7 Best Wingback Recliners – Exceptional Coziness and Comfort!

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Wingback recliners are a hit among the users because they strike an optimal balance between comfort and warmth. Historically, they were designed to retain heat and protect people from drafts, and nowadays, people can still experience the exceptional coziness that these chairs provide. In this article, we focused on finding the best wingback recliners currently available.

After searching the market up and down and examining 43 products, we picked the Christopher Knight Home Elizabeth Tufted Charcoal Gray Recliner as our favorite. The chair comes with tufted fabric and attractive design, and it provides the expected comfort. Moreover, the push-back mechanism makes the recliner easy to use, and the sheer weight ensures the chair remains sturdy at all times. Our team also identified six other great recliners to help you make the final choice.

You will find detailed reviews of each product below, and we suggest checking them out to learn more about the pros and cons of each recliner. We focused on the crucial features, including the type of the chair, as well as the upholstery material used. The upholstery affects both functionality and aesthetics, and color combination can ensure that your recliner looks beautiful in any room. We also considered the size and weight of the chair because you will want to fit it in the designated spot. Our team spent more than 50 hours on analyzing these recliners, and we consulted the experts and numerous owners. Before you head to the detailed reviews, check out our comparison table for a quick overview of the selected products. Finally, make sure to read our buying guide to learn more about crucial factors to consider during the purchasing process.

Top 7 Wingback Recliners Review 2021

  • Type: push-back
  • Upholstery: polyester
  • Color: charcoal gray
  • Dimensions: 34.8 x 28 x 41.2 in.
  • Weight: 67.3 lbs.

 More features: tufted fabric, elegant design, 1-year warranty

Christopher Knight Home designed this beautiful chair that will add to the aesthetic value of any room. The charcoal gray color and the dedication to detail are amazing. The manufacturer took care of everything, from fabrics to patterns and finishes.

The upholstery is polyester, but it is quite durable and comfortable. Once you sit in the chair, you can recline it to find the optimal position. Be careful because the chair moves fast, and you should take your time when reclining. The footrest is a neat touch as it boosts comfort and ensures that you can truly relax in the chair.

You will notice that the wing recliner is very sturdy and suitable for people of various heights. It weighs 67 pounds, which means that it will stay firmly in place while you are in it. The assembly might be a bit tricky, but the instructions are clear, which will make the setup easier. Overall, this fabric wingback recliners delivers plenty of value for the money and can be a smart investment.

What stands out?

  • Excellent value for the money
  • Attractive and elegant design
  • Durable and comfortable fabric
  • Footrest ensures additional comfort

What cons did we manage to find?

  • You should be careful when reclining because the chair moves fast
  • The assembly might be a bit tricky
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  • Type: push-back
  • Upholstery: fabric, faux leather
  • Color: gray, light gray, dark green, dark brown
  • Dimensions: 39.1 x 29.6 x 33.5 in.
  • Weight: not specified

More features: supports up to 300 lbs., 4.6 ft fully reclined length, high-resiliency foam cushions.

Who says you can’t have comfort and style altogether? This wingback recliner fits the bill with its elegant looking design and robust construction that offer premium comfort.

The chair has a comfortable yet durable fabric surface that feels soft to the touch. It is soft, breathable, and wear-proof. Its design will easily blend in with nearly all kinds of interior décor themes, from modern and luxurious themes to laid-back farmhouse styles.

Plus, you have an assortment of colors to pick from, including the classic gray, light gray, dark green, and dark brown.

The chair’s durability is a solid bet. Its cushions are made with high-resiliency foam for a plush and comfortable sitting experience. The puckered stitching makes it such a classical aesthetic with a high visual appeal.

Further, the chair’s frame is made of long-lasting pine wood and heavy-duty steel to comfortably accommodate up to 300 pounds. The chair also boasts a generous sizing that offers ample sitting room for different sized people.

