5 Best Massage Gaming Chairs – Be Cozzy and Comfy While You Play

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Gaming is one of the most common hobbies in the world, and finding the best massage gaming chair can change your whole experience. Do you find that you are uncomfortable or get aches and pains after playing for a long time? Massage chairs can change all that.

In this guide, we’re looking at the best gaming chair options with a massage function, and we’ve looked at a lot of the different top features for gaming chairs. Some of the basics such as the capacity of the chair and the weight and dimensions, but we’ve also looked at how the chair moves around, the massage functions, and what kind of support it can offer to those sitting on it. Whether it is better for one type of back issue, or more comfortable for certain gamers. We’ve got full reviews of some of the very best options on the market.

Top 5 Massage Gaming Chairs Review 2022


KILLABEE Massage Gaming ChairEditor’s Choice

  • Color: black/ grey
  • Dimensions: 27.6” x 27.1” x 48.4” – 51.2”
  • Material: PU leather
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Tilting: 90° – 175° (adjustable)
  • Warranty: 1-year on parts

More features: 360° swivel, metal base, adjustable armrests, massage lumbar support, head pillow, retractable footrest, castor wheels

The first gaming chair review on the list is the KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair, which comes straight in at the top of our list due to having some exceptional features and a rugged build-quality.

The weight capacity is 250 lbs, which is enough for most people, but some bigger folks might need to consider this. Features that make this stand out include the amazing lumbar support and head pillow, which naturally curve to the shape of your body and provide the perfect support exactly where you need it, even if you have had back issues before.

It is the lumbar section where most of the massaging kicks in. The USB massager within is designed to get the blood flowing and help to relieve any back pain or fatigue that you might be experiencing. It is also extremely comfortable for those who love the feeling of a back massage.

It has high-quality castors and spins 360 degrees, so you can use this chair with the ultimate flexibility. If you are constantly switching between monitors this can be a really great feature as it allows you to easily change your focus and stay comfortable in your chair.

You can choose to recline between 90 – 175 degrees, too. This means that you might take a different sitting position whether you are watching a movie or playing an intense racing game, but it is no problem for the KILLABEE, which can adjust and keep you comfy no matter what angle you are sitting at.

There’s even a retractable footrest for those who like to put their feet up. The brand has thought of everything.

Why are we impressed?

  • Rotates and reclines easily.
  • 1 year warranty on parts.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Quality and sturdy metal frame.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Doesn’t offer the fullest massage in all areas of the back.

Blue Whale Gaming ChairBest Value

  • Color: grey, wine, black
  • Dimensions: 19.7” x 20.5” x 51.2” – 53.5”
  • Material: PU leather
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Tilting: 90° – 175° (adjustable)
  • Warranty: 2-year on parts

More features: 360° swivel, adjustable aluminum armrests, USB massage lumbar support, removable headrest, metal frame

When you hear that there is a gaming chair called the Blue Whale Gaming Chair then you probably expect it to be big, bulky and high-quality, and this is definitely the case here. Plus, on top of that, it really doesn’t cost too much, meaning it can be considered a great value pick.

The metal frame and aluminum armrests are a part of the exceptional build-quality and they mean that if you are looking to use this as a bigger gamer then you are in luck. The capacity is up to 400 lbs, meaning the vast majority of people can use it with no problem at all.

There is an extra-thick cushion with a sedentary reminder, and it gives a huge amount of comfort for your backside as well as the amazing USB massager function around the lower back and lumbar area. There’s even a removable headrest.

The manufacturers are happy to back up their quality message, as they provide a 2-year warranty on the parts, in case anything breaks, but this is unlikely.

The reminder within the seat serves to give you a little nudge once an hour so you can decide if it is time to go elsewhere and do something else or change your massage functions.

The rolling castors and swivel capacity make it really easy to move around on this chair, perfect if you are in a big office or gaming room.

Like some of the other choices on the market, it can recline 90-175 degrees for you to choose the comfort level which is ideal for you and your own aches and pains.

Why are we impressed?

  • Extremely high capacity model.
  • Extra-thick cushion.
  • Reminds you once an hour.
  • Swivels, rotates and reclines with ease.
  • Good value.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • No footrest option.
  • Cushions are a bit too firm for some peoples’ liking.
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Remaxe Gaming ChairBudget Pick

  • Color: blue
  • Dimensions: 20.8” x 17.8” x 50” – 53”
  • Material: PU leather
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Tilting: 90° – 180° (adjustable)
  • Warranty: 1-year on parts, lifetime on frame

More features: 360° swivel, adjustable armrests, massage lumbar support, head pillow, retractable footrest, thickened cushion, castor wheels, free USB electric massager

The Remaxe Gaming Chair makes it to our list as the “budget pick” but it has some fantastic features, so it isn’t just a cheap alternative.

