How to Adjust a La-Z-Boy Recliner?

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One of the main benefits of a recliner is that it has an adjustable backrest that brings more comfort to an aching back. But this benefit might not be fully enjoyable if your recliner tends to tilt back too much or too little for your convenience. Hence, knowing how to adjust a Lazy-Boy recliner is as important as buying one.

Different body types would apply different pressures, and as such, you might find that your recliner always goes back a little too easily; when you rest against the backrest, it is too stiff for your body type to provide adequate pressure.

You can easily  adjust your La-Z-Boy recliner by adjusting the tilt-back tension springs Trusted Source How to Adjust La-Z-Boy Recliner Tension Did you know you can adjust the tension on your recliner at home? In this article and video, we'll show you how to adjust La-Z-Boy Recliner tension…  on the bottom of the recliner or whatever adjustment mechanism is present. What this achieves is helping you can adjust the pressure required to recline the chair backward. As such, you can adjust to make reclining backward easier or more difficult.

Tools required

The best La-Z-Boy recliners for an individual should be perfectly adjusted for their body weight or body type to provide total comfort. This isn’t always so, and repairs may need to be made to the recliner mechanisms. The following tools may be required to make said adjustments to the recliner if the tension springs need to be tightened or loosened:

Pliers/multi-tool – You can always use your hands to turn the spring wing nuts, but the multi-tool may be required due to your hands being too big to fit into the spaces available. Even if your hands fit, the springs are bound to get harder to turn the tighter they get. As such, the pliers could come in very handy.

Flashlight – Depending on the lighting in the room housing your recliner, you might require a little extra illumination. Having a flashlight beside you would solve any problems you might have seen correctly. You could have someone hold the flashlight, or you could place it beside yourself.

Roll it over

How to Adjust a La-Z-Boy Recliner?You might sit with the bottom of the recliner facing the floor, but it can’t be fixed or adjusted in that position so, the first step is to flip the recliner over. This should be done in such a way that the recliner sits on the backrest or the leg rest, with the bottom completely visible to you.

Look for the tension spring s and identify the wing nuts that need to be adjusted. They should be easy to spot.

Tightening or loosening the wing nuts

The procedure for tightening these wing nuts is not much different from tightening or loosening a screw. If you wish to make your recliner more challenging to push back, you should turn the wing nut to the right, making your wing nut tighter in the process.

However, if you wish to make your La-Z-Boy recliner easier to push back, your goal should be making the wing nut looser, and turning to the left would do the trick.

One of the most effective ways of balancing the tightening or loosening of the nuts while making it easier to assess the effect of turns is to make only half turns at a time and check on the effects of the turns until they are satisfactory.

It is also possible that your recliner might be old, and turning the nuts is only a short-term measure that would have to be repeated regularly. In that case, you should consider getting a replacement. A good choice would be the Esright massage recliner chair or the Larkinhurst recliner form signature design.

Don’t forget to test it

As earlier stated, assess the effect of every half turn before making further turns. This isn’t difficult; flip the recliner back into its normal position and see if the tension of the chair or the pressure required to tilt is more appropriate for your body type and weight.

If it is, the tension springs of your recliner are just perfect for your comfort but if it isn’t, flip it back, add another half turn to both nuts and retest.

Keep going with the flip, turn, and test routine until the recliner is just how you need it to be.

Pitch adjustment

The pitch of the recliner refers to the height of its front when the recliner is in its upward position. Adjusting the pitch is just as easy as adjusting the ease of reclining.

To determine if the pitch of your recliner requires any adjustment, you should maintain a sitting position without reclining. If your feet aren’t touching the floor, the pitch is too high, and if your knees bend while seating, the pitch is too low.

If you find that the pitch is too high, tilt your chair to gain access to the bottom, loosen the cam bolts and slide the frame up and back, bringing the chair closer to the ground. However, if the pitch of the recliner is too low or short, slide the frame down and forward to push the front of the chair further away from the ground.

The cam bolt should have multiple possible slots, each providing a new setting to try out. Pick the one that best satisfies you and test it to be sure.

Final thoughts

One of the key features of the La-Z-Boy recliners is the ability to adjust the tension of the recliner to suit your most comfortable position. This recliner, like most high-end recliners, can be adjusted when the purchase is made.

However, this is no reason not to know how to adjust a Lazy Boy recliner as age and wear could require you to make similar adjustments or repairs down the line. Rather than calling it in, waiting for a reply, and keeping away from your recliner till it is okay, why not get handy, whip out your tools and follow our little guideline to fixing the tension in your recliner.

This would save you time, money and still gives the thrill of handiness that comes with repair work.


How to Adjust La-Z-Boy Recliner Tension
Did you know you can adjust the tension on your recliner at home? In this article and video, we'll show you how to adjust La-Z-Boy Recliner tension…
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