When fully reclined, the push-back chair measures a good 4.6ft on which you can lay back, relax and enjoy your favorite TV series.

All considered this is one of the best recliner wing chairs that perfectly balances supreme comfort and style. It is also perfect for anyone looking to save space or add comfort and coziness to their already cramped up room.

Why did it make our list?

  • Durable construction
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Multiple color options
  • Great weight capacity
  • Space-saving

What is not ideal about it?

  • Not found
  • Type: push-back
  • Upholstery: fabric
  • Color: brown
  • Dimensions: 33.25 x 37.75 x 42.50 in.
  • Weight: 87.7 lbs.

 More features: oversized design, tufted button stitching, plush seat

We don’t know if this is the best wing recliner out there, but it features the most attractive design. The brown color and tufted button stitching are most suitable for traditional decors, but they can also fit rooms designed in a contemporary style. Not everyone might like the brown color, and it is a shame that there aren’t other choices available.

You will notice the diamond stitching, which adds to the aesthetics without compromising comfort. The seating area is incredibly comfortable, thanks to the plush seat and generous padding.

The chair is oversized and extremely sturdy, which makes it suitable for tall and heavy people. The manufacturer used top-quality materials, and the sheer weight of the recliner guarantees stability. However, the chair requires assembly, which means you will need to invest some time and effort before using it. The good news is that it will be worth the effort. You have plenty of room to recline it to the desired position. Once extended, this premium chair is 63.25 inches long, which guarantees optimal nap time length.

What are our favorite features?

  • High-quality materials and sturdy construction
  • Elegant design suitable for traditional decors
  • An oversized seating area
  • The seat is extremely comfortable

What could be better?

  • The chair requires assembly
  • Not everyone might be a fan of brown color
  • Type: push-back
  • Upholstery: polyester linen
  • Color: beige, charcoal gray
  • Dimensions: 31 x 29.8 x 42 in.
  • Weight: 65 lbs.

 More features: tufted design, supports up to 250 lbs., easy to assemble

Unlike the previous wing recliner we reviewed, this one features a modern design that will fit in rooms featuring contemporary style. You can choose between a light beige and dark gray combination to fit your preference.

The assembly is incredibly simple and takes less than ten minutes. Once you assemble the chair, it might have an out-of-the-box fabric smell. Fortunately, that goes away after a couple of days.

The recliner offers plenty of room for adjustment since the maximum angle is 160 degrees. The push-back mechanism allows you to switch between positions easily.

The manufacturer used a 100% polyester linen for beautiful appearance, but also added plush cushioning to the seating area. Combined with the footrest, the padding guarantees optimal comfort when seating in this chair. The weight capacity is 250 pounds, which is not that generous when compared to other chairs.

What stands out?

  • The maximum angle is 160 degrees
  • The choice between light and dark color combinations
  • 100% polyester linen and plush cushioning
  • You can assemble it in less than ten minutes

What cons did we manage to find?

  • It might have an out-of-the-box fabric smell
  • The weight capacity is not generous
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  • Type: push-back
  • Upholstery: faux leather (faux suede for ivory color)
  • Color: camel, dark brown, ecru, ivory, taupe damask
  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 27.5 x 39 in.
  • Weight: not specified

 More features: tufted design, stain-resistant, 2 positions

If you are looking for a faux leather wingback recliner, you will love the fact that BrylaneHome allows you to pick from several different colors and fabrics. That will make it easy to pick a combination that fits your décor.

This particular chair is made of a high-quality polyurethane, which is quite durable. It is not real leather, and you can’t expect it to be at this price, but it is a faithful replica. The material is also resistant to stains, which makes the maintenance process more manageable.

The instructions are clear, and it will be easy to assemble the chair. You might need to give it a couple of days for the smell to disappear once it arrives. The recliner comes with a button-tufted back and a fairly comfortable seating area.

The weight capacity is admirable as it is 400 pounds, which makes this chair impressively sturdy and durable. It is also easy to use since pushing it back to the reclined position is a piece of cake.