A lot of these features are similar to the two models above. For example, it has a simple 360 degree swivel, castor wheels and a USB electric massager focused on the lumbar area. The design is relatively simple, but also more affordable.

The retractable footrest and head pillow are both optional, and give a level of flexibility to this chair. You can choose whether you would like to have your feet up, or use your headrest for relaxation.

Similarly, there is a very good recline function, meaning you can adjust the chair from 90-180 degrees depending on what you need for your gaming, the position of your screen, and just whether you need to chill out and recline or not.

Remaxe has a thickened cushion for a bit of extra comfort, and one of the things that makes it stand out is the cushioning that is also on the armrests, which is thicker than some other options and gives a plush feel to the chair.

The weight capacity is 300 lbs, plenty for most people to use the chair with no issues at all. It also comes with a one-year warranty on the parts, but impressively it also has a lifetime warranty on the frame, so you know it is well-made and should last you decades if treated correctly.

For those looking to spend a little less but still get a decent capacity and lots of features, this massage gaming chair can be a very good option.

Why is it special?

  • Great value for money.
  • Adjustable and retractable foot and head rests.
  • 360 degree swivel.
  • 300 lb capacity.
  • Cushioned armrests.

What are the flaws?

  • Quite noisy when adjusting or leaning.
  • Color: blue/ black
  • Dimensions: 27.6” x 27.1” x 48.4” – 51.2”
  • Material: PU leather
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Tilting: 90° – 175° (adjustable)
  • Warranty: 1-year on parts

More features: 360° swivel, adjustable height and massage lumbar support, head pillow, retractable footrest, thickened armrests, castor wheels, top quality Nylon base, USB electric massager implant

The VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair is a fantastic gaming chair with a modern look to it and a fantastic nylon base, making it one of the best gaming chair with massage options. The chair has a weight capacity of 250 lbs, which isn’t as high as some other choices, but it is still fine for most people.

As well as having a quality frame, there are a few adjustable functions that make the VON RACER ideal for those who like adjustable features. It has a 360 degree swivel, which is expected from most of the models on this list. It also allows for tilting between 90 and 175 degrees so you can choose the ideal recline for you.

The thickened armrests are a good feature, and some gaming chair manufacturers don’t think about this. There’s also great lumbar support and a head pillow, so the curve of your spine is accounted for and you can stay comfy throughout. The USB massager is used within the lumbar area to keep you comfortable throughout use.

The stylish name and design make this a popular choice as it can look brilliant in a gaming room, bedroom or even in an office, but we’ve recommended it for its sturdy base and features, as well as the relatively reasonable price. On top of these features, it has a retractable footrest, and even a one year warranty on the parts.

This has loads of cushioning and can be very good for your back, even throughout long sessions on a game, so it is no surprise that the gaming chair is one of the most popular out there.

What are its best features?

  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Fantastic looking design.
  • USB massager.
  • Sturdy base and high build-quality.

What could be improved?

  • Capacity could be a bit higher in an ideal world.

Ficmax Massage Gaming ChairBest Design

  • Color: white/ black
  • Dimensions: 22” x 22” x 50.5” – 54.5”
  • Material: PU leather
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Tilting: 90° – 180° (adjustable)
  • Warranty: 1-year on parts

More features: 360° swivel, adjustable armrests, massage back pillow, head pillow, retractable footrest, 4 hydraulic positions

Not only is this one of the best massage gaming chairs, it is easy to fall in love with it with just one look. The black and white design and PU leather make it look absolutely amazing, and fit with pretty much any room design, too.

Once again, there are some similarities with other options on the list as many of them do follow pretty similar designs. It has a design featuring a massage back pillow, a head pillow and a retractable footrest. These adjustable features are great, and they allow for a brilliant level of customization for the way you want to use the chair in your rec room or even in an office.

There are four different hydraulic positions to choose from with this chair, to set the right height and comfort level for your own needs. Like the rest of the models on the list, the massage function is built into the lower back section to give a lumbar supporting massage to those who need it.

Within the chair, the cushioning is very generous with a 4.8-inch thick high-density memory foam giving a comfy, adjustable feel that can mold to the shape of your body. This chair is suitable for use by people weighing up to 300 lbs.

