 51 inches
  • Frame: wood and metal
  • Upholstery material: velvet fabric
  • Color: Jet Black, Grey, Navy, Orange, Purple
  • Weight: 70 lbs.

More features: L-shaped, tight back, ultra-soft, 6-inch arm height

Made of velvety upholstery, this large L-shape sectional sofa will allow you to change your style as you see fit at a very competitive price. The sofa is made from reliable components like solid wood frames and metal. The frame is in wood, while the legs are in metal. The velvet fabric cover is quite sturdy and easy to maintain.

Putting it together is not a tedious task as it is very light. The product only weighs 70 lbs. Therefore, you just need to move the modules. The sofa is ideal for the family room or living room which needs a sectional sofa with a very wide chaise lounge. It can accommodate up to 5 persons at the same time.

What stands out?

  • This sectional fabric sofa is made with high-quality components and yet is offered at a very attractive price. This sofa is ultra-modular, and you can adapt it as you see fit. It composes of a strong and durable frame structure while remaining as light as possible. What we also like about this sofa is the fact that it is available in several colors. It is offered in a wide range of colors which include orange, purple, navy, grey, and jet black.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Despite being advertised as a large sectional sofa, it's smaller than expected for some users, and others think it's cheaply made. However, for the price, we think it's a good value.


DHP Emily Sectional Futon SofaBest Futon Sofa

  • Size: 71 x 34 x 32 inches
  • Frame: metal
  • Upholstery material: linen, faux leather, or velvet
  • Color: Navy Linen, Black Faux Leather, Green Velvet, Grey Linen, Grey Velvet, Navy Linen, Pink Velvet, Vanilla Faux Leather
  • Weight: 144 lbs.

More features: convertible chaise lounger, multi-functional, low profile design, easy to assemble, 350 lbs. of weight limit

This is a low-profile sofa with a lot of room underneath. It has a contemporary leg structure. It features a chaise lounge that can be converted. Although it’s a light structured sectional sofa, it has a high weight limit. It can accommodate a weight of up to 350 lbs.

DHP Emily can be obtained in linen, velvet, and imitation leather. It has a padded back and seat with strong metal legs. It is made to be used as a futon and as a sofa. It is indeed fashionable and decorative. Sitting, lounging, and sleeping on the DHP Emily is bliss. The soft and durable faux leather that it is made of makes it both useful and attractive to last for a long time.

What makes it stand out?

  • We liked that this is ideal as a sofa and a mattress. The elements of DHP Emily transform quickly and easily into a sleeping and relaxing position. Its layout, on the other hand, makes it quite flexible as it can be folded down to a preferred tilt level. This feature allows for easy placement, folding, and a relaxed posture for people to sleep. It is also easy to clean whether in the velvety, linen, or faux leather covering, providing an exterior that is not sensitive to moisture, stains, or odors.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • It has no armrests or cup holders. Also, the legs are made of thin metal, which makes them more likely to bend.


Walsunny Convertible Sectional SofaBest Sofa with Ottoman

  • Size: 77.55 x 27.56 x 35.43 inches
  • Frame: wood
  • Upholstery material: linen
  • Color: Dark Grey, Brown, Dark Beige, Light Grey
  • Weight: 37 lbs.

More features: L-shaped, firm, space-saving, convertible design, 660 lbs. of weight capacity, easy assembly

The Walsunny Sectional Sofa is a convertible and modular fabric sofa. The sofa set includes an ottoman. The arrangement is done in just a few simple steps and does not require too complex operations. It is notably composed of linen upholstery which is both soft, flaxy, and robust. In addition, it is easy to maintain, as it can be cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth.

It can be an interesting solution to bring comfort to your living room. It can quickly turn into a bed to use every day or an extra bed for your guests. It is therefore ideal if you live in a small apartment and want to save space. The sofa can accommodate up to 3 to 4 people. It’s for you if you have small children or pets. While being practical, this piece of furniture is also made of reliable materials to be resistant to all kinds of external aggressions.

What do we love it for?

  • The main advantage of the modular sofa is that it is both a sofa and a bed. Indeed, it is a model convertible into a sleeping bed, which is ideal for use in small rooms. The sofa is very comfortable, and the seating position is higher enough for certain sizes of people. It has a high weight capacity of up to 660 lbs.

What were we disappointed with?

  • Asides from that, it lacks storage space; there's nothing to complain about here. It is perhaps the cheapest in price in the review.

Things to Consider

Sectional sofas are now more and more popular over the past two decades, and it’s easy to see why. Sectionals give you plenty of alternatives for your living area and reception rooms. They’re usually large enough to fit the whole family. Many have great built-in features, and they’re incredibly functional furniture.
Still, it can sometimes seem overwhelming once you’ve decided on getting the perfect sectional sofa for your living room. There are so many to choose from, and it’s hard to figure out the needed details. We know it, and, as always, we’re here to help. Here are some simple tips for getting the best sectional sofa the easy way.