Why are we impressed?

  • Five color choices available
  • Admirable weight capacity
  • The material is resistant to stains
  • Easy to push back to the reclined position

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • It might come with a smell out of the box
  • Type: push-back
  • Upholstery: polyester
  • Color: wheat, white & blue floral
  • Dimensions: 33.25 x 26.50 x 40 in.
  • Weight: 65.6 lbs.

 More features: no assembly required, extra padded cushion

The manufacturer offers you two different designs. The first one is classic wheat that fits any décor, and the other is white and blue floral. The latter option features a unique and creative design for those who want their recliners to attract as much attention as possible.

The product doesn’t require any assembly, and it is easy to operate. Those features make it extremely user-friendly. You will notice generous padding designed to deliver optimal comfort. However, you might need to spend an hour or two in the chair for it to lose the initial stiffness. After that, it will get softer, and you will be able to enjoy provided comfort.

Christopher Knight Home paid attention to details when creating the chair. The footrest features durable construction that ensures the recliner remains in place all the time. Overall, the chair combines aesthetic and functionality well, and it is an excellent value for the money.

Why is it special?

  • The white and blue floral design is unique
  • It doesn’t require any assembly
  • Extra padding for maximum comfort
  • The chair is easy to operate

What are the flaws?

  • It might be a bit stiff at first
  • Type: Swivel and rocker
  • Upholstery: velvet
  • Color: brown
  • Dimensions: 34.5 x 29.5 x 42 in.
  • Weight: 88.2 lbs.

 More features: supports up to 330 lbs., tufted design

Many things make this recliner stand out, but the design is the most obvious one. The brown color with white trim is a unique combination that is rarely seen. Therefore, nobody can deny that the chair looks different from all others on the market.

The material of the upholstery is velvet, which is incredibly soft. It will ensure that you feel comfortable in the recliner that also comes with two fantastic features. You can take advantage of the rocking feature, or you can recline it when nap time comes. Please note that it might be tricky to return it from the reclined position, but that is a minor flaw compared to the multiple benefits of this chair.

The weight capacity is 330 pounds, and the chair is very sturdy. That is necessary because it features a 360-degree swivel mechanism. That allows you to turn any direction you want while sitting in the chair. The ball-bearing design is of exceptional quality, and it should last for a long time.

What makes it stand out?

  • A very sturdy chair with a rocking mechanism
  • The tufted design contributes to aesthetics
  • 360-degree swivel mechanism
  • Velvet upholstery is extremely soft

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • It might be tricky to return it from the reclined position

Things to Consider

Did you set your mind on buying a wing recliner, but you don’t know where to start with choosing a suitable model? That is why we prepared this comprehensive buying guide that focuses on all details related to these units. We will discuss the main features while considering the user’s expectations in every area. The guide analyzes each category, and also discusses the pricing ranges of wing recliners. At the end of our guide, you will find a section with frequently asked questions. It should give answers to all the questions that buyers usually have when choosing the desired chair. But first, let’s take a look at the factors to consider when choosing a wing recliner.

Things to consider before buying a wingback recliner

7 Best Wingback Recliners - Exceptional Coziness and Comfort!

Wingback recliners come with a unique and specific design that allows you to keep the chair in an upright position or recline it to the desired angle. Those angles and positions might vary depending on the product, but that is not the only thing to keep in mind when purchasing these recliners. We selected the most important features ranging from the basics, such as type of the chair, to details, like the color combination and additional functions. Our team also researched how weight capacity and dimensions might affect using the product, and discussed various prices for wing recliners.