If looks aren’t that important to you then you might be able to get a similar quality chair for slightly cheaper. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to buy a chair that looks fantastic, and the style the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair provides is coveted by a lot of people. It’s definitely a massage chair for gaming that you can be proud of, and it looks good in any YouTube videos you might make.

What makes it special?

  • Looks fantastic.
  • Excellent padding.
  • Reclines and has adjustable sections.
  • Retractable footrest.
  • Good capacity.

What cons did we find?

  • More expensive due to the looks.

Things to Consider

Our guide is designed to help people to choose the best gaming chair with massage functions to suit their own needs. They aren’t the cheapest products on the list, and they are different from some of the other gaming chairs out there, meaning that it is sometimes hard to make the right call for your preferences and the room where you choose to play games. We discuss many of the top features and functions below, as well as talking about how we made our massage gaming chair reviews so that they cover all the vital functionality.
If you make a good decision about which gaming chair to buy then you won’t need to buy a new one every few years. Instead, you can ensure that you are buying a brilliant chair from the outset and enjoy it without worrying about breakage.

Health benefits of a massage gaming chair

It’s important to explain some of the vital benefits of massage chairs for gaming, and why a lot of people are starting to buy these types of chairs instead of standard office chairs or other household seats to use while gaming.

A massage gaming chair is not just a luxury item, it can have a lot of different health benefits, and this is true whether you just use it for playing your favorite games, or if you plan to use it for a lot of different aspects of your life such as in an office as well as your gaming room (maybe you do both work and gaming on the same computer).

Some people will try to tell you that the health benefits are a myth or some sort of sales ploy. This is not the case. While the health benefits aren’t quite the same as they might be if you were to go to a masseuse and get a specific plan for your whole-body massage, the benefits are still clear for people who are struggling with back issues.

5 Best Massage Gaming Chairs - Be Cozzy and Comfy While You Play

  • It is relaxing. One of the main reasons why people like to get massaged is the relaxation that it provides. This is a way to unwind after a stressful day, for instance. People do this with gaming anyway, and a nice back massage can help your whole body to feel more chilled out.
  • Help with back pain. Though we should say that it always makes sense to talk to a doctor or physician before you buy a massage chair for back pain, if you have little aches and pains that annoy you over time then you might find that a massage gaming chair is a way to negate it while you are gaming. Lumbar support is a key issue for a lot of people, and massaging can help to reduce inflammation. This is vital to the role of recovering, and even if you get pain after exercising, for example, a gaming chair might be able to help you to feel better and stave off the aches and pains you would get in the coming days after a strenuous workout.
  • Increases circulation. Did you know that massages are proven to increase the blood circulation around your body? The lumbar is one of the key regions of the back for this, so if you are looking to improve the way the blood circulates in your body this could be a good way to do so. Having better circulation means that you are less likely to suffer injuries in many different parts of your body.
  • Boosting serotonin levels. The best massage chairs can help to make you happier. Certain forms of massage are amazing for your serotonin levels, meaning that you feel in a better mood afterwards. This can have impacts on other areas of your life, including making it easier to get to sleep at night. Sometimes people who are avid gamers struggle to sleep due to the light from the screens they have to look at, so a massage might help.
  • Improve posture and lessen headaches. Some of the other benefits of massage gaming chairs can include an improved posture so you avoid slouching or sitting in positions that are bad for your back in the long term. Also, the relaxation and the fact that you are experiencing the massage benefits can mean that you are less likely to get tension headaches which can cause a lot of distress and make it difficult to concentrate on your gaming. Plus, it can lead to people telling you to stop gaming altogether!

There is little denying that gaming chairs with massage features can be really good for you, and improve your posture, your mood and your circulation. As we’ve already said, if you are sitting in the chair for 6 or 8 hours a day then you should make sure that it is high-quality and able to provide you with the sort of support you need. Otherwise, you can find that your gaming sessions are less enjoyable.

Features to consider when choosing a massage gaming chair

5 Best Massage Gaming Chairs - Be Cozzy and Comfy While You Play

Below, we’ve listed some of the key features to consider when choosing a massage gaming chair. What sort of things do you need to consider? What will the features of a gaming chair be like? Why pick one with a massage function at all? Naturally, different gamers will choose different features as being the most important, based on their needs.

Lumbar support, headrest, footrest and armrests

All of these features and functions relate to the build and makeup of the chair. What does it offer the body in terms of support, and what adjustments can you make to the chair to set it up exactly how you want?