Advantages of Sectional Sofas

9 Best Sectional Sofas - You'll Never Want to Leave Them!

Choosing a modular sofa has significant advantages. First is the degree of personalization. The sectional sofas are made up of a series of modules that can be assembled, joined, or divided according to needs.

  • It can be set according to your preference

In the market, there are individual elements characterized by: seats without armrests, seats with only the right or left armrest, poufs, chaise lounges, and corner elements. All this allows the user to create and shape the sofa according to his or her taste and the size of the room. Even the upholstery, as seen before, can be chosen from different types.

  • Placement

Another advantage of choosing a sectional sofa is linked to the possibility of defining the environment. Without using walls, you can create different spaces using the sofa in a simple way. Placing it in the center of a room allows you to divide two areas in a unique and inimitable way.

  • Adaptability

Yet another advantage is linked to the possibility of adapting the sofa according to the size of the room. By purchasing a few modules, it will be possible to arrange the seat in a modest area, but if you have a large room, you can add further elements in the future.

  • Versatility

Versatility is another advantage Trusted Source Designers Debate Sofas vs. Sectionals | Architectural Digest The living room is arguably one of the most important spaces in a home, the place you turn to whether you’re gathering for after-dinner cocktails or putting your feet up on a lazy Sunday morning. So it’s important to have seating that does it all: effortlessly punctuates the center of the room, allows for extra guests, and offers supreme comfort. www.architecturaldigest.com of sectional sofas. These, not having a fixed and binding structure, can be moved from one room to another without problems. Versatility is also given by the shapes of the various modules of the sectional sofas on the market. The high backrests are the right solution when you need a seat that gives comfort and relaxation. Generally, this solution is preferred by those who spend a lot of time in the living area.

Important Features

Allowing to gain space or to change decoration regularly, a modular sofa has several advantages to offer to its user. On condition, however, that you are chosen properly. To help you determine which modular sofa to choose for your living room, here are some golden rules!


This criterion is essential because you may be taken aback by the size of the sofa, having been seduced at first by its beauty or its lower price. So, to avoid this scenario, be sure to always take the right measurements for your sofa. In terms of dimensions, the sofa should first be able to easily enter the door of your house. So, measure the widths of the doors leading to your future living room and keep these yardages with you when purchasing. Then think about the size of your living room space. Think about the number of people who will need to sit on the sofa. If you have a more compact area, there are a lot of smaller sections like the Caracole Ooh-La-La. If you have a huge living space, you will be spoiled for choice. The Casa Andrea Milano Sectional Sofa can be placed in a large living room.

Regardless, always ensure you measure where you want the sofa to go in your room. You don’t need to have it delivered just to learn that it’s too big and you tripped over it.


When looking for a quality sectional sofa, make sure it has a hardwood frame. Wood or strong metal is also required for the legs. Make sure there are strong corner brackets. Sectional sofas for quite a few people must be sturdy to support the weight.

The foundation of the sofa should be uniform in height, with each section abutting the next.
Quality sectional sofa support systems are made of tempered steel and hand-tied springs or coils. Overall resilience is important to maintain durability. You should not be able to feel the sofa spring under the lining material of a quality sectional sofa.

Upholstery material

The upholstery that is generally easily found on the market is leather, eco-leather, fabric, or silky fabric. But how do they compare?

  • Leather upholstery

Leather, as you can find in the DHP Emily Sofa and Homedecora Reclining Sectional Sofa ranges, is considered the best option for sectionals.

Genuine leather is an ever-popular choice for sofa upholstery. The leather is soft and supple, comfortable to sit on for a long time, and only becomes more beautiful with time. Unfortunately, leather sofas require extra care, and it’s quite expensive.

If you like the look of leather without the drawbacks, there are a lot of options available. Bonded leather includes genuine leather mixed with faux leather. Leatherette is made from poly materials and does not require a lot of maintenance.

A quality genuine leather sectional sofa can last a lifetime, or at least for 10 to 10 years. However, faux leather Trusted Source Artificial leather - Wikipedia Artificial leather, also called synthetic leather, is a material intended to substitute for leather in upholstery, clothing, footwear, and other uses where a leather-like finish is desired but the actual material is cost-prohibitive or unsuitable. Artificial leather is known under many names, including “leatherette”, “imitation leather”, “faux leather”, “vegan leather”, “PU leather” and “pleather”. en.wikipedia.org can only last for 5 to 10 years, under air-conditioned condition.

