5 Best Gaming Couches – Enjoy the Game All Day Long!

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Not all gaming couches will make hosting your friends for a gaming tournament a joy. Others will end up making everybody uncomfortable and ruin the experience. You don’t want these friends to have an excuse when you beat them in FIFA or NBA 2K21. Consequently, ensuring the best gaming couches are delivered to your home should be a priority.

You can review the couches one by one to make sure you spend your money on the right option. Check couch dimensions to ensure it fits your gaming den. The couch should also be like other high-quality furniture in your home and be comfortable to sit on. Materials inside the sofa and the upholstery will tell you just how likely it is for the couch to be comfortable. Additionally, confirm that the purchase won’t be out of place in your living room by checking available colors. Some extra features can as well give both you and your guests a more enjoyable experience. They include adjustable backrests, USB ports, and cup holders. The best gaming couches will have the right configuration of the features mentioned above, and all you need to do is find them from our list of top picks below.

Top 5 Gaming Couches Review 2022

  • Dimensions: 39.5 x 84.5 x 45 inches
  • Material: polyester, polyurethane
  • Weight: 279 lbs.
  • Available colors: chocolate, black, gray

Extra features: 20” seat height, a USB charging port, adjustable headrest, flip-up padded armrests, cup holders, LED lighting

The Signature Design by Ashley Game Zone Power Reclining Sofa is more than just a gaming couch. You can use it in your living room as your main couch, and no one would have any qualms about it.

As shown in the image, it only provides sitting space for three. However, if you want to buy two or three of these units to fit your space, you can go right ahead. The quality of the seat is worth writing home about. This includes even the most minute of details.

First, there is the combination of polyester and polyurethane materials used to make the couch. As such, the couch is quite comfortable, and you even get the look of leather to make it more luxurious.

The comfort features don’t stop there. You have the recliner seats. To add to that, adjustable power headrests are part of the package. Finally, there are flip-up padded armrests.

The convenience of this gaming couch is also unmatched. Gamers can spend hours on end in that one spot without wanting to move. It thus helps that there is storage space under the armrests to keep snacks. You also won’t need to move to charge your phones due to the inbuilt USB ports on the couch and the docking station.

If there are only two gamers, the cup holders in the middle seat can also turn out to be useful. When you turn the middle seat into a table, you can turn on the flip-up light behind the headrest to illuminate the room.

Why is it special? We liked that couch users won’t need to get off it for anything other than bathroom breaks. It is comfortable, and you can recline it to enhance that. The power headrest can be adjusted to cater to how you are feeling. What’s more, you have USB ports, cup holders, a light, and storage space to make the couch more convenient. Additionally, it has been mentioned that only minor assembly is needed. We also liked the rustic leather feel of the couch.
What could be better:
For some taller individuals, reclining the sofa will take away some comfort.

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Seatcraft Anthem Multimedia Power Recline Sofa Best Luxury Gaming Couch

  • Dimensions: 86 x 43 x 42 inches
  • Material: top grain leather
  • Weight: 423 lbs.
  • Available colors: black

Extra features: 26.5” seat height, adjustable powered headrests, fold-down table, wireless charging, in-arm storage, cupholders, base lighting

As for the Seatcraft Anthem Multimedia Power Recline Sofa, it shows a lot of parallels to the editor’s choice. These similarities include having a fold-down table as part of the middle seat. You also get adjustable powered headrests.

Once you fold-down the middle seat, you activate more features. One of them is the overhead lighting. Notably, the lights can face forward or be angled towards each of the remaining two seats.

Another parallel is in the presence of cup holders and charging ports. The wireless charging dock is unique. Additionally, the cup holders are not limited to the fold-down table but are instead available in all armrests. What’s more, these cup holders illuminate your drink so you can see it more easily. Also, the charging ports are included in the armrests as well.

Furthermore, a 110V outlet is provided above the fold-down table. This will be convenient when using your laptop on this gaming seat. Like the editor’s choice, this couch also has storage compartments in the armrests. In these compartments, you can keep the 360° swivel tray that attaches to the end of the armrest. For PC gaming, this might help.

Finally, top-grain leather has been used as the cover material for the couch, giving it a luxurious feel. All these features make the couch convenient for doing much more than gaming. It could even be your go-to option for a comfortable movie watching experience or working on your laptop at home.

What makes it special? Almost everything about this gaming couch is likable. The charging ports, 110v outlet, wireless charging dock, fold-down table are a few examples. You also have illuminated cup holders, a 360° swivel tray, and storage space for your gaming pads. Additionally, the leather exterior deserves praise. You cannot forget that this couch reclines and that a powered headrest is included.
What could be better:
Some people may not want a black gaming couch, which is the only color available for this purchase.