All of the models on the list offer some form of lumbar support and armrests. Naturally, if you are looking to support your back then the lower end, the lumbar section, is vital. This is often where the actual massaging functions are within the chair.

On top of this, you will see that the armrests are pretty similar in most options. The Remaxe Gaming Chair is an exception to this rule as it has a bit of extra padding and shape to the armrests allowing people for a bit more comfort when relaxing their arms.

The headrest and footrest functions are quite interesting, and vary between the different models. Some people will want a footrest all the time, others just some of the time. It depends on how you sit and what is comfortable depending on your gaming setup. Some of the massage gaming chairs have a retractable footrest so you can simply bring it out in front of you when you need it. The Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair is a great example of this.

Headrests are largely the same. Though most models have some sort of head support, a full headrest is a different function. If you look at the high-capacity Blue Whale Gaming Chair you will see that there is a totally removable head cushion.

All of these features and functions do a great job of providing extra choice for the gamer and getting to the ideal position.

5 Best Massage Gaming Chairs - Be Cozzy and Comfy While You Play

Tilting angle and rocking

Similarly to the different parts of the chair itself, different models give options when it comes to the angle at which you are tilting, and whether the chair rocks back and forth or not. The same rocking you might get with some of the smaller gaming chairs (that sit on the floor) is not really achievable with this design, but the tilting angle is fantastic.

All of the models on our list tilt, with some offering up to 180 degrees reclining! It might feel like you’re going to fall back at this recline level, but the chairs are made to be sturdy. The Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair is one of the best when it comes to a tilting angle.

Tilting angles are useful for a variety of different reasons, one of which is that it lets you see the angle of your screen more effectively no matter where in your room the screen is situated.

Swiveling and wheels

Does the chair swivel, and does it have wheels or casters to allow you to move it around the room? We have only included chairs for gaming that feature this design on our list. All of the models can swivel 360 degrees and have wheels for moving around the room with ease. You can push yourself to the location you want to be.

This is a very good function for people who are trying to multitask or use “media stacking” so if you like to watch or do other things while gaming, you can move around the room with ease to change the song on your audio player or see a different screen with ease.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity is mentioned on all of the products, and the minimum on our list is 250 lbs, which is fine for the majority of people, but not for everyone, some people are larger than this 250 lb capacity and this means that they need to look for larger options, or at least chairs with a bigger capacity. An example of this is the Blue Whale Gaming Chair, which has a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

If you don’t stick to the weight capacity, the chair might have issues, it could break, or you might even find that you fall when reclining. Be sure to check that the chair can take your weight, especially if you are larger.

Material and color

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to find both a material and color to suit your room, and if you are looking at massage chairs wondering which are the best for your home decor then you will have a whole lot of choice on our list.

We love the look of the Ficmax Massage Gaming Chair, which has a black and white design that can fit in pretty much any home. It’s elegant and modern and has something of a race-car design!

A lot of the gaming chairs look very modern, and it is up to you which sort of color scheme and design you opt for.

The PU Leather material that has become so popular for these types of gaming chairs is fantastic as it is rugged and built to last a long time. We advise a chair which is made out of this quality material.

Weight and dimensions

5 Best Massage Gaming Chairs - Be Cozzy and Comfy While You Play

How much does the gaming chair weigh? What size is the chair itself? Some people simply will not care when they look at this. If you have a lot of space and you don’t mind a weighty, well-built chair then it won’t be an issue, but if you have a smaller space to work with you should make sure you check the dimensions.

Also, if your chair is likely to be moved around a lot from room to room, or you need to get it somewhere difficult like a high-rise building then you might opt for something lightweight.


Gaming chairs come in a wide variety of different prices, and it really depends on what you are willing to spend. However, for an option with a decent massage function, don’t expect to find a good chair for less than $100, and in many cases you might have to spend more than this. That doesn’t mean you can’t find value. The Remaxe Gaming Chair has been named as the budget choice on our list, for those who are looking for a great massage gaming chair but don’t want to spend huge amounts of money.

Gaming chairs are usually not the cheapest, but it is a good idea to invest if you are a serious gamer.
Think about how much time you spend on your gaming chair, and if you get problems such as back issues then you might find that it is far better to get a chair that is suited to long stints and can help your back rather than hinder it.