Leather, being a natural and ecological material, represents a perfect solution for any type of environment. Eco-leather, in addition to being ecological and respectful of the environment, has the advantage of being also economical.
  • Fabric upholstery

Microfiber is one of the most popular fabric options. It’s soft, comfortable, and relatively easy to wash. Linen is an attractive fabric that gives a feeling of sophistication. It is an inexpensive selection but also known to be easy to spot. Polyester is extremely inexpensive and comes in an assortment of colors. It’s pretty easy to clean, too. The fabric cover depends a lot on your taste, decoration, and use. Quality fabrics have a tight, dense weave. Patterned fabrics should be set evenly and match from piece to piece.

The point is, if you choose fabric upholstery, make sure they are washable and removable. This caveat is especially true when you have children or pets in the house. You always want the ability to wash away all the messes when they happen, and that’s not a chance with some fabrics.

Finally, the silky fabric or fabric covers are very versatile and, if you choose the removable ones, they also allow unique practicality in washing and maintenance.


9 Best Sectional Sofas - You'll Never Want to Leave Them!

The sectional sofas can be chosen in different shades of color. To give the house a classic and traditional look that encompasses elegance and refinement, for example, neutral tones can be used, such as white, beige, cream, or gray. This will make the whole sophisticated and classy.

Those who love neutral colors but would like to make the living area modern and contemporary, instead, could choose to combine modules with classic colors with modules with bright and glamorous shades.

The versatility of the modular sofas allows you to combine the different modules made not only with different seats but also with different colors. Combining a neutral color with patterned coverings, for example, will give movement to the room, making it whimsical and innovative.

If you want to highlight just a few elements, the great idea is to choose a strong and bright color for them. The other modules, on the other hand, should be plain colored. This will give the area a particular and gritty look.

The color shades of this material are so varied that it is possible to give your own personal touch to the living area. A white or beige upholstery should be preferred in rooms with modest dimensions because light colors tend to give the impression of having more space available. Furthermore, these colors are perfect for making the area elegant and refined.

Those who love modern and contemporary furnishings, on the other hand, could choose black or gray leather upholstery, while those who are fascinated by the beauty of classic and tradition should opt for a piece of fabric in warm and enveloping brown.

Weight and weight capacity

As most sectional sofas are modular, this means they need to be moved when arranging and rearranging. Therefore, weight is an important consideration. A model such as the Casa Andrea Milano Sectional Sofa is very light in weight. However, lightweight models tend to be less sturdy. So, always consider the seater’s weight as lighter sofas tend to have a lower weight capacity.  The average weight of a sectional sofa set is usually between 210 to 260 pounds.


Sofas are an essential part of the furniture. This is where the whole family comes together to relax on a daily basis and spend time together. Manufacturing organizations are aware of this and have started to incorporate many additional accessories into their sectional sofas. Be on the lookout for extra features or accessories such as USB charging interfaces, storage pockets, lights, cup holders, headrests, removable sofa covers, and more.


Most sectional sofas come pre-assembled; that is, you only have to fix the legs. First, bring the legs out of the box. Install the sofa legs to connect to the two parts of each section of the sofa. Put the legs in position and tighten them.

Sectional sofas can be cleaned with a steam vacuum. You can also spot clean with soft fabric and a cleaning agent as instructed. However, do not scrub. Also, do not leave the sofa saturated with water while cleaning. You don’t have to remove anything from the sofa before cleaning, except it has a removable protective cover. If possible, choose a sofa model with removable covers, which, in addition to being easier to maintain and wash, offers you the possibility of changing worn covers or adjusting their design to your new one.

Our Verdict

With a rating of 9.9, the A.R.T. Bobby Berk Modular Sofa is our Editor’s Choice. This is obtainable in different upholsteries. You can choose to have fabric, down feathers, or foam cushion as the upholstery, and it is designed in three pieces. It has a modern design and is one of the best sectional sofas on the market.

The Ooh-La-La Sectional Sofa from Caracole Upholstery is rated 9.8 out of 10 and is our Premium Pick. This two-piece sectional sofa set can be used in a luxurious living room. Highly decorative, the sectional has a tight back with two pieces of the seat, each measuring a width of around 60 inches.

Finally, our Best Value pick is the Amini + Jane Malibu Crest. Rated 9.5, it is a three-piece sectional sofa that is even more modular and stylish than the previous two models.


Designers Debate Sofas vs. Sectionals | Architectural Digest
The living room is arguably one of the most important spaces in a home, the place you turn to whether you’re gathering for after-dinner cocktails or putting your feet up on a lazy Sunday morning. So it’s important to have seating that does it all: effortlessly punctuates the center of the room, allows for extra guests, and offers supreme comfort.
Artificial leather - Wikipedia
Artificial leather, also called synthetic leather, is a material intended to substitute for leather in upholstery, clothing, footwear, and other uses where a leather-like finish is desired but the actual material is cost-prohibitive or unsuitable. Artificial leather is known under many names, including “leatherette”, “imitation leather”, “faux leather”, “vegan leather”, “PU leather” and “pleather”.
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