7 Best Fabric Recliners – Stylish and Soft

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Reclining chairs have been around for a very long time. I’m sure you have several memories of your dad sitting in his favorite fabric recliner that is basically falling apart, but he refuses to get a new one because it just won’t be as comfortable. What is it about fabric recliners that make them so desirable? Is it the soft, cozy texture of the fabric? Or maybe the way that the chair seems like it was built specifically for your body?

If you are looking for the best fabric recliners on the market, you’ve come to the right place. There are some features you need to consider during your search. What fabric type do you like best? Do you have space for a large recliner, or do you need to keep it small? How big do you want the seat to be, standard or oversized? This list includes all of the best fabric recliners.

Top 7 Fabric Recliners Review 2022


Esright Massage Recliner (Brown)Editor’s Choice

  • Fabric type: PU leather
  • Overall size: 32 x 26 x 40 inches
  • Weight: not specified
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Seat size: 22 inches wide

More features: ergonomic design; heating; extra thick sponge; two cupholders; manual control; easy to assemble

The Esright massage reclining chair is just about as comfortable as comfortable can be. This chair offers a wide seat of 22-inches, so you don’t feel cramped while sitting in it.

The PU leather fabric is incredibly soft and cozy. You will want to snuggle right down and stay there forever. The ergonomic design of the armrests and the back of the chair provides extra thick sponge padding for ultimate comfort.

This chair allows you to rock back and forth, get a massage, warm your back, and swivel 360 degrees. You also have two cupholders and a pocket on each side for storage. What more could you ask for?

There are eight vibrating massage nodes inside this chair that target your back, thighs, legs, and lumbar, all of which can be controlled manually with a remote that comes with the chair. You can choose between 2 vibration levels and five different massaging modes. There is also a heat feature in the lumbar node that can also be controlled with the remote.

Assembly is incredibly easy. The chair is delivered in two boxes but can be assembled by just one person. The chair comes with full instructions and a user manual to help you get acquainted with your new chair.

What are our favorite features? What’s not to like about this chair? It provides comfort, gives massages, keeps you warm, and can hold your drinks for you. You can spin yourself 360 degrees to see all the way around you. The easy assembly is always a plus, too.

What could be better? It was hard to find something wrong with this chair, but we did find just one tiny thing that could’ve been better. Getting the footrest back in place after it has been up to can be kind of awkward. The mechanics are just a tad bit slow.

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  • Fabric type: textile
  • Overall size: 34.6 x 33.5 x 40 inches
  • Weight: 121 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 320 lbs.
  • Seat size: 17.7 x 22.5 inches

More features: alloy steel frame; durable; cup holders; USB charging ports; TUV-certified motor

The Mcombo electric power lift recliner is the chair of your dreams. The power lift assistance is great for anyone who may have a hard time standing up out of chairs on their own. This chair sits on an alloy steel frame, making it extra durable.

The TUV-certified motor tilts the chair forward, allowing the user to stand up straight and avoid any unnecessary stress on their knees or back. The motor is controlled by the remote control that comes with the chair. The motor is certified, provides excellent performance, operates quietly, and has a longer service lifespan than other chairs.

The overstuffed padding is so comfortable you will feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. The textile fabric that holds in all that extra stuffing is very durable; it has been treated to avoid felting and pilling.

One of the best features of this chair is the USB charging ports. There are two USB outlets that allow you to keep your phone or tablet charging close to you while you are comfortable.

This chair features two cupholders and two side pockets, one on each side. Easy and convenient access to your drink, TV remote, favorite book, or anything else you may need.

What are our favorite features? The power lift assist is super convenient for those who may have a difficult time standing up on their own. The USB ports are great for those moments when you need to charge your phone, but the closest outlet is 15-feet away. The chair is also easy to assemble.

What could be better? Some people received their chairs damaged, so the shipping process could be a little better.

  • Fabric type: Polyester
  • Overall size: 34.5 x 28 x 41.25 inches
  • Weight: 69.4 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 250-350 lbs.
  • Seat size: 19 inches high

More features: cushioned seat; sturdy legs; birch frame

The Elizabeth Recliner is a stunning, modern looking chair that will make a statement in your living room. The elegant shape and height of the back draw your attention in, while the armrests and seats are cushioned for extreme comfort.

One of the best small fabric recliners, this chair only weighs 69.4 pounds. This lightweight makes it easy to move around your house if necessary. The seat is 19 inches high, so it is not too far down for anyone who may have knee or back troubles.

This chair provides an easy recline, all you need to do is lean back, and the footrest will come up. Elegance meets comfort with ease, allowing you to relax in a chair that will look gorgeous in any room.

The tufted diamond design offers a refreshing and sophisticated look to your home. The light beige color will brighten any room and compliment almost all of the furniture you already have in your home.

The seat is padded with an extra cushion to provide a firm but comfortable sitting experience. The armrests allow you to rest your arms comfortably while you relax.

The sides of the armrests and the back-feature steel studs for an extra modern, delicate look. The legs are made from durable birch wood and provide a firm and sturdy foundation for the chair.