It always provides a little extra peace of mind if you are able to find a product with a warranty. Often, the protection offered on the parts or on the frame of the chair is slightly more thorough than that provided for the upholstery, as this can get damaged over time. A one year warranty is pretty standard, but some offer two-years, or even lifetime warranties protecting the frame or internal materials used to make the chair. The Remaxe Gaming Chair provides a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Extra features

Some gaming chairs do offer added extra features such as inbuilt speakers, rumble or vibration, or more. However, if you are looking for these kinds of features then you should keep in mind the fact that it is likely to cost you significantly more.

There are not that many extra features that come with the massage models of gaming chairs. It’s a better idea to get a good, sturdy and reliable chair than look for one with different bells and whistles!


The important thing is to keep the surface clean and clear, so, every few months you can use a PU Protector spray or cleaning product. You can apply with damp cloth and this is designed to keep the surface looking clear, clean and having its glossy finish.

Avoid anything coming into contact with the chair if you are worried it might cause damage or abrasion on the material as this is very hard to fix.

While you will struggle to find specific gaming chairs with massage features that are made for children, they can use the adult models. This is especially good for older kids and teenagers, just make sure any young children are supervised throughout.

As we’ve already briefly mentioned, gaming chairs can be really great for some peoples’ backs. However, if you have a medical issue, always consult with a doctor or physician before you use any sort of massage chair or choose any type of treatment for your back. Also, a lot of people say you should only use these sorts of chairs in 15 minute stints (with the massage function on) otherwise you can run the risk of issues with your back developing.

Our Verdict

The KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair comes in at the top of our list due to its exceptional design and features, it has a reliable massage function, a decent capacity of 250 lbs and it is easy to rotate and recline. We’ve given it 9.9/10.

The value pick on our list is the Blue Whale Gaming Chair. Not only is this one of the best massage gaming chair designs overall, it also has a fantastic capacity of 400 lbs so pretty much anyone can use it with no problems. The cool design and sturdy functionality means that this is a good choice for any gamer who wants massage features. We’ve given this a 9.7/10 rating.

The budget choice is the Remaxe Gaming Chair which has a fantastic set of features, a lifetime warranty on the frame, and is available at a really reasonable price. We’ve rated itn 9.6/10, a great option for those not wanting to spend a fortune.

  1. Kaelyn Castillo Jun 16, 2020

    Have you tried a massage game chair with footrest? Share your expirience please

    • Linda Roberson Jun 18, 2020

      Hi there! It has a controller designed for use by both hands and feet, which provides a full-body massage while playing. Designed to keep players relaxed and exercising.

      It’s common for people who don’t get enough physical activity throughout the day to neglect their muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. After prolonged periods of low or no activity can lead to stiffness that leads into other conditions such as back pain or joint pain making routine tasks such as tying shoes difficult or painful.

      • Carleigh Jacobson Jun 20, 2020

        Yes. I have tried one before, but it wasn’t very comfortable to sit in long term.

        ​Just because it has a chair for your back doesn’t mean that’s where the problems are. As you bend forward for hours at a time playing games, you’re propping up with one leg and twisting so your spine can support your weight while propped on its side in an unnatural position – not to mention that when leaning forward you don’t get any blood flow to the muscles in your thighs or butt either!

  2. Ryann Hartman Jun 23, 2020

    What does it feel like to be in the reclining massage gaming chair? Thinking of purchasing..

    • Colten Patton Jun 25, 2020

      It feels like getting a massage. The Reclining Massage Gaming Chair features various levels of intensity, so you can pick the one that’s just right for you. I recommend starting with light pressure and then moving up to heavy pressure. You can even lean into the chair and rotate in any direction for an all-over soothing experience. You’ll feel relaxed and pampered whether you’re playing a game, reading a book, or watching TV!

      • Amiyah Simpson Jun 27, 2020

        I have heard a few people who have been using the gaming chair express that it feels completely different from other gaming chairs. It’s been described as “an intense massage, but it matches your movements”. The intensity of the massage can be adjusted either by how hard you’re pressing on the sensors in front of you or by touching certain body areas with your hands.

  3. Adelaide Maldonado Jun 30, 2020

    Is a heated massage gaming chair a good idea for gamers?

    • Teagan Vaughan Jul 2, 2020

      yes, it’s a good idea to invest in a heated massage gaming chair because it not only helps the individual sit more comfortably, but they also get to rest and relax after too many hours of gaming.

  4. Hi guys! Do you think gaming chairs with massage and speakers are useful for gamers?

    • Carla Oconnor Jul 10, 2020

      Do you game a lot? Some people might buy massage gaming chairs with good back support. The speakers are good for sound isolation, so you can have headsets. They are also light weight and portable. You won’t have any interference with the audio experience if you wear headphones.

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