Giantex Video Gaming Sofa Leisure BedBest Compact Gaming Couch

  • Dimensions: 89.37 x 43 x 4.72 inches (lay down), 26.77 x 43 x 20.86 (stand up)
  • Material: PU leather, high-density foam padding, steel frame
  • Weight: n/a
  • Available colors: black

Extra features: adjustable backrest with 5 sitting positions, high resilient sponge

If you have limited space in your gaming den, there is no need to worry. You have the Giantex Video Gaming Sofa Leisure Bed as one purchase option. It features a steel frame but is made mostly of high-density foam. Covering this foam is a layer of artificial leather that has a hand in making this gaming couch as pleasant looking as it is.

Additionally, there are five seating positions provided. The angles for these positions range from 90°-180°. Consequently, this might be a little similar to the reclining features offered by other couches.

The artificial PU leather is easy to clean, which some gamers might appreciate. It is also waterproof, and spilling some juice on it isn’t likely to cause permanent damage.

What do we love it for? The foldable couch offers five different positions. It is also compact and will fit a small gaming room nicely. Additionally, the PU leather covering is impervious to moisture and cleans relatively easily. Finally, the sponge is resilient enough to last you a significant amount of time.
What could be better:
Some users disliked the feel of the PU leather.


JUMMICO Faux Leather CouchBest Multipurpose Gaming Couch

  • Dimensions: 28”H x 65”L
  • Material: faux leather
  • Weight: not specified
  • Available colors: black

Other features: three reclining modes, 2 movable armrest cushions, strong frame, chrome-plated metal legs

We all know how tense a gaming night or session can be, thus the need for superior comfort and convenience. This chair has a set of features that make it the ultimate piece to add to your man cave or leisure room.

First off, the chair has a luxurious modern style that will easily enhance your space’s atmosphere. Its delicate leather and chrome-plated legs will make your house look classy and elegant.

The leather is not only good-looking but also skin-friendly and durable. It is stuffed with a thick elastic sponge pad that is highly breathable and offers your body optimum support and comfort.

The chrome-plated legs are also pretty sturdy. Together with the chair’s robust frame, they work to offer full and firm support to the chair so it can hold 2 or 3 people comfortably.

Essentially, this chair is multi-functional. It can recline into a bed or any desired position, thanks to its 3 reclining modes. Its armrests are also movable, and you can use them as pillows in the full-recline position. On top of all that, the chair features 2 hidden cup holders that you can use to hold your favorite beer or coffee for an occasional sip when the game gets steamy.

Installation and maintenance are easy breezy. You can read the instructions on the manufacturer’s manual included if you are unfamiliar with the setup. In case of any accidental spills, you can easily wipe the chair clean, and that’s pretty much the beauty of leather.

What are our favorite features?

  • Multi-functional- can recline into a bed
  • Luxurious modern style
  • Durable
  • 2 hidden cup holders
  • Easy to set up and maintain

What could be better?

  • Not found
  • Dimensions: 90 x 45 x 6 inches (lay down), 46 x 45 x 24 inches
  • Material: corduroy fabric + sponge
  • Weight: 28 lbs.
  • Available colors: beige

Extra features: 220 lbs. weight capacity, 5-adjustable-position backrest, folding footrest

The JAXSUNNY Adjustable Video Gaming Sofa and the Giantex Video Gaming Sofa Leisure Bed are two peas in a pod. They are both relatively small and will fit into spaces where not much room is left.

Another similarity is in the five positions for the backrest. Some of these will make gaming more comfortable. Others will be ideal for taking a nap. Finally, skin-friendly corduroy material is used to cover the couch.

What are its best features? Features a skin-friendly corduroy cover. We liked that the couch can fit in small spaces and is a breeze to transport. Also, the five-backrest positions are there for versatile use of the sofa.
What could be better:
The foam used to make this seat is not all that comfortable.

Things to Consider

Despite having a shortlist of gaming couches that may be excellent purchases, you are still not done with the purchase process. You still need to whittle down the shortlist to a single option that you will pay for and have delivered. How you do that is summarized below.

Benefits of gaming couches

Gaming couches will allow you to sit more comfortably for more extended periods, and as such, you can spend even whole days playing your favorite game. Also, couches, in general, tend to support more than one person meaning you can share the seat with other people. When playing multiplayer games, this may be ideal. Optional benefits include having storage space for your gaming gear, cup holders, and even charging sockets for your other devices.