What do we love it for? This recliner is bound to make a fashion statement in any living room. The cushioned seat makes sitting in this chair extremely comfortable. Reclining is easy; all you need to do is lean back.

What were we disappointed with? The frame is made well, but some people have had issues with the frame-breaking if they place something heavy on it.


JUMMICO Fabric Recliner ChairBest Value

  • Fabric type: textile
  • Overall size: 28.8 x 19.8 x 38.6 inches
  • Weight: 56.5 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs.
  • Seat size: 19.8 x 20.5 inches

More features: available in different colors; easy to assemble; pushback design; steel frame

The Jummico Fabric Recliner is also one of the best small fabric recliners on the market right now. The weight of this chair is only 56.5 pounds, 28.8 inches long, and 19.8 inches wide.

This chair is available in four different colors; brown, grey, light blue, and red. The textile fabric is breathable but still allows for thick padding for extra comfort.

The steel frame makes this chair super stable, allowing you to freely adjust the angle of the footrest by simply leaning back. This feature allows you to pick the perfect position for your relaxation.

You can enjoy this comfortable chair while you are laying back, as the back can be adjusted from a 90-degree angle to a 165-degree angle. You can choose the best spot to read a book, watch tv, or take a nap.

This chair also features an eight-setting massage function for the lower lumbar area of the chair. You can choose the massage vibration intensity, and you can even set a timer for the function to shut off after a period of time. This recliner is incredibly easy to assemble, you don’t even need any tools to put it together.

Why did it make our list? This chair is small and compact, making it fit well anywhere. You can choose from four different colors to match your current furniture. Extra cushioned seat makes the chair extremely comfortable. Easy assembly and use make this a great chair for all ages to use.

What is not ideal about it? The massage function is great, but only massages the lumbar area.

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  • Fabric type: textile
  • Overall size: 46.46 x 37.01 x 39.96 inches
  • Weight: 90.2 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: not specified
  • Seat size: 39.5 x 20.5 x 18.5 inches

More features: available in different colors

Cuddles are made easy in the extra-wide loveseat recliner. This chair is big enough for two people to sit comfortably in so they can enjoy each other’s company and the comfort of a recliner.

The seat of this jumbo chair features plush cushions to provide maximum comfort while you relax by yourself or with someone you love.

There is a lever on the right side that pops the footrest out. Then you apply pressure to close the footrest, making the maneuver quick and easy.

The textile fabric is really soft and is available in charcoal and navy blue. They also offer a microfiber fabric in a slate color.

What are our favorite features? The recliner is very roomy and comfortable for two people to sit in. The plush cushions are extremely soft. The fabric can come in different colors.

What could be better? This chair is large, so it may not fit in every room.

  • Fabric type: textile
  • Overall size: 28 x 30.3 x 42 inches
  • Weight: not specified
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Seat size: 23 x 22 inches

More features: manual; smooth 360-degree swivel; modern design; 1-year warranty

If you are on the hunt for one of the best small fabric swivel recliners, look no further. The ANJ Swivel Rocker Recliner utilizes manual swiveling, allowing for a smooth 360-degree turn. A 30-degree back and forth gliding motion will make this chair super relaxing.

When it comes to reclining, this chair has three modes that it can be set in for reading a book, watching tv, or taking a nap so you can always be in the perfect angle. The back angles from 90-degrees to 150-degrees and the footrest can be adjusted to match the angle.

This chair would make the perfect option for a nursery or a living room. It features extra-thick cushions and armrests that have soft curves that will make rocking a baby (or yourself) for long hours extra comfortable and pretty relaxing.

To recline the chair, there is a lever on the right side. Then all you need to do is lean back and find the most comfortable position. When you get up from the recliner, the back will automatically put itself in the upright position, and you just need to apply pressure to the footrest with your legs to get it back in place.

Why is it special? This is one of the best small fabric swivel recliners on the market. This chair features a 360-degree turn and a 30-degree rocking motion. The modern design features extra padding for maximum comfort. This chair has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What are the flaws? It was really hard to find something about this chair that could be better, but after reading several reviews, the lever for the footrest can get stuck sometimes.


HOMCOM Massage ReclinerBest Upholstery

  • Fabric type: linen
  • Overall size: 28 x 31 x 42 inches
  • Weight: 61 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs.
  • Seat size: 20.75 x 20 x 24 inches

More features: has a remote control; padded; heated back pad

The HOMCOM massage recliner has two massage nodes on the back and lumbar of the chair that create soothing waves across your back. There is also a heated back pad at the waist of the chair to relax your muscles after a long day of work.

The manual footrest can recline up to 165-degrees to promote blood circulation in your legs to help you relax even more while you enjoy your massage.

The massage and heated pad are controlled by remote control. There is also a convenient side pocket to keep the remote in close range for easy accessibility. The remote is pre-programmed with five vibration modes and two intensity levels.

The linen fabric comes in beige, dark blue, and light brown, so you can choose a color that will mesh well with your existing furniture. The fabric is super soft and easy to keep clean.