Among the reviewed manual recliners, you can choose between the following types:

  • Push-back – many people call these standard or “regular” recliners. The mechanism is simple as all you have to do is to push back the chair to its reclined position. Once you want to return it, you use a lever, which is located on the side of the chair.
  • Swivel – these chairs offer a rotating function, which is often featured as a 360-degree swivel mechanism. It enables you to turn into any direction while you are in the chair, which gives you maximum freedom of movement.
  • Rocker – as the word suggests, these chairs feature a rocking capability. The rocker usually comes in pair with the swivel function. While you are sitting in the chair, you can lean back to enjoy the rocking feature, and improve comfort.

It is up to you to consider which functions you need from your chair and look for a suitable product on the market.


Upholstery is important because it is the main aesthetic factor when choosing a wingback recliner. Additionally, the materials selected could contribute to the durability and longevity of the chair.

These are the most common material choices when it comes to upholstery:

  • Polyester and other fabrics
  • Leather (faux and real)

7 Best Wingback Recliners - Exceptional Coziness and Comfort!

Modern-looking chairs often come with polyester or fabric upholstery. Some manufacturers use polyester linen material for maximum comfort and durability. The Christopher Knight Home Elizabeth Tufted Charcoal Gray Recliner is a fine example of dedicating attention to detail when designing a polyester chair.

Alternatively, you can go with leather wingback recliners that look elegant and luxurious. Real leather chairs can be quite expensive, which is why you might want to consider faux leather. Some products, such as the BrylaneHome Queen Anne Style Tufted Wingback Recliner, use polyurethane that manages to be a faithful replica of the real thing.

You should consider stain resistance to your desired upholstery. Some materials offer improved resistance, but it would be wise to clean the stain immediately. That way, you have the best chances of eliminating visible traces of the stains to prolong the life of your chair.


We are still in the aesthetics zone, and we are now considering the design of wing recliners. The primary thing to ensure is that they fit your décor. That means you should check out the room where you want to place the chair.

Once you figure out what you need, it will be easy to choose. You can pick between light and dark color combinations. Darker tones are better if stains occur, which makes them easier to maintain. You can also go for unusual color combinations, such as the one offered by the Christopher Knight Home Westeros Recliner Chair.

Your next consideration is whether you want a tufted design or not. That shouldn’t compromise the comfort, and it might contribute to the overall appearance of the recliner.

Finally, consider the legs of your recliner. They should be designed with high-quality materials to ensure the necessary sturdiness. Sometimes the legs come with rubber feet so that they don’t scratch your flooring.


Have you considered if you have enough room to fit your desired wing recliner? Some units are huge, such as the Salome Oversized Tufted Wingback Fabric Push Back Recliner, which is why you should pay attention to the product’s dimensions.

7 Best Wingback Recliners - Exceptional Coziness and Comfort!

When reading the description of the recliner, you will see measurements when it is in the upright position, but also dimensions when the chair is fully reclined. These recliners tend do be quite long when in the extended position, so make sure there is enough room to fit them.

Moving the chair forward before reclining, it is not wise because recliners are quite heavy, and you might end up scratching the flooring.

If you secure enough room for your chair, that is the right way to maximize the comfort of using it.


Apart from the sheer size of your chair, it is also important to consider its weight. For starters, weight might affect the difficulty of the assembly process. If you are dealing with a particularly heavy chair, you could use an extra pair of hands during the installation.

It might not be wise to move the chair around frequently. However, you will need to move it when cleaning or rearranging the furniture in the room. In those situations, a lightweight wing recliner could be useful.

On the other hand, a heavy recliner will ensure that the construction is sturdy, and the chair remains in place all the time. Increased weight means additional stability, which can be particularly important for rockers.

Max capacity

Each wing recliner comes with a maximum recommended weight capacity. It is the weight that the chair can hold without the risk of breaking. The capacity is important, and you should pick it based on your weight.

Depending on the chair, the capacity might vary from 230 to 400 pounds or more. For example, the BrylaneHome Queen Anne Style Tufted Wingback Recliner can hold up to 400 pounds.

The capacity will also affect the durability of the chair.

If you push it to or over the maximum limits frequently, that might diminish the product’s lifespan. It is a wise move to get a chair with at least 10% more capacity than the weight of the user.