How to choose the best gaming couch?

With your mind set on a gaming couch as your next possible purchase, you need to know the tips and tricks of navigating the market. Failure to prepare adequately will result in unwanted consequences such as a gaming couch you can’t wait to get rid of. Our advice is that you draw up a table featuring each of the sections below and your gaming couch options. You can pick the options from the list above.

For each section that you find satisfactory in a prospective gaming couch, you can add a tick mark on the table. Ideally, you can get a gaming couch will all sections marked as satisfactory.

5 Best Gaming Couches - Enjoy the Game All Day Long!


Start checking with the size. Some of you have dedicated gaming dens while others set up their consoles in their living rooms. Whichever category you feel you fall under, you need to plan for the couch. Small spaces can’t fit large gaming couches, which is why options like the JAXSUNNY Adjustable Video Gaming Sofa exist. However, if you have space to spare, picking out a larger gaming couch like the Seatcraft Anthem Multimedia Power Recline Sofa shouldn’t be problematic.

Material and style

With materials, you have to check a few attributes. First, how comfortable is the material? Remember that there are different materials on the interior and the exterior of the couch, and these will affect your comfort levels. The type of foam used and its density will determine whether it feels soft or hard to sit on.

The exterior material options have varying attributes, as well. Corduroy fabric on the JAXSUNNY Adjustable Video Gaming Sofa is skin-friendly. On the other hand, PU leather on the Giantex Video Gaming Sofa Leisure Bed is waterproof and scratch-resistant. With these two attributes competing for your attention, only you can decide which one is a better buy.

The style of the seat is also different. Some can even be multifunctional such as the JUMMICO Faux Leather Couch that turns into a bed. Others look like regular couches with the example of the Signature Design by Ashley Game Zone Power Reclining Sofa. Ensure your preferred couch features a style you are comfortable with.


The weight will only matter if you plan on moving the couch from time to time. Light gaming couch examples are the Giantex Video Gaming Sofa Leisure Bed and the JAXSUNNY Adjustable Video Gaming Sofa. However, if it is a couch that will not be moved after installation, you can forego weight as a consideration. Nevertheless, remember that initial installation will be more difficult for a heavier couch than for a lighter one.

Extra features

Gaming couch extra features are also numerous. Some examples include adjustable backrests, adjustable headrests, and leg rests. For more comfortable sitting, these three have been known to work wonders. Comfortable people can play for longer without needing to pause the game to stretch or take a walk.

Also, other extra features eliminate the need to get up from the couch. Cup holders, so you can have a drink readily available when you get thirsty, is one example. You even have USB ports, charging docks, and outlets so that your other devices can be close to you. Also, buying gaming couches with these extra features comes at an additional cost.


Finally, the price will tell you whether you can afford the gaming couch you want. Some couch options above cost as much as $1000, while others are priced at $200 and below. Notably, highly-priced gaming couches come with lots of extra features and functionality.


A gaming couch is just like other couches but with features that would make gaming on one for hours easier. Almost all of them have adjustable backrests so users can change positions whenever they start to get uncomfortable. Also, gaming couches should allow the user to sit in the most comfortable position while still allowing them easy access to gaming controls.

If you’re aiming for more comfortable gaming experiences, a gaming couch is the best bet. You have lots of space, and the cushioning is better than in gaming chairs. For multiplayer games, the gaming couch wins again since it offers space for multiple people. Feature-wise, the gaming couches will also be superior. There are even couches that are easily movable if you want to change gaming settings often. However, this only works for console gamers. PC gamers are better off with gaming chairs, although no rules have been set against using a gaming couch.

Our Verdict

The Signature Design by Ashley Game Zone Power Reclining Sofa is an excellent couch overall since it is comfortable, and the materials used are high-quality. Also, many innovative features that can be useful to gamers have been added to the sofa. They include USB sockets, cup holders, lighting, leg rests, and more.

Another favorite gaming couch for our team is the Seatcraft Anthem Multimedia Power Recline Sofa. It has most of the design features of the editor’s choice and gives it quite a run for its money. The significant differences come in where the Seatcraft uses genuine leather, which is a superior material to the one used on the Zone Power Reclining Sofa. Also, cup holders offer illumination, which is nice.

Next is the Giantex Video Gaming Sofa Leisure Bed for those without as much money to spend or whose gaming spaces are relatively small. It features a five-position backrest, PU leather exterior, and highly resilient sponge as its most notable benefits. Being affordable and lightweight also works to its advantage.

Since we have provided the gaming couch purchasing blueprint, we are confident you can take it from here.

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