The seat contains a 3-inch spring cushion that is surrounded by high-density foam, making the seat extra soft and comfortable. The back of the chair is oversized and extra padded.

What makes it special? The massage feature is really nice with different levels and modes for relaxation. The remote control is extremely convenient. The heated back pad is great for soothing sore muscles after working all day. The color options make it possible to match several existing furniture types.

What cons did we find? It takes a little bit for the cushion to soften up, it is pretty stiff when you first put the chair together.

Things to Consider

A fabric recliner is a perfect addition to any home space. How do you find the perfect one for you? Fabric recliners come in all shapes and sizes with all types of features. Do you want a massage recliner? Or would you prefer a recliner that is more stylish than others? Maybe even a heated chair? Whatever you decide you have to have in a recliner, there is the perfect chair for you.

Why do you need a fabric recliner?

Fabric recliners are a great way to make your living room seem comfortable and inviting while providing a comfortable sitting experience for you and any guests you may have. A recliner is sure to become anyone’s favorite spot in the house. Why? They are incredibly soft, comfortable, and many even offer some super neat features.

Features to consider before you buy a fabric recliner

7 Best Fabric Recliners - Stylish and SoftHow do you know where to begin thinking of the types of features you are looking for in your fabric recliner? Well, do you want a small recliner that takes up minimal space like the Jummico Fabric Recliner? Or maybe you want a recliner that can give you a massage and heat your back like the Esright Recliner? What type of fabric would you prefer? Let’s go over the most common features to consider before you buy a fabric recliner.

Fabric type

Choosing the type of fabric you want for your chair can be easier than you think. There are several types, but the most common are PU leather, polyester, textile, and linen. PU leather is a soft, fabric faux leather. This is a great alternative if you want the look of leather but don’t necessarily want the feel of leather. The Esright Massage Recliner is the editor’s choice for the best fabric recliner and is made from PU leather. Polyester is extremely flexible, so the fabric will move with the chair when you adjust your position. Polyester offers a more elegant look in a chair, as seen on the GDF Studio Elizabeth Tufted Fabric Recliner. Textile will be your woven and knit fabrics that are commonly made from some type of soft yarn-type fabric. Textile is very common, as most of the chairs on this list are made from it, including the Premium Pick the Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner.

Linen will give you the feel similar to a bedsheet or a really soft blanket. This type of fabric will be extremely comfortable and extra fluffy, like the HOMCOM recliner.

Overall size

7 Best Fabric Recliners - Stylish and SoftWhen choosing the size of the recliner you are going to buy, it is important to know how much space you are working within the room that the chair will be placed.

You will need to measure the area around where you want the chair to be placed and make notes of those measurements.
If you have plenty of space, you can get a recliner that is wider, like the Christopher Knight Home Halima Fabric 2-Seater Recliner. If you have limited space to work with, you will want to choose a smaller chair, like the ANJ Swivel Rocker Fabric Recliner.


It is important to consider the weight of a recliner, especially if you live on a second floor. You won’t want to buy a chair that is too heavy that you won’t be able to get it up the stairs.

It is also a good idea to consider weight if you want to be able to move the chair from room to room.

Weight capacity

You need to be aware of the weight limits of the chair you are buying. If you have kids, pets, or a significant other that really enjoy being close to you all the time, you will need to make sure that the chair will be able to hold the weight of you all at the same time.

Seat size

If you like more space in your chair, you will want to pick a wider seat. If you prefer to feel like you are being hugged by your chair while you are sitting in it, you should consider a chair with narrower seat size.


First, you should vacuum the chair to remove all crumbs that may be stuck. Next, fill a bucket with warm water and add 1 to 2 tablespoons of a mild laundry detergent or dish soap. Dip a cloth in the bucket and wring it out the best you can. Wipe the fabric with the cloth and scrub any spots or stains with a soft-bristled brush. Grab another clean cloth and get it wet, just with water, then wipe the fabric to remove any soap residue. Follow with a dry towel, pressing it onto the recliner to absorb any water that may be caught in the chair.

A manual recliner is easier than a mechanical recliner because it does not have to be plugged into an outlet to recline. A manual recliner usually just uses a lever to pull out the footrest and allow you to lean back to get in the most comfortable position. Manual recliners are less likely to get stuck or malfunction than a mechanical recliner.

Our Verdict

Buying a fabric recliner can seem like a daunting task because there are so many out there. How can you be sure which one will be best for you and your space? We did research on several fabric recliners to come up with this list of the best ones for your convenience.

The Editor’s Choice, the Esright Massage Recliner, is a fantastic option because it is small, easy to clean, and has several features that you are bound to love, including massage and heating in the backrest.

The Premium Pick, the Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner, is the best of everything in a recliner. It tilts forward, making it easier to get in and out of. It also features extra padding in the seat for extra comfort.

The Best Value, the JUMMICO Fabric Recliner Chair, is a great recliner for a great price. It is small, doesn’t weigh much, and even features a massage function.

A fabric recliner can be a great addition to any living space. As soon as you know what features you desire, you will be able to pick the chair that you will benefit from and enjoy the most.

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