What else should I look at?

7 Best Wingback Recliners - Exceptional Coziness and Comfort!

Here is a list of the additional features you should consider when choosing a wing recliner:

  • Is it easy to assemble? – The majority of recliners require assembly because they are hard to deliver when already assembled. The instructions should be clear, and the process shouldn’t take more than 10-20 minutes of your time.
  • What are the available angles and positions? – Most recliners come with at least two available positions. As for the angles, they can vary from 90 to 165 degrees or more.
  • Is the padding generous? – Cushioning is essential to provide optimal relaxation, and it is also important that the padding doesn’t flatten over time.
  • What about the footrest? – You will find a footrest with most wing recliners as it is an essential feature for boosting the user’s comfort.


The cost of wing recliners varies from $100 to $350 or more. You can find more expensive models, but we tried to focus on units that deliver the most value for the money in our reviews.

Take a look at the main pricing ranges for wingback recliners below:

  • Cheap – affordable units are available for under $150. You can expect a chair with decent durability and adequate comfort at this range.
  • Mid-range – the average cost of a recliner is between $150 and $300. You can find many different chairs in this category, which is why you need to choose carefully. If you want maximum padding, go with the Best Choice Products Tufted Upholstered Wingback Recliner. Alternatively, consider what features you need the most, and pick accordingly.
  • Expensive – The cost of these chairs exceeds $300. In return, you can expect high-quality materials, excellent comfort, and premium durability. Additionally, you might look for a generous seating area, such as the one offered by the Salome Oversized Tufted Wingback Recliner.


We have two good reasons why you should get a wingback recliner, and not a regular model. The first one is that it will protect you from drafts while maximizing your comfort. Additionally, these recliners are capable of trapping the heat coming from the fireplace. That way, you will feel warm in the area where you are sitting. Combined with soft padding, this will also boost comfort when using the chair. Apart from this, you can pick from a wide range of wing recliners available on the market. These products come in various sizes and designs to accommodate everyone’s preferences.

The cleaning process will depend on the material used for the recliner. If you have a faux leather chair, it is vital to act as soon as there is a stain on the product. You can use warm water and paper towels or cloths to clean the stain. If necessary, use a mild detergent, but don’t use any harsh chemicals. You can also try a faux leather polisher to give your recliner a new look. As for fabric upholstery, you can use a brush to eliminate any dust and debris. Read the instructions if the manufacturer recommends specific care for your product. If not, use a gentle stain remover, and don’t forget to rinse thoroughly with water.

The durability of wing recliners depends on many factors, but the primary is the quality of the materials used. If the manufacturer picked high-quality components, the odds are the recliner will last long. You should look for chairs with durable steel or wood frames and generous cushioning. The durability will also depend on the frequency of use and how well you take care of the chair. It is crucial to follow the specified weight capacity because overloading the chair might lead to it cracking and breaking. Additionally, make sure to read the product manual for all maintenance details and specifics.

Our Verdict

We’ve reached the end of the article, and our opinion hasn’t changed. The Christopher Knight Home Elizabeth Tufted Charcoal Gray Recliner remains our favorite. The chair offers a unique combo of aesthetics and functionality. You will enjoy maximum comfort and ease of use for a long time if you go with this recliner.

Alternatively, you can try Bonzy Home Wingback Fabric Recliner Chair, which is available at a budget-friendly price. This chair is quite durable with its long-lasting pine wood and heavy-duty steel frame. It measures a 4.6 ft. when fully reclined, which makes it perfect even for naps.

Our third suggestion for the best wingback recliner is the Salome Oversized Tufted Wingback Fabric Push Back Recliner. This chair looks classy, and it is made of top-quality materials. Apart from sturdy constructions, it offers a huge seating area to maximize comfort.

Now that you know everything about wing recliners, it is time to pick a product that suits your preference and see why people love these chairs!

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